Lockdown & crochet zoom

Hi!!! How are you? I’m not doing to bad at keeping up with this lately, 🙌🙌 to me!

Well not much to tell you really, it’s been a funny week, I’ve lost my crojo a bit, flitting from one project to another and getting nowhere.

However, Lynda and I have almost finished Pandemonium, just as the lockdown is starting tot lift, all of my rows are complete, and I’m just working on the border, but it’s hot, it’s so heavy! And awkward too but, once colder weather kicks in it’ll be a godsend.

I had some happy post last Saturday! How I didn’t know this lovely lady existed I don’t know, Siobhan crafts is a local indie yarn dyer that lives in Warrington, she started dyeing during the school holidays whilst she was at college and from what I know she hasn’t stopped, she has the most fabulous colourways! Anyway I bought this

How lovely is it?! I’ve no clue what I’m going to do with it, but I will say this won’t be the last I buy from Siobhan, beautiful yarn and super speedy delivery!

I’ve finished a couple of designs for the crochet sanctuary, we’re itching to get these going again, we had to postpone April weekend, May crochet day and right now, myself and lynda would be getting ready to go and meet our guests for breakfast, I so want to be there, but we do have new dates, and we just need to wait for Boris so we can announce them. What I can say is we will be making the postponed ones that extra special! To be fair they will be anyway, I think just seeing everyone again will make it special. But lynda and I will be ‘cooking’ something special up today!!! Socially distanced of course!

One thing about this lockdown is that even though we’ve not been able to see each other we really have taken advantage of zoom, every Wednesday night our lovely friend sharon hosts a zoom call for the ‘hookers on tour’ it’s so nice as we have a laugh, crochet, and just catch up, it really breaks up a week. Then every Saturday Kitey from The Yarn Whisperer (my yarn dealer 😂) hosts a 40 minute catch up from 14:00, then at 15:00 we have another zoom with the hookers on tour until 17:00!!! We’ve even had a spa night!!! And an 80’s theme, it’s been invaluable and I’m not sure I’d have Gotten through lockdown as sane as I have without them!

In fact last Tuesday was the first time I saw lynda! In my garden 2 metres apart, we hadn’t seen each other since 21st March, even though we speak everyday it’s not quite the same. But today we have some fun in the garden planned!!

I’ve also started a new Jenny’s Mandala from Little box of crochet it was one of my favourite lbc projects, I do love a mandala, but this one was special, it was released just as jenny has passed away from a brain tumour, for those that don’t know, Amanda Bloom and Jenny founded little box of crochet, I have the finished original version framed in my craft room, but I wanted to make one in other colours, so I’ve made a start and I’m loving it! I do have plans to turn it into something useable but it’s one of those projects I’ll keep picking up and putting down, you can buy the pattern in the book pictured below from their website and it’s full of some other favourites too.

I’m also waiting on a book delivery from Amazon, it’s a crocheted letters book, ideally lynda and I would like to make all of our guests a cushion for their chair using their first initial, how cute would that be?! Or a display of cushions spelling out THE CROCHET SANCTUARY, a big task though right?!

How cool are these?!

Anyway, I’m still working on Janie Crows fruit garden, I’ve not taken any pics recently but I will do.

I think that’s about it for now, I’d best get sorted for lynda popping over and getting the garden set up for today’s yarny antics!!!

Have a great weekend and happy hooking!

Lisa xx

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