Well! I was wrong

Hello! Hope you’re all doing ok. Last week I posted about a cal that had started, ‘while we waited’ designed by the crochet project, and how I was gutted that the wrap I had been looking forward to was made out of squares. I hung on, and I was sooooo wrong!!! Clue 2 came out and I knew I had to make it, I thought all of it was going to be squares, but it’s not!

Now that’s more like it!

I love the yarn! Dyed by vicki Brown, and I’m really excited to see what’s coming next.

I’m almost up to date with the fruit Garden cal too, I’m really enjoying it, it’s already been tagged for my sister as she’s been waiting patiently for 4 years for a blanket, so this week I’ve finished the blocks, joined them and now I’m just working on the the border, there’s more blocks to go around the outside yet, and then more borders, but it’s beautiful, the yarn is heaven to work with too, it’s stylecraft cotton bamboo

This week also sees the end of The Pandemonium cal, I can’t believe we’ve almost finished, I also can’t believe that lynda and I designed it together without seeing each other during lockdown, we’re both really proud of it!

And tomorrow is the start of the Knitcraft granny square cal, there are 25 squares designed by 25 designers, it’s a free pattern available Here it was very popular last year, so worth a nosey! Myself and lynda have designed a square for this and our square comes out on 13th July……

Anyway, I’d you’ve gotten this far, and read my last post you might have realised I most definitely have got my crojo back!!!! And I’m so excited as I already have my next project lined up I’m going to start outstanding crochet Corfu bag I am soooooo excited!!! I have my yarn on order and I’ve gone for this colour way

Metal grey and topaz

Have a look at the link because it’s bloody gorgeous!!! Patterns already just waiting on my delivery

Anyway that’s about it from me……waiting patiently to find out when we can start the crochet sanctuary again, and becoming more frustrated by the day! But the less said about that the better, anyway, off to work on my fruit garden cal!

Happy Hooking

Lisa x

Seriously crojo? Where have you gone?!

It’s just disappeared this week, nothing’s exciting me whatsoever!

However, that hasn’t meant we’ve not had some yarny fun, on Saturday last week lynda plopped over time my garden, socially distanced of course, and we dyed yarn!!!! We had so much fun, to keep it socially distanced we took it in turn. I can’t show you what lynda dyed as it’s a gift for a friend, but look what I did!

I’m sooo pleased!! Abby also dyed some too

And Paul dyed some too!

It was so much fun and we rather impressed ourselves.

I also had my new book arrive, crocheted 3D letters, I had this big ambition to crochet each guest at the crochet sanctuary their initial for the seat, I did an A for abby and the idea went straight out the window!!!!

Hard work!!!

I’ve really struggled to get stuck into anything, and was looking forward to Wednesday when The Crochet Project ‘while we waited Mystery crochet among was due to start, but I suppose we all have our own individual styles and I was a bit disappointed with the first ‘clue’ I think I like crochet that isn’t obviously crocheted? For example I hate granny squares (I know, I’m sorry) but I just don’t like traditional looking crochet, I don’t like anything that’s too gappy, and the first clue is

I don’t know if it’s because it’s hand dyed yarn, but I’m frightened to cut it, until the next part is out, because of its gappy all the way through I’m not 100% sure I’ll stick with it, but I should, maybe I’ll like it at the end, it’s just that the yarn is so beautiful I think I want to make sure I’ll like the finished item, however sharon came up with a good point today and that is that this item is supposed to remind us and represent the awful time we’re all going through at the moment, and she is right! Maybe I’ll carry on……..

Anyway, back to missing crojo, lynda said that quite often ill crochet an amigurumi and my crojo comes back, so I did

I crocheted the swan out oit of amigurumi treasures book, I’m pleased with her, but I feel like I still need something to get my teeth into!

I’m keeping up with the fruit garden, which I’ve done quite a bit on today, and actually that’s got me looking forward to Tuesday when the 5th part is out, but I’m thinking because it’s only released every 2 weeks I’m taking my time with it.

