Giving up my craft room – a mammoth task!

My parents have been planning on moving for 18 months, they’ve got a beautiful barn conversion but want something smaller, they’ve sold it 5 times andfour times the sale has fallen through, this last offer they’ve had they’ve been really down in the dumps and they’ve had so many stressful loops to jump through its made my dad a bit poorly, so they’ve not bothered looking anywhere incase they jinx it, finally though it looks like they might exchange contracts any day!!!  

So they’re coming to stay with me until they find somewhere, there’s only the two of them and Harvey the dog

I’ve got a 4 bed, and use one of them as my office and craft room, so you can imagine how full it is…….they’re going to be with us for at least 6 weeks, so I need to give them a room for sure! I’m quite excited, we also have our garag converted we call it the den, it’s basically where Mr H wastes away on his ps4 every night.  Well watch out Mr H because I’m joining you!!!  No more man cave😬

I’ve had a skip delivered today and I’m getting rid of my big corner desk and my huge bookcase that is jammed with yarn, all the crap is going in the skip, don’t panic, not one ounce of yarn is going in there!

I’m off to IKEA shortly to buy half of a desk hmmmm yep half, I have a large unit in the den which gets alsorts crammed in, it’s from IKEA and I can buy an attachment looks like this 

So you know where this is going don’t you 😂 I’m going to wind all of my yarn into cakes to make it easier to stack then each and every shelf is getting filled apart from one that sits above my desk because my printer will need to go there, and there you go my new little craft area!  Mum and dad get a room of their own and I get a new space, perfect if you ask me, however the biggest problem is going to be emptying this room in the first place, I shall let you know how I get on!

Mermaid Tail Pattern Free! UK Terms

So a week before Christmas I was asked if I could make 4 mermaid tails, and for the life of me I could not find a pattern that was quick and easy, that had a nice ribbed waist band and and nice fin, so I created my own, it has taken me until now to type the pattern up!  So here it is, I have also posted it on my patterns page, however you can download it from here mermaid-tail-in-uk-termsfull-tail

Happy Hooking xx

I just couldn’t wait could I?!

I just had to start Crystals and crochet star of wonder, if you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you’re probably fed up with seeing my pictures!!

I’m so pleased with the colourway I chose, it’s working out beautifully, I just thought I’d do a couple of rounds to try the pattern, but I’m afraid since my last post my mandala madness has taken a back seat again, because I cannot get enough of the star of wonder!  These are the colours I chose again

And if I do say so myself it’s looking stunning!!!

Each and every row is completely different, but 8 sided so you have that constant repitition which we all like (I do anyway) I’m so pleased with my colour choice!  Helen shrimpton is beyond talented, if you’re considering giving it a go do!!!

Happy hooking xx

Colour ways and crochet

The build up to Christmas was absolutely manic, for Mr.H’s business but also for me getting all last minute orders out and finishing gifts, so once all festivities were out the way, (Happy New Year to you by the way) I sat there on January 1st thinking wow! No deadlines!  

I had a sense of crochet freedom, bare in mind I’ve still wips left from last year, but there’s no rush, so I’ve cracked on again with my mandala madness from Crystals and crochet and I am just madly in love with it, Helen Shrimpton has to be one of the most talented designers ever, simply beautiful patterns, but the mandala madness is free!!!  I’ve been using women’s institute DK acrylic yarn in black white and grey for mine, from Hobbycraft its really lovely stuff on parr with Stylecraft special DK, but they don’t have very many colours

This photo is up to round 70 I’m on 73 now, but I really want to get it finished so I can start on helens new star of wonder.  In the pattern Helen writes that she found (us terms) DTR then BPSC combination by error, what a fabulous error! It adds so much texture to the blanket.

Anyway, she’s just launched a new pattern Star of wonder, not a freebie or a CAL, you can find her pattern through her blog page and clicking on the link to ravelry, it’s simply beautiful.  I’ve pinched a picture to show you, this isn’t mine!

Isn’t it magnificent?!  

Now on her blog she also talks about choosing your own colour way.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a bit you’ll know I’m not very creative when it comes to colour, however helens blog has really helped me.  

She says that as a guide you should chose your main colour, now I’ve got a new sofa coming in black, and I think grey is really nice at the moment and it would go with my sofa, so my main colour is grey, she then said to pick 3 shades of your main colour, so I’ve gone for graphite, grey and silver, then she recommends to pick a colour on the opposite side of the colour wheel, so I should of gone for a blue, but to be honest, I’m really not a fan of blue so I went a little to the other side and chose lime then finally to chose a neutral light, dark or medium, too much choice for me! So I stuck with white, but how lovely they all go together?!

I really think this will compliment my new black sofa, and quite pleased with myself for stepping outside of my comfort zone!  And a clever way to help choose colours I think. These are Stylecraft special DK, I’ll be using them as follows:

Colour 1 – silver

Colour 2 – grey

Colour 3 – graphite

Colour 4 – lime

Colour 5 – white

Anyway, in going to crack on with my mandala, and hand it over to my sister….
Happy hooking xx