Well! I was wrong

Hello! Hope you’re all doing ok. Last week I posted about a cal that had started, ‘while we waited’ designed by the crochet project, and how I was gutted that the wrap I had been looking forward to was made out of squares. I hung on, and I was sooooo wrong!!! Clue 2 came out and I knew I had to make it, I thought all of it was going to be squares, but it’s not!

Now that’s more like it!

I love the yarn! Dyed by vicki Brown, and I’m really excited to see what’s coming next.

I’m almost up to date with the fruit Garden cal too, I’m really enjoying it, it’s already been tagged for my sister as she’s been waiting patiently for 4 years for a blanket, so this week I’ve finished the blocks, joined them and now I’m just working on the the border, there’s more blocks to go around the outside yet, and then more borders, but it’s beautiful, the yarn is heaven to work with too, it’s stylecraft cotton bamboo

This week also sees the end of The Pandemonium cal, I can’t believe we’ve almost finished, I also can’t believe that lynda and I designed it together without seeing each other during lockdown, we’re both really proud of it!

And tomorrow is the start of the Knitcraft granny square cal, there are 25 squares designed by 25 designers, it’s a free pattern available Here it was very popular last year, so worth a nosey! Myself and lynda have designed a square for this and our square comes out on 13th July……

Anyway, I’d you’ve gotten this far, and read my last post you might have realised I most definitely have got my crojo back!!!! And I’m so excited as I already have my next project lined up I’m going to start outstanding crochet Corfu bag I am soooooo excited!!! I have my yarn on order and I’ve gone for this colour way

Metal grey and topaz

Have a look at the link because it’s bloody gorgeous!!! Patterns already just waiting on my delivery

Anyway that’s about it from me……waiting patiently to find out when we can start the crochet sanctuary again, and becoming more frustrated by the day! But the less said about that the better, anyway, off to work on my fruit garden cal!

Happy Hooking

Lisa x

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