We’re going home!

This weekend is our first proper weekend back at Cranage Hall, and i have this huge knot! In my stomach, we’ve managed a weekend and a crochet day since we left Cranage hall on 21st March 2020, and we’ve not been back since.

I don’t know why I’m so bloody nervous! This weekend was supposed to be our April 2020 weekend, I’ve literally lost count the number of times it was rearranged, and the guests attending this weekend have all waited such a long time, 14 months, they’ve all been fabulous.

The last time we left Cranage, the hotel was empty, just us and a very small wedding on the Saturday, we felt so sorry for the bride.

And it had been such an emotional day for everyone, I think we were all petrified of what was going to happen, and even though we’d been told 3 weeks it kind of felt like the end of the world! Dramatic I know!

lynda, paul and I packed everything up and said our goodbyes to the staff thinking the lockdown would only be for 3 weeks, that’s what Boris said (how wrong we’re we?!) we stood in outside our cars, as we’d made plans for the Monday, I can’t even remember what they were, Lynda and just stood there (we pretend we’re not friends) and I said “so erm Monday? See you then?” Lynda said “best not really, it’s lock down, it’ll be shut” I think that’s when it hit me that I wouldn’t see her for months! We both drove off and I literally cried all the way home, I didn’t realise Lynda did too, we didn’t see each other until 31st July.

So I’ve got this mixture of emotions going on, everything has been planned since last year, albeit we’ve changed a lot of the designs, it’s the first one back, people have waited so long, and I just want it to go well, safely!

We have the run of the old part of Cranage Hall upstairs, we’re normally placed in 1 room and then we have our coffee and refreshments on the landing, but this time we’re going to spread across a couple of rooms, so we can allow for social distancing, we’ve got loads of space!! Loads of space to fill with crochet and 80’s decorations! Which is so exciting and we’ve got some fabulous projects too, and the lovely lynn Rowe as our guest designer on the Saturday, so it’s exciting! But I’m nervous! I’m sure it’ll all be fine.

It’s the postponed April one that always worried us, and it just feels like getting to this one, we’re moving forward and actually getting there! No more sleepless nights! AND we might have some space at home too! The yarn and everything was all ordered and delivered prior to lockdown so space will be good!

Anyway, got that off my chest!

Happy hooking

Lisa xx

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