No more sewing! Please 🙏🏼

Well Saturday’s first ‘crochet brocade’ went well, hobbycraft were very accommodating, and whilst we were there we had quite a few pass through and ask if they could join in next week.  We had one lady who had never picked up a hook and by the end of group she’d managed to slip knot, chain 30 and 2 rows of DC! I was so pleased for her, she loved it, and she’s been practicing this week.  Once we have the group in full swing with regular members we are going to look at putting together a granny square blanket and auctioning it off to go to vickys fund, vickys fund provides support for families impacted by murder and manslaughter, which is quite close to a few of our hearts at group, so hopefully we’ll enjoy doing it, and make some money for the charity:

Didn’t she do well!!  

This week I really wanted to start my Lilly pond blanket, but I won’t start it until I’ve finished Emma, I hate having too much WIP.  What I didn’t realise was how much of a pain Emma was going to be when joining, oh my, it’s a nightmare! I think that’s the problem with a mystery cal, you don’t get the final pattern until the last week, so you can’t JAYGO because you don’t know where anything goes!!!  So in still at it….the good news is with Lilly pond I can JAYGO and sue pinner has confirmed that carousel is JAYGO to hooooorrrreayyyyyyy!!!!

It’s definitely taught me I need a few lessons in professional finishing, FACT!!!  

This week some one posted this on Facebook and I thought it was so very true

I think that someone who has never crocheted before cannot understand the effort, time and thought that it takes to make something, that beach bag I made for my friend took me in total 18 hours, so if you don’t crochet and someone is kind enough to give you something crocheted please think about how it was made and the time taken to make it!

Happy hooking xx

Quick post!

I’ve finally finished a beach bag I’ve been working on for ages!!! A good friend is off to Dubai for her holiday on Tuesday and it’s her birthday tomorrow, originally I had offered to make her a beach cover up using James c Brett noodle.

I completed one for my daughter first and to be honest I didn’t like it, it wasn’t the best yarn to use, and I didn’t want to go to too much effort in making it if my friend wasn’t going to use it.  James c Brett noodle has a tubular feel to it, but when crocheted it’s quite sturdy, so I thought I’d make her a beach bag instead, I think she’ll get more use out if it and it’s a better use for the yarn, she chose orange…….anyway I’ve finally finished all 102 rounds! I’m pleased with it, there’s the odd blemish where the end of the noodle is visible but only a little, I don’t care anyway it adds to the character of the bag, that’s my excuse anyway!!!

I’ve stitched a popper/press stud sin yo the top so it closes easily and some nice clear handles, I quite pleased with it actually!

Now let’s hope she likes it!!!

My yarn arrived for sue pinners carousel blanket, hubby was in the car with my as yodel were driving out of the close, he said ‘what the bloody hell gave you ordered now?!’ I denied all knowledge, luckily I’ve trained my daughter well and she took the parcel and stashed for me 😂 it’ll stay there until 13th September!

I’m not 100% sure if the colours, but hopefully it will turn out as it looks on the advertisement for it!
Happy hooking X 

Diagnosed as CAL crazy……

I think I’ve gotten myself slightly addicted to CAL’s, for those of you who don’t know a CAL is a ‘crochet along’ and I can’t get enough of them.  

My first was the Deramores Emma blanket mystery CAL which I have been blogging about, well the mystery ended last week, and the blanket was revealed, in all honesty I’ve still not finished, I’ve just got 4 boarders to finish at 235 stitches across and 9 rows, but I have taken the photo below from Jackie field on Facebook who has finished hers, and bit it has spurred me on to get mine done, how gorgeous does her blanket look?!

So again for those who don’t know with a CAL you buy a pack of squishiness from a supplier which contains all of the yarn and colours you need to complete the project, you then join a social media group i.e Facebook with all of the others also taking part in the CAL and each week the next pattern is released, the thing with the Emma blanket was that it was mystery so nobody knew what it was going to look like, some (like me) stuck to the suggested colours and others went a little crazy and went for all sorts, personally I’m a stickler for rules and not all that adventurous!

