Happy Mother’s Day 💕🌸

I’ve had a really lovely weekend, which started off with our usual crochet group on Saturday morning, our numbers are starting to drop a little due to beautiful newborn babies, work commitments and exams, so we’ve been doing a bit on Twitter and Instagram the last week or so to attract some newbies.  
Anyway we were sitting there having a giggle and knitting/crocheting along when a lovely lady came to join us, I won’t say who she is as she was on holiday and still is, but she came all the way from bonny Scotland, saw a post on Instagram and decided to join us! What a lovely lady! Only turns out she’s another blogger and we all follow each other on Instagram! How lovely of her to come and join us, and nice she’s one for a good gossip too!  

It’s got me thinking about a crochet crawl 😂

During group I finished my hat, it’s an order for an old school friend who’s off to Mexico next month, I’m really pleased with this

Isn’t it lovely! I sent a picture over and she asked for a band adding to it, which I wasn’t too sure about, plus I’d already finished the hat, so I added a slip stitch on top and all the way around

I think is nice! Anyway they’re really quick to work up so I’m thinking of making quite a few and popping them in etsy, we’ll see!!

We normally finish group at about 13:00 but we got talking and left about 13:45, how lovely was the weather?! Straight home and feet up in the garden, bliss!!

And then of course it’s Mother’s Day here today, my kids are 16 and 13 now (man I feel old) they treated me to some lovely cards, a pink love heart with mum on it to hang in my craft corner, some nice Lindt chocolates and the usual anti wrinkle cream 🙈 I’m still in my 30’s but ancient according to my kids.

I think Mother’s Day is ace if you’re still lucky enough to have your mum, but it does make you think about those who don’t have theirs anymore, I’ve still got my mum and dad staying with us.  Last Saturday I came home to find my mum had kindly raided my yarn stash!! And helped herself to my cookies and cream Caron cake, and started to make me a Shawl!!!  Firstly I didn’t even know she could knit, secondly nobody has ever made me anything before so I was and am delighted!!!

I’m really lucky to have my mum xx

Happy booking xx
Ps. Invisible thread is AMAZING!!!!!

Street art with ‘meaning’

I have never yarn bombed before, have you?  I’ve never even thought about it before, and I’ve never wondered about it before, until today either.  Sorry if I am teaching you to suck eggs, but apparently it is a form of street art, but with meaning.  What meaning?  I suppose any kind of meaning.  Then I got thinking Why do we crochet?  Why do you crochet?  Why do I crochet?

I crochet because I like to give, don’t get me wrong I love the process of crocheting too, I first started it to give myself some me time, some time out from this crazy rat race of a world we live in, but then when I started to complete things and give them away to friends and family I found that I really enjoyed giving my finished items to people, and perhaps made them feel better.  I thrive off of the appreciation I get, but also knowing that I might of just made someones day, that they know that I made that item for them, and that I thought about them none stop whilst I was crocheting that item, feels good doesn’t it, to give.


So back to the yarn bombing thing, I won’t bore you to death about the history of yarn bombing, I won’t be the first person to of blogged about it for sure, but I like that it is described at street art ‘with meaning’ what if we could yarn bomb and make that meaning more profound? What if we could really give it some real meaning to someone, someone we don’t know?  A complete stranger?

Imagine someone walking through a park having a really shitty day, or week, month, year and they come across your beautiful piece of crochet, imagine that attached to that piece of crochet was a tag and that tag had something nice written on it, just something that made them smile, or something to inspire them, something that could really change their day, their mindset, or something nice for them to tell someone else, ‘Look at how lovely this is, I found it in the park today, look at the note on it, how thoughtful is that?’ how nice would that feel?


So its just a thought really, if you are considering going out yarn bombing, why not add a little tag to it, it could really change someones day……I’ve put together some basic tags with some meaningful words, just in case you fancied using them…Yarn Bombing  1Yarn Bombing 2

Anyway, it was just a bit of food for thought.