Anyway! How exciting I this?! Blacksheep Wools is open!!!!!! Yeahs!!!! I went to a yarn shop! They’ve done such a good job at making everybody feel safe at going into the store, I also had a £50 voucher that had been burning a hole in my pocket for 12 weeks so I bought some Rico creative wool for a cardigan I’m going to make, and I bought crocheted succulents by Emma Varnam and replaced my 2.5mm crochet hook, it felt normal!

Anyway! Pandemonium cal is slowly coming to an end…..I’ll be so sad, but, it’s really filled the void of no crochet sanctuary weekends and lockdown, it really has, plus we’ve still got the border to go.

There has also been some talk today of Boris reducing social distancing from 2m to 1m, this would release sooooo much anxiety for us, our crochet sanctuary weekends have all been postponed due covid, and reducing the distancing just gets us another step closer to being able to start again! So fingers crossed! The day we get the go ahead to start again the day I’ll get a full nights sleep!

Anyway no other crochet news from me…..I hope you’re all keeping well and staying safe!

Happy Hooking

Lisa xx

Lockdown & crochet zoom

Hi!!! How are you? I’m not doing to bad at keeping up with this lately, 🙌🙌 to me!

Well not much to tell you really, it’s been a funny week, I’ve lost my crojo a bit, flitting from one project to another and getting nowhere.

However, Lynda and I have almost finished Pandemonium, just as the lockdown is starting tot lift, all of my rows are complete, and I’m just working on the border, but it’s hot, it’s so heavy! And awkward too but, once colder weather kicks in it’ll be a godsend.

I had some happy post last Saturday! How I didn’t know this lovely lady existed I don’t know, Siobhan crafts is a local indie yarn dyer that lives in Warrington, she started dyeing during the school holidays whilst she was at college and from what I know she hasn’t stopped, she has the most fabulous colourways! Anyway I bought this

How lovely is it?! I’ve no clue what I’m going to do with it, but I will say this won’t be the last I buy from Siobhan, beautiful yarn and super speedy delivery!

I’ve finished a couple of designs for the crochet sanctuary, we’re itching to get these going again, we had to postpone April weekend, May crochet day and right now, myself and lynda would be getting ready to go and meet our guests for breakfast, I so want to be there, but we do have new dates, and we just need to wait for Boris so we can announce them. What I can say is we will be making the postponed ones that extra special! To be fair they will be anyway, I think just seeing everyone again will make it special. But lynda and I will be ‘cooking’ something special up today!!! Socially distanced of course!

One thing about this lockdown is that even though we’ve not been able to see each other we really have taken advantage of zoom, every Wednesday night our lovely friend sharon hosts a zoom call for the ‘hookers on tour’ it’s so nice as we have a laugh, crochet, and just catch up, it really breaks up a week. Then every Saturday Kitey from The Yarn Whisperer (my yarn dealer 😂) hosts a 40 minute catch up from 14:00, then at 15:00 we have another zoom with the hookers on tour until 17:00!!! We’ve even had a spa night!!! And an 80’s theme, it’s been invaluable and I’m not sure I’d have Gotten through lockdown as sane as I have without them!

In fact last Tuesday was the first time I saw lynda! In my garden 2 metres apart, we hadn’t seen each other since 21st March, even though we speak everyday it’s not quite the same. But today we have some fun in the garden planned!!

I’ve also started a new Jenny’s Mandala from Little box of crochet it was one of my favourite lbc projects, I do love a mandala, but this one was special, it was released just as jenny has passed away from a brain tumour, for those that don’t know, Amanda Bloom and Jenny founded little box of crochet, I have the finished original version framed in my craft room, but I wanted to make one in other colours, so I’ve made a start and I’m loving it! I do have plans to turn it into something useable but it’s one of those projects I’ll keep picking up and putting down, you can buy the pattern in the book pictured below from their website and it’s full of some other favourites too.

I’m also waiting on a book delivery from Amazon, it’s a crocheted letters book, ideally lynda and I would like to make all of our guests a cushion for their chair using their first initial, how cute would that be?! Or a display of cushions spelling out THE CROCHET SANCTUARY, a big task though right?!

How cool are these?!

Anyway, I’m still working on Janie Crows fruit garden, I’ve not taken any pics recently but I will do.

