Hi!! I wrote a blog post the other day about the manchester attack and then swiftly deleted it, it was about how my daughter was at the awful Manchester event on Monday, as soon as I posted it I felt guilty, for being so upset that she had been caught up in it, it was non crochet related, and some May of read and thought ‘come on! She got out safely!’ And she did, no injuries just emotional.  We were lucky and I think I needed to remind myself of that, anyhoo…..

So! I read on instagram today that our beautiful crochet/knit community are getting together and doing what we do best during times like these and we are creating either through knit or crochet a heart for Manchester.  Please see where to send below

Like Beth says it will never make it all ok but it’s a way we can show an act of kindness from all over the world, so can I ask that my lovely followers do the same?  I’ll be making a few today and getting them in the post too.  If your looking for an easy and quick heart pattern there’s one for a valentine heart garland on my patterns page, it’s nice and easy.


Happy hooking xx

Lost in time & scheepjes catona

Ohhhhh wow!!!  I’ve felt a little ‘what to do now’ since myself and @lyndascraftroom finished our mission, don’t get me wrong I’ve got plenty of WIP but nothing to really get me going.  Until I came across a CAL that someone had shared on Facebook from a fabulous crochet designer called @mijocrochet I saw a shawl in the most beautiful colours and thought I just have to have it! 

It’s made using scheepjes catona which I am a huge fan of anyway, so I was more than happy to put in an order with wool warehouse, within less than 24 hours I was cracking on with my @mijocrochet shawl.  The CAL is called lost in time, and I really have gotten lost in time with it, it’s simply stunning, the scheepjes is stunning too, you must go and have a look at her blog, Mijo crochet the pattern is free download.

I am literally loving every single stitch, I do feel a bit naughty as I have pinched someone else’s colourway, but I just had to have it.

Anyway I know I keep going on about our secret mission, but it’s such a relief to finish it and fingers crossed We can tell you about it all very soon!

Anyway far too busy with my lost in time shawl off to do some more!
Happy hooking xx

We did it……!

Well a big massive thank you to @lyndascraftroom we have worked so hard the last few months on our secret mission, it’s been a real joint effort and I’ve enjoyed all of it.

It’s been a real labour of love, and a huge learning curve.  We can’t give too much away, even though We are desperate to!  We worked especially hard yesterday when we realised that our original plan wouldn’t quite work, and our deadline was today!  We’ve sat quite comfortably the last few weeks thinking we had cracked it, then at the last minute absolute panic stations! 

So yesterday @lyndascraftroom and I sat for a solid 13 hours non stop crocheting, 13 hours and 14,608 treble stitches later and were done, yes 14,608………

We’re hoping we can share it with you very soon, and we also hope it will be the first of many.

We haven’t got any pictures to share at all, but I can’t tell you just how proud I am of what we’ve done! We’re slightly bias but this morning as we were adding a few finishing touches in hobbycraft Warrington we had a lot of people coming over and saying ‘wow! That’s beautiful!’ We couldn’t show them everything but we didn’t half feel smug 

Happy hooking xx

Phewww that was close

Note to self, de scale the iron before steam blocking!!

My last post was a review on sirdar sublime, at the time I was crocheting a wee cardy in piglet pink.  Well I’ve finished it! But it was touch and go!

I finished the cardigan and thought, with it being cashmere and silk I’d steam it, this was the result

Dirty water spewing out of my iron!!!!! I was livid! Anyway, after a very gentle hand wash it actually came out, what a relief!!!

I also made teeny tiny shoes and a little hat to match

Since posting it on social media I’ve now been asked to make three baby blankets, 2 exactly the same and daisy blanket.

One of these, now I have pinched the picture from Little dove crochet but these are colours ive been asked to make, and it’s just stunning!! Although they’ve asked for a brighter pink.  

Now little dove crochet doesn’t give the pattern on her blog, because the daisy was designed by Till tulip she gives 2 seperate patterns, one for the daisy and one for the squaring off, so I’ve combined the two.  Now beautiful white boarder was added by nLittle dove crochet, she also gives the pattern on her blog, so I’m using two patterns from tillie tulip and one from little dove crochet, but together it makes a stunning blanket, I can’t wait to see my finished results.

The other two blankets I’ve been asked to make are a free pattern and both blankets are the same design and same colour!!

This blanket is by Daisy cottage designs if you click on the link it’ll take you to it.  Gorgeous isn’t it!!

@lyndascraftroom and I are getting very close to finishing our secret mission, Lynda is busy joining and I’m about to put together my first video tutorials, nerve wracking or what!!!

I’ve also spent some time this weekend sorting out my yarn stash, and I was slightly ashamed of how much I actually have, I sent a photo to @lyndascraftroom saying ‘please tell me yours is worse’ oh boy!!!! Hers is a lot worse!!! But so very organised, she is good at that, she winds all of her skeins into cakes and puts the label back on, looks fab! Whereas I have a section for dk, Aran, cottons, chenilles and 4 ply, anyway, I have put myself on a serious ban, and I really mean it this time!!

I’ve added the links above for the daisy pattern blanket and the ripple pattern for you to have a nosey at.

I’m off to hang my head in shame

Happy hooking!! Xx

Sublime review

I think sirdar have described it perfectly, it is simply sublime, beautifully soft, and amazing to crochet with, it’s just a real treat and an absolute pleasure to use.  

My only negative thing is that there are zero crochet patterns available for sublime, none.  

Each skein is 50g and 116m, which surprisingly goes a long way, I’ve so far managed to get 80% of a baby cardigan completed in sublime ‘piglet’ I’m currently just finishing the last little arm, then it’s the collar and edging, each skein is £5.29 I bought mine from Black sheep wools so for less than £11.00 I have a beautiful cashmere and merino silk cardigan to give as a gift, I’m so pleased with it.  

I’m not much of a rule breaker, I like to use a suggested pattern for the yarn I use or the other way around, I wanted to make a modern baby cardigan to suit the sublime but with zero crochet patterns I’ve used a Debbie bliss pattern

I’ve struggled with how the pattern is worded, I’ve had to read and reread some elements, put it down and come back again, but I’ve figured it and it’s stunning! I’ll have the last sleeve and collar finished by tomorrow so I’ll post a picture.   

Anyway, sirdar sublime, is sublime and a real treat to use!!
Happy hooking xx