Happy Hooking xx

James C Brett Marble chunky review

Who doesn’t like a bit of James C Brett? I do, I have so far really enjoyed flutterby, twinkle and I thought party time was fab and fun, But marble chunky is something else, I’ve bought 2 colours so far, and these are new out, a stunning denim and peach

And a really nice green mix with grey, albeit I haven’t used the green mix yet

Whilst the party time is a favourite of mine, the marble just has that real quality feel to it.  It works up on a 6mm hook, and it’s an awful lot softer than I thought it would be.  It’s got some stunning colour changes all the way through, personally the colour changes are so nice you wouldn’t want to do anything overly complicated with it, I’ve so far crocheted a very simple granny square blanket

I really like the denim with the peach, now I reckon this wood make a fabulous poncho, and the colours would look stunning with dark blue jeans and some nice boots…..shame the weather is getting better!  

Each ball is 200g too so you can really do a lot with a couple of balls, I was lucky enough to get them in the 3 for 2 while the offer was on at hobbycraft, so I ended up with 6 of each 🙈 a couple of blankets and a couple of ponchos for next year I think!! 

Anyway at £5.90 a ball from hobbycraft with or without the 3 for 2 offer they’re a real bargain.  Go get them!
Happy hooking xx

Caron Cakes review

Well how long have we been waiting for these? Finally they’re here, in the UK! I’m currently in The Scottish highlands and managed to pick my order up from Hobbycraft before leaving yesterday.

Fresh out of the box, my first impression was ‘they’re huge’ but they are 200g each.  I love the colours I chose but not quite sure how they relate to what they are called, these are cookies and cream

They sat on the back seat of my car all the way from Warrington to Edinburgh I was tempted to pullover a few times and give them a squeeze but I resisted ha ha.

As soon as I got to my hotel I started work on a cowl neck poncho for my daughter, I worked out I just had enough in cookies and cream X 3 and I love a bit of hotel crochet, I can count in peace without any disruption! Bliss 💗

I have read a few comments by other crocheters about being dissapointed with Caron cakes but I am certainly not, some don’t like the abrupt colour change, I do! I really like it, it’s also a lot softer than I imagined it would be, I’ve gotten this far and there some definite colour changes but again I have no issue with this at all

Hobbycraft have what I think is a really good deal on them, in fact a good deal on all of their yarn, 3 for 2, I bought 3 cookies and cream and 3 strawberry trifle, which is more of an apricot, so 6 Caron cake for £40minstead of £60 still sounds expensive but at 200g each I think it’s an absolute bargain.
I think the 3 for 2 is only on until 12th March so get shopping now!!
Happy hooking xx

It just gets better

I think my last post was about Caron cakes, and the absolute excitement that Hobbycraft had announced they would be selling them in the UK, something I’ve waited for, for quite some time, well they’re here!!!!  Yesterday the lovely @lyndascraftroom tagged me in on a knitcraft post to let me know that not only did they launch them online yesterday but they’re actually on 3 for 2! Wow!!! 

This was just as I was stood at the till inside the habidashery at Liberty London….I’d already paid, but never mind.  As soon as i got outside I went straight to my phone and ordered some Caron cakes, in fear they would sell out straight away.  I couldn’t wait to see if they had them in store or not so ordered 6 on the 3 for 2, what do you think of my colour choice?

I love them! It was a good job I ordered when I did because about an hour later they’d sold out, I doubt very much they have them in store but I’ll find out this morning.

Anyway I mentioned about  Liberty  London, I had some spare time whilst working in London yesterday, one of my favourite stores is fortnum and Mason, I’d never been into Liberty London but I had watched a tv documentary about them.  I love the traditional feel of these old stores, and how the staff are so helpful.  I found the habidashery on the 3rd floor, OK there wasn’t a huge selection, and it isn’t somewhere you would find stylecraft for example, they sold Rowan only, and it everything was very focuses around knitting.  The department manager spoke to me and we chatted about crochet, and I learnt that she was one of the original testers form jane crowfoot! The mastermind of the lillypond blanket and many more beautiful designs, I could not resist buying some yarn…..I bought 7 balls of a Citroen glacè in a baby pink, lord knows what I’m going to do with It!


This is becoming an issue, my craft area shelving system I was so pleased with a few weeks ago is now over flowing, the chest in my lounge is rammed, I have 6 X Caron cakes awaiting collection from hobbycraft, and hidden inside my car are

20 X sirdar 

12 X James c Brett chunky marble

And 6 X Rowan cotton glacè 

I think I need help!!
Happy hooking xx