I think that’s about it for now, I’d best get sorted for lynda popping over and getting the garden set up for today’s yarny antics!!!

Have a great weekend and happy hooking!

Lisa xx


Hello! How are you? So far we’ve spent the majority of 2020 in lockdown, bizarre, who’d have thought it?

And for me it’s pretty much been about a pandemonium, Lynda and I decided on the morning of 21st of March, 2 days prior to UK lockdown that we wanted to run a stash busting crochet along, we were both feeling quite anxious about the whole COVID-19 issue, and with shops closing, and everything shutting down, we decided to run the cal, with virtually zero planning and zero designing! Our thoughts were that if we released a small amount of rows twice a week, it wouldn’t be too overwhelming for people to keep up with, along with their other projects and coping with lockdown. And it would give us time each week to plan, design and test before releasing.

It’s been an absolute blessing for us to keep busy, and feel like we’re making a teeny difference.

We’ve now got 6,825 members, and people taking part all over the world, it’s amazing! We’re all now starting to see the lockdown lifting and we’re also coming towards the end of the cal, we released part 20 of 28 on Wednesday, so only another 4 weeks to go, and there are some stunning blankets!

Aren’t they fabulous?! The colours are just beautiful, I am literally stash busting mine, and I will admit, I’ve put very little thought process into my colourway. So far we have loved it, but I am starting to feel a little sad that it’ll be over very soon! It isn’t too late to join if you fancy, and the patterns won’t be going anywhere, if you’d like to take part head over to our Facebook page All Things Crochet Sancruary

Whilst working on Pandemonium, we’ve also been designing for the up and coming Crochet sanctuary days and weekends, obviously 3 of these have been postponed until our venue re-opens but we are positive that this will hopefully be in July! Fingers crossed!

I’ve recently finished this beautiful cushion by Esme Crick from Red sparrow Crochet, I loved every minute of it, it’s called canal houses and it reminded me of our trip to Amsterdam last year, the design is bought from scheepjes and comes as an after party booklet and can be found on ravelry

I also finished some socks! The pattern came from Vicky Browns sock club with some beautiful yarn, but I already had a skein of Woolly mama yarns in hi ho silver that I wanted to use, so used that instead, they’re fab, and snuggly!

And finally!!! Another CAL or MAL to look forward too!! The crochet project and Vicky browns designs are launching a new MAL on 17th June, 12 days to go! And it’s called ‘while we waited’ uses 3 skeins of hand dyed yarn, I chose ‘yoga in the living room’ I’m so excited for this, I’ve never taken part in a cal using hand dyed yarn, I’ve gone for the wrap option

Stunning colours!

That’s about it really, not many finished wips none that I can share yet anyway!

Keep well and keep hooking

Lisa xx

Lockdown spending

Two posts in a week ha! I quite enjoyed blogging yesterday. I don’t know about you, but my bank account is taking a serious hammering! There are so many yarn dyers, stitch markers, patterns, CALs, books, I cannot get enough, it’s got to stop really.

I started to work from home all week, about 4 weeks prior to lockdown, I work in Business Continuity and had started to take about 30 40 calls a day due to the pandemic. My office is in a converted garage, which doubles up as my craft room and where my husband used to play his PS4, but he’s moved it into the lounge now. It’s a nice big room but the view is the side of my neighbours house, and it gets so cold in there, about 2 weeks ago I had literally gotten sick of the same 4 walls, so my husband suggested moving me into the dining room (which is smaller) and turning my ‘den’ as I call it back into a dining room, which would make much more sense. My new ‘den’ has a view of the garden, it’s warmer too, but it means we have a nice big dining room (once we’ve gotten rid of the sofa).

Of course this meant packing up everything 🙈 I was once proud of my yarn stash but now, I am actually ashamed!!! It’s just ridiculous, I actually had to decide yarn I know I’ll never use but just keeping for the sake of, yarn I don’t want to part with, yarn I’m saving for a special occasion…..the list goes on, however! By the end of it I had 2 large bin bags full to the brim of yarn to offload, quick post on Facebook market place and it was gone within the hour!

