The Wee House of Crochet Blog

The Wee House of Crochet

My Granny Muchy was born during the 1930’s in bonny Scotland, she was a real knitter, I don’t think it was for joy or any type of escapism, I think it was a case of having to knit back then.

When I was wee, she made me wee cardies, bonnets, booties you name it! ¬†When I had my first child, she made him all sorts, and looking back I was ungrateful, I didn’t appreciate or understand the work, effort and pure love that went into each and every stitch, I do now.

I have quite a difficult job, travelling up and down the country every day, I run a house, I have two children and we run a business from home, I was looking for an escape, you know, a bit of me time!

I found my me time, I found crochet, space, peace, appreciation and new friends……