A little bit of C2C and more yarn bombing 

Ok hands up, I have never tried crocheting C2C, the girls in group especially @lyndascraftroom do this all the time, I’ve never been intrigued by it, but with this secret project Lynda and I are working on we thought it would be good to use it.  Well I’m hooooked! I really like it, this is my first attempt

It works up so quickly! And as @itchycrochet said, as soon as you start getting a little bored with it the rows start to get smaller.

I had to obviously get a little help from @lyndascraftroom to be fair and I know she won’t mind me saying but she’s not the best of teachers 😂 sorry Lynda!! So I went to good old YouTube and figured it out straight away, including how to crochet a rectangle C2C, so of course now I’m looking for tonnes of C2C projects.

Quite some time ago my 16 year old sone asked me to crochet him a captain America cushion cover, I lost interest in it quite quickly using the tapestry crochet method, I find tapestry crochet a bit frustrating even though I like the end result.

So I’ve been on the hunt for a captain America shield cushion cover, 16 x 16, could I find one? Nope.  So I’ve mind my own using Stitch fiddle cracking website and free!!!  Please feel free to copy the graph and use it for yourself to print it off click hereCaptain America Sheild C2C Graph

This should work out at 30 little C2C blocks wide and should measure 16 inches, which should nicely fit a standard uk cushion.  So a little bit more work on our secret project then I’m getting started on this. Captain America Sheild C2C Graph

More yarn bombing!

A Facebook friend of mine posted some amazing pictures yesterday of Allesley Village near Coventry which is where I used to live, I’ve not seen any yarn bombing here and I’m still guilty of not doing any!  But these are by far some of the best yarn bombs I have seen, so I thought I would share them with you

This one is my favourite

Isn’t it gorgeous?!

This is another favourite

The work that has gone into these, they’re just lovely

Anyway enough from me
Happy hooking xx

My lips are sealed…..

I am itching to tell you something, but I can’t, not just yet anyway.  I haven’t got any work to share with you, and I haven’t tried any new yarns either, because along with my own work and life myself and Lynda from Lynda’s craft room have been working on something fabulous, well I think it is anyway, but it has taken up quite a chunk of my time.  We are so excited, we’re bursting at the seams!  I know I’m teasing but we will be able to reveal all very soon.

In between all of that I have completed anothe hat

I am really enjoying making these, in my last blog if me mentioned that I was also struggling with the sizing, and I needed a model well I’d like to introduce you to Adam!!

I’m not sure why he’s called Adam, because he’s neither a he or a she, but Adam does have a perfect 40cm head circumference, so I’ll know if that each hat will be about right.  There is a bigger size to order which is 48cm so I might get one of those too.

I’ve made some really nice hats for girls so in between the project I can’t tell you about I’m going to do a few hats for boys, although I was struggling to find a dark blue 4 ply cotton in hobbycraft this morning so I’ve picked up this colour DMC Natura cotton in Azur, Adam will model it for me then it’s going on Etsy to see how it goes!

You’ll probably remember about 12 weeks ago we were in the process of moving our house around so that mum and dad could come and stay, well they moved out yesterday and moved into their new (hopefully) forever home, we are ex military so I very much doubt it will be Theo forever home!! I just hope it is as the last 2 years have been stressful for them.  So they spent 11 weeks with us in total, it’s been fabtastic to spend some time with them but I will be pleased to not have to count loudly when I’m crocheting! Every time I picked up a book they’d start gassing away! 

Anyway, that was just a quick update from me, and hopefully the next time I might have some news to share with you.
Happy hooking xx
Ps. Sorry for teasing

Summers coming! 🌺👒🌺

Well maybe not quite yet but at least we can start preparing for it in terms of crochet.  I’ve started to make some gorgeous little summer hats for little girls.  It started with a friend of mine asking for one but she could only find a pattern in Russian.  

Anyway I’ve managed to find something similar what do you think?

I sent this photo to my friend who then asked for a band to be added where the stitch changes 🙈 anyway it was simple enough to add a slip stitch all the way around 

Anyway I got to give it to my friends daughter who is only 3 years old, her words were ‘it’s amazing!’ A big word for a 3 year old!!

She’s way to cute, she had her hair in a high pony tail in the picture below so the hat looks a little lumpy

I’ve now been asked to make another, but in pink, with two flowers, and not using the spiral pattern, so I’ve found one using a v stitch

It took a little bit to get the sizing right, but I think I’ve cracked it, and I really like the stitch.  For this one I’m going to add two flowers and have leaves around it

Both of these hats have been made using DMC Natura cotton, one 50g ball each.  The flowers have been made using sirdar cotton 4ply, the sirdar is beautiful to crochet with, simply stunning.  

I’m enjoying these so much I think I’ll make a few and pop them on Etsy to see how they go.  I’ve just ordered a child size mannequin head this morning (horrible looking things) but at least it will display the hats properly

Women’s Institute review

Have you tried it? I’ve been using it a lot lately and I really like it, I’ve tried their DK and their Aran and I really like them both, and they’re so easy to get a hold of.  

Women’s institute or WI is exclusive to Hobby craft so if you’re in the U.K. There’s none of that ordering online to get what you need.  

Now I know many people will compare WI to stylecraft special dk, I did, and I would definitely say that there is no difference.  

Ok stylecraft have 88 or possibly more colours which is fab, and on average they’re only £1.89 each, WI only have 33 colours, but they’re all the colours ive needed, they’re between £2.20 and £3.00 each for 100g but….. Hobby craft always have them on a 3 for 2 offer so they work out between £1.46 and £2.00 each, bargain, the majority of us in the U.K. Have access to a local hobby craft so they’re easily accessible and no waiting on postage, there’s nowt like dashing into your local hobbycraft at 19:55 because you’ve run out of what you need!!

3p from each ball of yarn will also go to WI which is a fabulous cause, they’re the largest voluntary women’s organisation in the uk with over 212,000 members, the WI plays a unique role in providing women with educational opportunities and the chance to build new skills.  So not only do you get gorgeous squishy yarn but you’re also donating to a good cause.

For those of you not in the U.K. Hobbycraft are now selling internationally so get trying!! There’s a link to your right ha!

Happy hooking xx