My new craft room! With a lot less yarn!

It was bloody back breaking! So the yarn ban didn’t last long, what you can’t see is underneath the desk towards the bottom, I had 2 square shelves to fill so I treated myself, I did treat @lyndascraftroom too, just to cheer her up and let her know I’m missing her (don’t tell her though, I wouldn’t want her to think I actually like her 😂)

Then of course Furls had the new quarantine kits out, did you see those?! For £22 you got 4 crochet patterns, a 100g ball of merino yarn and a streamline hook! Well I ended up with 3 of those the hook is amazing, I didn’t like the oddessey hooks they were too heavy for me but the new streamlines are stunning, albeit, I’m slightly frightened to use them as one snapped, but! Furls were extremely quick to replace it, fantastic customer service

One of the worst things about having crochet friends is that when they buy nice things you have to get them too, Sharon and Mrs G has bought some fabulous bags fromThimble and thread make these bags (mine is a ruck sack) are handmade and designed specifically for knitters and crocheters, lots of little compartments for skeins, hooks etc but also a little compartment to place your pins without the end of the pin sticking into your work, very clever!

My pic doesn’t really do it justice to be fair! Can’t believe I’ve not been able to use it yet

Also a new indie yarn dyer The Yarn whisperer started his business, and I wasn’t going to buy anymore yarn, but, he released a Mini Egg colour way, when I saw a picture of Lyndas I ended up buying one 🙈 just glad my husband is oblivious to all the deliveries! And then whilst browsing I saw that he also had a 500g skein of koi pond, beautiful oranges and greys, but I couldn’t justify spending so much on 1 500g skein. I asked him if he would consider 100g skeins, and he agreed……..ohhhhh they are beautiful!!! He brought out a whole colour way of koi pond so I ended up with the mini egg version and then 2 of the koi ponds, aren’t they stunning?!

So I then placed myself back on a yarn ban. You see the thing with these naughty indie yarn dyers, when they know they’ve got you hooked they keep dyeing new colour ways! I know, I think I have a problem, but I couldn’t resist this


Anyway, If you have a serious yarn addiction and you need hooking up with a new dealer then head over to The Yarn whisperer!

I may or may not be waiting on my Sock club yarn , the new PicaPau 2 book…….and Pandemic yarn which doesn’t count really as that was ordered before lockdown…..two cushions for canal houses pattern (I’ll post about that another time) is this really normal?! I don’t normally buy like this, I really don’t, but I suppose it’s not being spent on road trips to yarn shops, days out, restaurants etc.

I’m sure I’ve missed stuff, but you know what! These are unprecedented times! I’ve never ever struggled with my mental health, but crikey, you’ve only got to look at me the wrong way at the minute and I’m in tears, and my little bits of happy post are cheering me up a treat…!

I do hope you’re ok, and not struggling, I hope you’re keeping healthy, and if there’s any time you can justify buying something for your hobby it’s now

Oooh!!! Just before I go, I also got a gift!!!! Look!

How beautiful are these?! These were a gift from @lyndascraftroom (we aren’t even friends!) from @Mrsgmakes aren’t they beautiful!

Oh!!! Sorry this is me catching up on months of not blogging…..Lynda and I got asked to take part in a podcast!!!! Our first ever podcast! I didn’t think we would enjoy talking about ourselves so much 😂 if you like a good podcast there’s a new one called making stitches who is also @apostcardfromgibralter anyway I love a good podcast, have a listen and get your hook on! Making stitches podcast

Happy Hooking Lisa xxx

I went AWOL

Didn’t I just?! I kind of lost any motivation for blogging, I think partly because I was paying £90 a year to WordPress for …………pretty much nothing! And decided not continue, anyway, I thought I’d touch base!

In fact, i haven’t blogged since September!! Crikey. So much has happened! We’ve had a number of fabulous crochet sanctuary weekends and days, @lyndascraftroom and I had the Christmas Bauble CAL, which surprisingly went down a treat, I think I didn’t think it would as it was such hard work trying to come up with 24 different bauble designs in 3 different colour ways, but I reckon we smashed it!