Once I’d gotten half way through Emma blanket I found that these CAL’s were more popular than what I thought, Emma blanket had over 4000 people following it! It was here I found out about the Lilly pond, which has been around for a while and definitely not a mystery, so I bought the colour pack, it’s still in the bag while I finish Emma, I’m sure I’ve blogged about it before, but the original Lilly pond looks like this

Beautiful isn’t it! But when I looked at buying it they’d just launched the cherry blossom pack, so the colours are a lot less subtle

I’m really excited to get working on it! Probably next week now, then…….

One of my favourite designers is sue Pinner, who I was lucky enough to meet her at Blacksheep wools last year when she was doing a book signing, well sue is launching a CAL too!! 

Whilst I was checking it out my finger slipped and I accidentally bought the pack whoops!  Now the first pattern isn’t realeased until September 13th so it gives me a few weeks to do my Lilly pond! I’m not going to rush it as I want it to be perfect.  Anyway sues CAL is the carousel blanket, very bright and vibrant colours, but she’s launched a few different colours, which I’m pleased about as the original is a little bright for me….

Stunning isn’t it?! I don’t know what to do with my Emma blanket as it doesn’t match anything in my house, so still pondering over that one, although I am contemplating giving it as a cheer me up gift for a friend who is going through a difficult time at the moment…..lillypond has already been taken before it’s made and that’s for my daughters bedroom.  And the carousel blanket will be going to a friend who I used to work with, who’s been to hell and back over the last few years, yet has still taken time to support me when I’ve needed it recently.

And!!!! My crochet group starts on Saturday!  Hobbycraft have started advertising, and I’ve been doing what I can on social media, there will probably only be 3 of us to start with but it’s a a start, and hopefully as people pass by shopping they might want to join in, we will be called the Crochet Brocade! It will be so nice  talking to people on a face to face basis about crochet rather than this virtual world, I’m really excited about it and hope it takes off!

Anyway for now

Happy hooking X 

It’s been a while…….

It’s been rather a while since my last post, between running around Disney land and universal studios in 40 degree heat I barlely had much time for crochet, even though I was having so much fun, I really did miss it.

Anyway whilst in Florida I did get my dad to drive me to hobby lobby, really just to see what all the fuss was about!  

I’m not quite sure what I was expecting, but there wasn’t as much yarn as I expected.  Other than that it was huge! Almost like a combination of hobbycraft, the range and dunelm it was good but I beleive we have more here to be honest.  

Anyway after returning and missing a few weeks of the Deramores Emma blanket mystery CAL, I was quite far behind.  And I’m itching to get on with my cherry blossom Lilly pond blanket, so I’ve been busy catching up.  

I’ve really enjoyed the CAL, but there have been a few blocks that have been a real drag, but I’ve finished them thank god!!! This one has been my absolute favourite

I’ve really enjoyed it, and now we’ve had the final instruction we can see how it’s all going to work, but I’ll post more about that when I’ve finished.

These were a killer, all 16 blocks, all in a DC zzzzzzzzz

Then after those x20 of these, x10 with an aubergine centre and x10 in jade again zzzzzz

But I’ve done them, just 4 X small corners then X 4 long borders and it’s done!

I also posted a little while ago that I’m keen to start a crochet group, there’s none here in Warrington, rather timely I was in hobbycraft yesterday and they have a craft table for about 8-10 people upstairs in the yarn area, and they were advertising free use of the desk for groups, so I had a chat with the manager, he’s said we can have it, if we can drum up a handful of peeps.  That’s easier said than done, I don’t know anyone else in Warrington that is interested in crochet, so I’ve been posting on Twitter and Instagram, nothing……But it’s early days!  

Anyway I’m refreshed after an amazing holiday to celebrate my amazing parents 40th wedding anniversary

So ready to finish my Emma blanket, get started on my Lilly pond and get ‘The Hook Nook’ up and running!!!

Happy hooking X 


Ok so I’ve finally after a 6 month slog of scrimping and saving we have finally arrived in Florida, it’s been a battle to say the least! Not so much with my work but my husband runs his own business, and there has been moments where I didn’t think we’d make it.  With all the organising and finishing jobs I completely forgot to pack my crochet wip and hooks!!!  But have no fear, I do beleive not too far away from me is a rather well known place called hobby lobby, so I will need to pay a visit and get some yarn and a hook, I’ve not got any photos to share as I’ve been so busy, but I will post some from my adventure at hobby lobby!
Happy hooking xx