The Crochet Sanctuary

A good few weeks ago I wrote about what I would spend my money on if I won the lotto.  Well why wait for lottery winnings?!  This has been a pipe dream for a good few years, well this last two weeks myself and @lyndascraftroom have bitten bullet.  We have put our necks on the line!  And today we have launched The Crochet Sanctuary ahhhh!!!!!  We are soooooo excited!

The first sanctuary starts on 10th November and runs until 12th November, it will be held at thee most beautiful venue Cranage Hall Estate a 4 star hotel in beautiful surroundings.


We are even more excited that the lovely Eleonora from @coastalcrochet has agreed to run our first designer workshop!  Eleonora will be designing a pattern exclusively for The Crochet Sanctuary guests, thank you Eleonora for agreeing to do this with us and travel all the way, it is so much appreciated.

Eleonora on the beach with crochet

We have a number of events booked:

10-12th November 2017

9th-11th February 2018

20th – 22nd April 2018

8th – 10th June 2018

14th – 15th September 2018

9th – 11th November 2018

We’re so very excited.  The weekend will include two overnight stays, all meals, workshops and unlimited yarn!  And if people can’t quite do a weekend then there will be day passes available too.

So if you are reading this and fancy coming along please visit and please feel free to share on your social media!  It would be a massive help!

Happy Hooking xx

There is thunder in our hearts

I’ve not felt too good over the last week or so, I blame it on this heat we’re having and the fact it’s too warm to crochet! 

I know we shouldn’t complain but I get ratty when I don’t crochet, anyway, last week I did finish my gorgeous lost in time shawl, by @mijocrochet, although I need to weave in a few ends and block it before I post about it.  

Little box of crochet

I have finally started my Little box of crochet from may! Oh my, it’s stunning, and so meaningful this month, I’m not sure if any of you subscribe to these stunning boxes or not, or if you know about jenny but she sadly passed away in may, totally heartbreaking, only a few weeks later the May box came out ‘Jenny’s mandala’ I could of kicked myself, because I had stopped my subscription for a month so that @lyndascraftroom and myself could get our project finished without distraction.  I will never stop my sub again! I was lucky as after speaking to Amanda at the crochet retreat I was able to get the box I’d missed, but lesson learned I won’t stop again.

So I started last night despite the heat, and I love it, it’s not finished yet, still a fair few rounds to go

I’m going to frame it when done, in a nice white box frame.

Ok so did anyone watch ‘April Jones 5 years on’ a few nights ago?

Well if you’ve got a hawk eye for yarn you might if spotted Aprils tree in her favourite place, it still looked nice but I thought it could do with a bit of a contribution from us Warrington hookers! So I made contact and they would love to have some more squares to make the tree pretty again, this is what her tree looked like when it was first yarn bombed

Isn’t it stunning! So we’re going to make a big batch on Saturday and get them sent to Aprils mum.

If any of you have any squares or blocks that you won’t use and would like to contribute to then feel free to pop them in the post to me and I’ll get them posted 

9 fairford close, great Sankey, warrington, WA5 1ZE

Ps. I think her favourite colour might of been pink!
Happy hooking xx

Second Frank and Olive crochet retreat

Awwww what a fabulous day! Just what I needed! If you’re in the UK the retreat is a must! We (myself and @lyndascraftroom) arrived this morning at 09:45 after a fairly easy 2 hour drive, and we were created by Ruby…..the guests that stayed overnight were just having breakfast so we got first dibs on seats ha!  

I was sooooo pleased and slightly starstruck as Amanda from the little box of crochet was sat at the table!  I have this awful habit when I see someone from the TV or someone who I would class as famous (I do class Amanda as famous) I look at them and smile as if I know them and they know me! I normally get greeted with a ‘oh oh we’ve got a weirdo here!’ Last week I met chris Bisson from emmerdale farm and gawped at him, then just the other day kate ford (Tracey from coronation street) I’m sure I scared them both, but I played it cool when I saw Amanda, even though I was like wow!

Plenty of yarn at the retreat, I made a bag, it was supposed to be a hook bag, but I adapted it slightly so it was more of a tote

Made from t-shirt yarn, I quite like it! Just needs a big button on the top and clip inside to keep it closed, I might even use it.

We then had a gorgeous lunch, and then went onto a workshop with a very clever lady from @cottonclara look what I made!

Ok not quite crochet but very much yarn related and it will look lovely in my craft area, we then did some cross stitch on plastic templates, I’m rubbish at sewing so I’m not even going to embarrass myself by showing you my makes!  

Anyway, I’ve had a great day, we only had a day pass, but next time I’ll be booking a weekend for sure!
Happy hooking xx

Feeling slightly giddy

Such a busy week at work this week!! 03:30 get ups and too much driving….someone asked me what I’d do first if I won the lotto………..I’d buy a farm, and on my farm I’d have alpaca, a coffee & cake shop and a country hotel…..with a spa……my hotel would be a retreat, where people could just come and knit or crochet for weeks on end………bliss…..anyway we can all have a dream!

I’ve been busy but still managed to get some crochet in even though I’m literally dog tired.  I’ve only got a few more rows of my last ripple blanket then that whole order is done!  

Mum asked me if I could make her something to put on a sideboard in her spare bedroom as she’s marked the top, she’s not a doily kind of person, so I went on the hunt for a mini mandala, I found on on hobbycraft blog!! Here’s the link Mandala it’s by a lady called Cathy crochet, her mandala pattern is so nice to do, and quite easy, but it was going to come out quite large, plus my mums spare room is very ‘white company’ so it’s all bright whites and greys, so I bought a nice grey cotton from hobbycraft DMC Petra, such a nice cotton and so much for your money!  I did miss out about 6 rounds to get the size I wanted, and completed it all in one colour, i really like it and so does mum!

Once I’ve finished my final ripple blanket I’m going to finish my lost in time shawl, then I’m going to make lots more!  

I saw a lost in time shawl made from scheepjes swirl and it looked amazing! So I managed to get some from black sheep wools before they’d even gotten onto the shelf! 

How gorgeous are these colours!!!  I’m looking forward to using them, they’re so soft and squishy.

This morning I was thinking I could do with a break, well, frank and olive have a sale on day passes for their retreats, then I remembered that they have one tomorrow, so to cut a long story short we’ve cancelled our crochet group tomorrow, everyone’s on holiday anyway ha! And myself and @lyndascraftroom are treating ourselves to a day away in York at the frank & olive crochet retreat, and at half the price how could you not!!! I’m so excited!!!!

So there you go, off for some shut eye.
Happy hooking xx

Ripples & Caron simply soft

How have I not tried ripple blankets before?! 

I’ve finished the daisy blanket and I’m really pleased with it, although after 98 daisy squares I’ll admit it I got really bored! And I won’t be doing another in a long time.

I see @lyndascrafteoom working on ripple blankets and cushion covers all of the time, is never thought to try one until I picked up two orders for the same blanket.

After the daisy blanket the ripple blanket has been an absolute pleasure to do. 

I’ve used Caron simply soft in heather, white and strawberry, whilst I like the colours im not 100% keen on the yarn! 🙈 

Now I like the fact it comes in bigger rolls, and it pulls so easily from the middle, but it just feels a bit too plasticky/acrylic to me, I know I use a lot of acrylic but they don’t always feel like acrylic, anyway I’m pleased with the finished result! 

The ripples work up so quickly! And I like the repetition, so get rippling! I can feel some little cushions coming on now ☺️

Happy hooking xx