We had our last crochet sanctuary weekend in February, we were supposed to have April but obviously due to COVID-19 we have had to postpone, we had to postpone April, May crochet day and to be safe, and manage expectations June as well, however we have dates in place for all of them, we’re just conscious of posting about them incase they’ve got to be changed again.

Anyway! I’m going to skip Christmas and February and fast forward to Monday 23rd March 2020 UK Lockdown

@lyndascraftroom and I had already discussed running a crochet along, a stash buster, something to reflect the god awful times everyone was going through, we decided to launch it on Sunday 29th March and it is called Pandemonium, purely because life right now is pandemonium, but also the idea was is to gather around 1400g of dk stash, pull out any colour and go with the pattern, it’s gone soooooo well so far! The cal is lasting for 14 weeks, releasing 14 rows a week, 7 on a Sunday 7 on a Wednesday, we’re loving it! And we have so many people from all over the world taking part!

An example so far! I can’t show you mine because I’m a few weeks ahead now

The way we are working it is that lynda and I are discussing what stitches we want in the blanket, I am crocheting it and making the stitches fit, I send lynda a rough pattern, lynda is Crochet’s it, tests it, she then sends the pattern to our amazing admin ladies who then check the pattern and test it, and then we release 7 rows each time, we’ve never worked this way before, I’m loving the fact I can race ahead ha! Anyway it’s being held on Facebook, we are half way through but it’s never too late to join! All things crochet sanctuary follow the link, read the announcements which is where you’ll find the patterns and files here’s a few more!

Because I’m quite far ahead it’s meant I can work on a few items I’ve wanted to do for myself! Which feels so liberating!!

I’ve just finished this Hope cushion designed by Esme from Red Sparrow crochet
I finished this amazing cushion from Little box of crochet
Ive just finished this too! Using 3 skeins of hand dyed yarn, and I love it!!! Designed by TL Yarn crafts

I’ve crocheted quite a bit actually but I’ll save some for another post, hopefully you won’t have to wait until 2021 for the next one!!!

I’ve also been spending way too much money on yarn during lockdown, I guess you have too, but it’s so comforting right now isn’t it?! I think I’ll save that for another blog too! Anyway I’ll not bore you to death much longer.

I hope you are all staying safe and well, and I hope you’re keeping your hook on!

Please stay safe

Happy Hooking lisa xx

Fabulous Crochet Sanctuary weekend with Lost in knit 🧶

Hello! So I’m still recovering, yes I know it’s Wednesday, but I got back from the Crochet Sanctuary Sunday night and Monday morning I was straight back out on the road until last night, so I’m a little tired!

We are always so apprehensive prior to a Crochet Sanctuary whether it’s a day or weekend, especially when we have new people! You think it would be the other way around but we don’t sleep much!

So our theme for the weekend was ‘home sweet home’ we thought with people all back from holiday, kids back at school it’s now people start organising their homes, decorating etc and getting ready for the dreaded C! Well I am anyway!

My summer house is finished!! My own little she shed!

Sorry for the huge spam on pics but I am so happy with it! My husband had it built within a few hours, painted, he bought me some tub chairs and a foot stool, he’s put electricity inside, lighting in and out! I love it!

We’ve also been decorating the downstairs loo, hall stairs and landing, our abbys bedroom, new carpets, so it’s been busy!

So back to the Crochet Sanctuary, home sweet home! On the Friday night we provided everyone with Hoooked rugs everyone needs a crocheted rug right?! Mine will eventually go in my she shed as soon as I have weaved my end! The rugs are using T-shirt yarn, which can be a little hard on the hands but they really are worth it, with them being so big, nobody finished them over the weekend, so I’ve no pics!

On the Saturday morning both lynda and I designed some plant pot cosy’s lynda designed bunny rabbit ears and I designed a cover with a leaf, it wasn’t what I had planned for, I wanted something rose gold in colour with a geometric look, but I couldn’t get the soft fun and catona to work together for a geometric design, but I’m pleased with what I came up with

And a good few people finished theirs!

