Seriously crojo? Where have you gone?!

It’s just disappeared this week, nothing’s exciting me whatsoever!

However, that hasn’t meant we’ve not had some yarny fun, on Saturday last week lynda plopped over time my garden, socially distanced of course, and we dyed yarn!!!! We had so much fun, to keep it socially distanced we took it in turn. I can’t show you what lynda dyed as it’s a gift for a friend, but look what I did!

I’m sooo pleased!! Abby also dyed some too

And Paul dyed some too!

It was so much fun and we rather impressed ourselves.

I also had my new book arrive, crocheted 3D letters, I had this big ambition to crochet each guest at the crochet sanctuary their initial for the seat, I did an A for abby and the idea went straight out the window!!!!

Hard work!!!

I’ve really struggled to get stuck into anything, and was looking forward to Wednesday when The Crochet Project ‘while we waited Mystery crochet among was due to start, but I suppose we all have our own individual styles and I was a bit disappointed with the first ‘clue’ I think I like crochet that isn’t obviously crocheted? For example I hate granny squares (I know, I’m sorry) but I just don’t like traditional looking crochet, I don’t like anything that’s too gappy, and the first clue is

I don’t know if it’s because it’s hand dyed yarn, but I’m frightened to cut it, until the next part is out, because of its gappy all the way through I’m not 100% sure I’ll stick with it, but I should, maybe I’ll like it at the end, it’s just that the yarn is so beautiful I think I want to make sure I’ll like the finished item, however sharon came up with a good point today and that is that this item is supposed to remind us and represent the awful time we’re all going through at the moment, and she is right! Maybe I’ll carry on……..

Anyway, back to missing crojo, lynda said that quite often ill crochet an amigurumi and my crojo comes back, so I did

I crocheted the swan out oit of amigurumi treasures book, I’m pleased with her, but I feel like I still need something to get my teeth into!

I’m keeping up with the fruit garden, which I’ve done quite a bit on today, and actually that’s got me looking forward to Tuesday when the 5th part is out, but I’m thinking because it’s only released every 2 weeks I’m taking my time with it.

Anyway! How exciting I this?! Blacksheep Wools is open!!!!!! Yeahs!!!! I went to a yarn shop! They’ve done such a good job at making everybody feel safe at going into the store, I also had a £50 voucher that had been burning a hole in my pocket for 12 weeks so I bought some Rico creative wool for a cardigan I’m going to make, and I bought crocheted succulents by Emma Varnam and replaced my 2.5mm crochet hook, it felt normal!

Anyway! Pandemonium cal is slowly coming to an end…..I’ll be so sad, but, it’s really filled the void of no crochet sanctuary weekends and lockdown, it really has, plus we’ve still got the border to go.

There has also been some talk today of Boris reducing social distancing from 2m to 1m, this would release sooooo much anxiety for us, our crochet sanctuary weekends have all been postponed due covid, and reducing the distancing just gets us another step closer to being able to start again! So fingers crossed! The day we get the go ahead to start again the day I’ll get a full nights sleep!

Anyway no other crochet news from me…..I hope you’re all keeping well and staying safe!

Happy Hooking

Lisa xx

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