Hello! How are you? So far we’ve spent the majority of 2020 in lockdown, bizarre, who’d have thought it?

And for me it’s pretty much been about a pandemonium, Lynda and I decided on the morning of 21st of March, 2 days prior to UK lockdown that we wanted to run a stash busting crochet along, we were both feeling quite anxious about the whole COVID-19 issue, and with shops closing, and everything shutting down, we decided to run the cal, with virtually zero planning and zero designing! Our thoughts were that if we released a small amount of rows twice a week, it wouldn’t be too overwhelming for people to keep up with, along with their other projects and coping with lockdown. And it would give us time each week to plan, design and test before releasing.

It’s been an absolute blessing for us to keep busy, and feel like we’re making a teeny difference.

We’ve now got 6,825 members, and people taking part all over the world, it’s amazing! We’re all now starting to see the lockdown lifting and we’re also coming towards the end of the cal, we released part 20 of 28 on Wednesday, so only another 4 weeks to go, and there are some stunning blankets!

Aren’t they fabulous?! The colours are just beautiful, I am literally stash busting mine, and I will admit, I’ve put very little thought process into my colourway. So far we have loved it, but I am starting to feel a little sad that it’ll be over very soon! It isn’t too late to join if you fancy, and the patterns won’t be going anywhere, if you’d like to take part head over to our Facebook page All Things Crochet Sancruary

Whilst working on Pandemonium, we’ve also been designing for the up and coming Crochet sanctuary days and weekends, obviously 3 of these have been postponed until our venue re-opens but we are positive that this will hopefully be in July! Fingers crossed!

I’ve recently finished this beautiful cushion by Esme Crick from Red sparrow Crochet, I loved every minute of it, it’s called canal houses and it reminded me of our trip to Amsterdam last year, the design is bought from scheepjes and comes as an after party booklet and can be found on ravelry

I also finished some socks! The pattern came from Vicky Browns sock club with some beautiful yarn, but I already had a skein of Woolly mama yarns in hi ho silver that I wanted to use, so used that instead, they’re fab, and snuggly!

And finally!!! Another CAL or MAL to look forward too!! The crochet project and Vicky browns designs are launching a new MAL on 17th June, 12 days to go! And it’s called ‘while we waited’ uses 3 skeins of hand dyed yarn, I chose ‘yoga in the living room’ I’m so excited for this, I’ve never taken part in a cal using hand dyed yarn, I’ve gone for the wrap option

Stunning colours!

That’s about it really, not many finished wips none that I can share yet anyway!

Keep well and keep hooking

Lisa xx

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