On the Saturday afternoon we had Emily from Lost in knit Emily is also the yarn guru for knitcraft / hobbycraft. We work closely with Emily for our hobbycraft designs but it’s mainly all on email, so this weekend it was really nice to get to know her, and chat with her, she’s very clever, knits Crochet’s and she does the most amazing macrame!!!! So we had a a macrame workshop!

I’ve got to say I am mortified!!! Because I could not and still can’t get the hang of it! I’m not giving up though! Our guests loved it, they enjoyed doing something different and learning something new, I don’t think anyone had any experience of macrame at all! Normally our guest designers run their workshop from 14:00 until 18:00 on the Saturday, but with it being such a big project Emily literally worked the usual workshop time, and the evening and the whole of the next day too! But look at the results!

It was such a good weekend.

We also had Lexie at the event who runs the ‘Crochet for beginners’ group on Facebook, Lexie very kindly gave us a review, on YouTube!!!! Our very first video review, you can watch it here Lexie loves crochet review

Anyway a few more pics!

We haven’t got anymore weekend spaces left at all until 2021, but we do have some day spaces! The Crochet Sanctuary

We’ve already planned out Christmas!!! And we have some fabulous workshops! Exciting!!!!!

Anyway happy hooking!!!

Lisa x

The August Crochet Sanctuary Crochet day – and a free pattern!

Well it was lovely, it feels like we’ve had such a long break since June. We had so many new people! And we were amazed at how many people had travelled so far, some had stayed over the night before at Cranage hall, some had stayed at an air bnb and we even had one lady who had made the most of her trip and had turned it into a break away in her camper.

Our morning workshop was C2C wall hangings, @lyndascraftroom and I designed one each. We used Rico creative cotton in an Aran weight, and whilst some had crocheted c2c before we had some newbies, but the colour changing was new for some. We’ve decided to link the patterns free on our blogs if you would like it cs-c2c-wall-hangings.pdf

They’re just nice and simple but lovely to hang in your craft room!

We’ve also had lots of bookings since then, our crochet days don’t go as quickly as the weekends, so we’ve always got a good few crochet days available, we’ve just sold our last March 2020 place this weekend. We’ve still got a few left, have a nosey

Also!!! One of our lovely ladies asked why we don’t offer vouchers or gift cards, well to be honest we hadn’t thought about it, so I had a look at our website and actually the option is there! So we’ve added it on! Gift cards

I think that’s about it for now!

Happy hooking!

Lisa xx

Sorry 😐 I’ve been pants at blogging!

But!!! In all fairness to me there’s been a lot going on! The day after my last blog post my baby turned 16, yes 16, man I feel old!!! As part of her birthday she begged us for a kitten, so that’s been chaotic, on parr with a newborn!! But here is our new addition to the family, her name is Luna, and she is a ragdoll x tortie, she’s crazy, and I’m not impressed as I knew that kittens liked yarn but not to the extent she does!

Whilst I was away in sunny Cape Verde the knitcraft granny square cal was running, my design was on day 24 (I think) I was a bag of nerves as everyone else’s blocks were great, but I think people quite liked mine, here it is along with a few other versions of other crocheters that actually crocheted my design! It never gets old ha!!

Shortly after Abby’s birthday we went to Amanda’s new shop craftopia to help her with some unpacking, the shop is going to be fabulous, and Amanda seems so much happier, and she loved Sophie’s universe!!! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this Sophie I just love it! Amanda’s shop is in ingleton and it’s beautiful, such a nice place

I always feel a little lost once I’ve finished a big project, I did have a cal design that @lyndascraftroom and I have been working on for knitcraft, but weird being a bit free to do what I fancy and focus on some of the Crochet Sanctuary designs for August and September weekends, which are now done!!

I finally got around to making my ufo!!! My godson Freddie was having his bedroom decorated in a space theme and I thought it would go fab in there

How fab is that?! And it took me one whole Sunday!

After that at work we decided that we’re running a Macmillan coffee morning, I’ve never been able to go before but this time I’ve booked in my diary, I’m donating some velvet hair scrunchies and also this red sparrow blanket below to raffle, the photos don’t do it justice at the moment, I’m really enjoying it, once it’s finished I’ll be adding a neon pink border with Pom Poms!

