Lockdown spending

Two posts in a week ha! I quite enjoyed blogging yesterday. I don’t know about you, but my bank account is taking a serious hammering! There are so many yarn dyers, stitch markers, patterns, CALs, books, I cannot get enough, it’s got to stop really.

I started to work from home all week, about 4 weeks prior to lockdown, I work in Business Continuity and had started to take about 30 40 calls a day due to the pandemic. My office is in a converted garage, which doubles up as my craft room and where my husband used to play his PS4, but he’s moved it into the lounge now. It’s a nice big room but the view is the side of my neighbours house, and it gets so cold in there, about 2 weeks ago I had literally gotten sick of the same 4 walls, so my husband suggested moving me into the dining room (which is smaller) and turning my ‘den’ as I call it back into a dining room, which would make much more sense. My new ‘den’ has a view of the garden, it’s warmer too, but it means we have a nice big dining room (once we’ve gotten rid of the sofa).

Of course this meant packing up everything 🙈 I was once proud of my yarn stash but now, I am actually ashamed!!! It’s just ridiculous, I actually had to decide yarn I know I’ll never use but just keeping for the sake of, yarn I don’t want to part with, yarn I’m saving for a special occasion…..the list goes on, however! By the end of it I had 2 large bin bags full to the brim of yarn to offload, quick post on Facebook market place and it was gone within the hour!

My new craft room! With a lot less yarn!

It was bloody back breaking! So the yarn ban didn’t last long, what you can’t see is underneath the desk towards the bottom, I had 2 square shelves to fill so I treated myself, I did treat @lyndascraftroom too, just to cheer her up and let her know I’m missing her (don’t tell her though, I wouldn’t want her to think I actually like her 😂)

Then of course Furls had the new quarantine kits out, did you see those?! For £22 you got 4 crochet patterns, a 100g ball of merino yarn and a streamline hook! Well I ended up with 3 of those the hook is amazing, I didn’t like the oddessey hooks they were too heavy for me but the new streamlines are stunning, albeit, I’m slightly frightened to use them as one snapped, but! Furls were extremely quick to replace it, fantastic customer service

One of the worst things about having crochet friends is that when they buy nice things you have to get them too, Sharon and Mrs G has bought some fabulous bags fromThimble and thread make these bags (mine is a ruck sack) are handmade and designed specifically for knitters and crocheters, lots of little compartments for skeins, hooks etc but also a little compartment to place your pins without the end of the pin sticking into your work, very clever!

My pic doesn’t really do it justice to be fair! Can’t believe I’ve not been able to use it yet

Also a new indie yarn dyer The Yarn whisperer started his business, and I wasn’t going to buy anymore yarn, but, he released a Mini Egg colour way, when I saw a picture of Lyndas I ended up buying one 🙈 just glad my husband is oblivious to all the deliveries! And then whilst browsing I saw that he also had a 500g skein of koi pond, beautiful oranges and greys, but I couldn’t justify spending so much on 1 500g skein. I asked him if he would consider 100g skeins, and he agreed……..ohhhhh they are beautiful!!! He brought out a whole colour way of koi pond so I ended up with the mini egg version and then 2 of the koi ponds, aren’t they stunning?!

So I then placed myself back on a yarn ban. You see the thing with these naughty indie yarn dyers, when they know they’ve got you hooked they keep dyeing new colour ways! I know, I think I have a problem, but I couldn’t resist this


Anyway, If you have a serious yarn addiction and you need hooking up with a new dealer then head over to The Yarn whisperer!

I may or may not be waiting on my Sock club yarn , the new PicaPau 2 book…….and Pandemic yarn which doesn’t count really as that was ordered before lockdown…..two cushions for canal houses pattern (I’ll post about that another time) is this really normal?! I don’t normally buy like this, I really don’t, but I suppose it’s not being spent on road trips to yarn shops, days out, restaurants etc.

I’m sure I’ve missed stuff, but you know what! These are unprecedented times! I’ve never ever struggled with my mental health, but crikey, you’ve only got to look at me the wrong way at the minute and I’m in tears, and my little bits of happy post are cheering me up a treat…!

I do hope you’re ok, and not struggling, I hope you’re keeping healthy, and if there’s any time you can justify buying something for your hobby it’s now

Oooh!!! Just before I go, I also got a gift!!!! Look!

How beautiful are these?! These were a gift from @lyndascraftroom (we aren’t even friends!) from @Mrsgmakes aren’t they beautiful!

Oh!!! Sorry this is me catching up on months of not blogging…..Lynda and I got asked to take part in a podcast!!!! Our first ever podcast! I didn’t think we would enjoy talking about ourselves so much 😂 if you like a good podcast there’s a new one called making stitches who is also @apostcardfromgibralter anyway I love a good podcast, have a listen and get your hook on! Making stitches podcast

Happy Hooking Lisa xxx

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