Not so LBOC & cables

We’re in week 4 of the Christmas CAL! Some fabulous pics being shared, and some people even making two!

I’m trying so hard to get my orders finished, and Christmas gifts completed so I can start my primavera blanket during the Christmas break.

This week has been so exciting! We had the little box of crochet delivery, yayy!! And they’re some gorgeous Christmas baubles, so lovely, however the colours don’t quite match my tree, they do match. My mums though, and she’s got hers up early, Mum and Dad are so finicky so I was quite surprised when she said she would make room on her tree, I can see why now!

We’ve also had the ‘Not so little box of crochet’ delivered, mine came yesterday but I was working in London so finally had a squeeze and sniff today, Amanda Bloom is now doing the little box of candles, we got one with the big box and it smells delish, I wish we had smellivison so you could have a whiff!

The box is heavier and bigger than I thought and bursting with gorgeous goodies!! I thought twice about ordering it but didn’t want to miss out and I’m glad I did!

This week I have also learnt to cable crochet!! Yeahs!!! I love all types of crochet but cable I’ve never been very successful at, a work colleague asked me to make some socks for her to give as a Christmas gift, I’m currently part way through designing some socks, and was going to finish them and give them to my work colleague, but…then I saw a website called Lakeside Loops and just wow, everything they do looks like it was designed for the White company, so modern and contemporary! I love literally everything in their store, I found some kneed high cable crochet socks and knew I had to do them, so after plenty of frogging and swearing I cracked it! And they’re beautiful! I’m 75% way through the second sock and I think I’m going to do some more, even though then only use either a 4ply or dk, they’re so thick! I’ve just used some WI dk that I had already and wow!

I’m really pleased with myself!

I’ve managed to get some orders out but I’ve still to finish a Christmas jumper for Abby, the rocket space snuggle sack for my nephew, not much to do on that, a foxy cardigan for my godson and a doughnut pouffe for my niece, and some how squeeze in a cable throw for Abby!!! I’ll get them done though!!!

Then hopefully I’ll be finished everything by Christmas so during my my time off I can reward myself with my janie crow Fridas flowers primavera kit, I’ve been desperate to start it, I’ve done so well though I’ve had it since yarndale and resisted temptation! And at some point I might get to to the not so little box of crochet project too! Although that’s super chunky yarn so I think it’d work up quick!

Anyway have a fab week!


Happy booking!! X

Week 4 already!

I didn’t even get s chance to blog last week, been rather busy with work, CAL and Christmas orders.

Anyway I’ve completely bypassed week 3 and week 4 has just been released this morning Christmas CAL week 4 we had some amazing part 3’s completed last week, by people who’ve never tapestry crocheted before check these out!

@lyndascraftroom and I have to pinch ourselves sometimes, these patterns came out of our heads! And people are actually making them, not only are they making them they’re learning something new and building they’re confidence, it’s so heartwarming it really is.

I’ve finally completed the last of my puff stitch beanie orders

And I’ve been asked to make some troll hats, I must admit they’re driving me crazy, there’s an awful lot of hair to attach, once you’ve attached the hair you’ve got separate each strand, yes, each strand! Then brush with a wire brush and lose half of the hair, anyway I’ve two to make and I’m almost finished the first

A little scary 😂 but apparently the kids love them!

My little box of crochet arrived yesterday!!! And I am still being very patient waiting for the ‘Not so little box of crochet’ literally cannot wait for it to come!!

Last night I’d finished my last puff stitch beanie and I just had to have a little play with one of the Christmas decorations, the pattern is amazing, yarn beautiful, candle smells phenomenal! And some nice goodies inside too

Don’t be looking at the state of my craft room!!! Just the bell please 😂

The Crochet Sanctuary is becoming more exciting each day, we’ve literally 3 rooms left and that was after increasing our booking by another 5 rooms. Now!! Originally when we booked cranage hall and paid our whopper of a deposit, we chose a room with amazing tall sash windows and rather snug Victorian type fireplace, when we went a few weeks ago to test it all out, we were asked why we hadn’t picked the babage room, wenweee shown The Babage and as soon as we walked in we just knew we had to have it, it’s beautiful, more beautiful than our original choice, we’ve nicknamed it our Harry Potter room, it’s all wood panelled walls great big stone fireplace, it’s cozy and snug but big enough for 35 people, the babage is originally where they used to make medicine back in its day, anyway we couldn’t find out if we could have it until the Monday, we’ll we can have it! It’s ours!!! And we’re going to adorn it in crocheted blankets, cushions, crocheted pouffes and we maybe making some stag and unicorn heads for either side of the fireplace, at either side of the fireplace will be sofas positioned so that we can all keep warm, see each other and we won’t have to reach too far for our yarn, absolute bliss!!! We’ve had a brief from @coastalcrochet regarding her workshop and we are so excited!!

Anyway, that’s it from me, happy hooking xx

Christmas is, and an afternoon at The Crochet Sanctuary ☺️

What a lovely afternoon had by all!! So yesterday part two of the Christmas is Cal was released, pattern is available here if you fancy Part two it’s going sooooooo well!! We have people that have never crocheted joining and completed part one, which is just phenomenal, it gives @lyndascraftroom and I such a buzz that we are able to give people so much confidence, it’s just fabulous!!

There’s such a real mixture of stitches, and we know we’ve broken so many unwritten crochet rules so that we’re able to get all of these textures in one blanket, but it’s working! And so nice to see so many colours.

Anyway this morning we met some of the girls at hobbycraft Warrington where the lovely Emma has made a sign for us! We’ve only been there for 18 months so much appreciated!

I also had an old friend turn up, all the way from Nevada!! We haven’t seen each other for 24 years so it was so lovely to see her, a few months ago sarah had crocheted a couple of scarves, we got her involved in the Tea on the green cal and she’s finished it and done such an amazing job, she’s now doing the Christmas cal!

As you know The Crochet Sanctuary is happening in February, and we want both of our weekend and day guests to enjoy every single minute of it, so we thought we’d have a mini sanctuary afternoon, just to see how it was going to work, where we want the sofas positioned, and test some food obviously!! Ohhhh we did not want to leave!!! We chilled out on the sofas, fire on, hot drinks, light lunch and crochet! We even took a few crocheted bits with us as a bit of a dress rehearsal, ahhhhh relaxed doesn’t even describe it!

How pretty is our entrance!! I’m thinking of a bobble rug at the front of the door, we’ll have some nice banners outside too

Just so comfortable!! We’ve requested plenty of sofas so people can kick their shoes off, slipper socks on and chill!

And check out the fire, just lovely!!

Best of all though we had a giggle.

We walked out of cranage hall with that ‘just right’ feeling, it’s absolutely thee perfect place for us, and we simply cannot wait!

We’ve sold out of our day passes for February 17th, and we’ve increased the number of weekend passes by another 5 so there’s a few of those left. But with so many sofas I think we’re going to need to whip up a few more blankets!!

Anyway happy hooking xx

It’s live!

Christmas is… on hobbycraft blog, and our Knitcraft CAL Facebook page, I feel exhausted already!! A bit surprised Knitcraft posted whole pictures! But nice to see everyone’s reactions!!

So here they are!!

The grey version is ‘crisp skies and full of surprise’ and the purple version is ‘happy wishes and snowflake kisses’

@lyndascraftroom and I are rather pleased!!

Here’s a pic of part one, this was crocheted by Samantha who is an amazing pattern tester!

Anyways, off for a little cat nap I think, didn’t sleep much last night!!

Happy hooking xx