Right, what else have I been doing….what am I allowed to show you?!

Oh!!! I was clearing my craft room and found some chunky James c Brett marble, so I whipped up a quick lakeside loops cowl! I love it! And I’ll be making more!

Hats!!!! I’ve been making so many hats!!! I bought a fabulous pattern for a cable hat that works up quickly, then an influx of friends and family asked for me to make them one, so hats! I do love a good hat!

I’ve done quite a bit really haven’t I?! My friend, one of my oldest friends Sam asked me to make her and her son a hat, so I never need much encouragement, so I made them one each, she also mentioned that she would like to learn to crochet, so I sent her along with her hats, the little box of crochet Learn to crochet box, she’s possibly regretting mentioning it now! But she got it and was over the moon, so you never know! We could possibly have another hooker in the making!

I think that’s all I’m allowed to show you for now, behind all this lynda and I are designing for the crochet Sanctuary weekends, testing patterns for the weekends, we’ve been working on the knitcraft cal, and some other bits and pieces too.

Ooooooooh!!!! One biggish bit of news!!! My ‘The Wee House is Crochet’ gets delivered on Monday!!!!! I have a den (converted garage) where I work, but it also stores all of my crates for the Sanctuary, we have a spare bedroom, but that’s full of sanctuary stuff too and it’s where our deliveries normally stay, but recently I’ve accumulated so much that Lynda is having to store boxes at her house. We’ve spoken about a storage unit but it’s just not feasible, so!!! I bought a summer house!!! Mr H is going to insulate it for me, and make sure it’s completely secure and watertight and it’s basically going to store everything!!! I’m so excited!!!

It’s only little but it’s all I need for now! This is the picture I pinched from the website, I’m going to make curtains and bunting and I’ve already got a sign! Ha!! Anyway more of that to come next time, which won’t be long I promise!

Happy hooking!!!

Lisa xx

Velvet Scrunchies – Free Pattern

Velvet Scrunchies

Its been a while again! In all fairness to me I have been away on holiday for 2 weeks, and the build up before going was quite busy. I didn’t get much crochet done on holiday either! Anyway, I am back!

Whilst I was away I had noticed a couple of other crocheters crocheting velvet scrunchies. My daughter is a massive fan of the old 90’s hair scrunchie, to be honest I cannot believe they are back in fashion!! She had spotted me looking at these velvet scrunchies and didn’t believe me when I said I would make her some.

We went to our local Hobbycraft yesterday for our knitcraft social, and I spotted some Velvet yarn she chose the silver colour, it is only £4.10 per ball and I have literally used 50% of it and so far made 4 scrunchies. I have designed 2 simple patterns for you below. Abby said the bigger the scrunchie the better! So heres 2:

Medium sized Scrunchie


20g (to be on the safe side) James C Brett Flutterby chunky

6mm hook

darning needle for sewing in ends


eleastic hair band

Round 1 – Work 50 dc around the elastic band (its a bit of a squeeze, just keep pushing the sts to the side) join with a slst to the first dc. (50dc)

Round 2 – Ch3 (counts as 1tr), work 1tr in the same st, work 2tr in each st around, Join with slst to top of beg 3rd ch (100 tr) fasten off work and weave in loose ends


Supersize Scrunchie


30g James C Brett Flutterby Chunky

6mm Crochet Hook

Darning needle for loose ends


Elastic hair band

Round 1 – Work 50 dc around the elastic band (its a bit of a squeeze, just keep pushing the sts to the side) join with a slst to the first dc. (50dc)

Round 2 – Ch3 (counts as 1tr), work 1tr in the same st, work 1tr in next st, *work 2tr, 1tr in each st around* Join with slst to top of beg 3rd ch (75 tr) join with slst in to top of beg ch3.

Round 3 – Ch3 (counts as 1tr), work 1tr in the same st, work 1tr in next st, *work 2tr, 1tr in each st around* Join with slst to top of beg 3rd ch join with slst in to top of beg ch3, fasten off and weave in loose ends

Supersize Scrunchie

So there you have it, tonnes of scrunchies out of one ball of yarn!

Happy Hooking

Lisa xx