Crochet and The Crochet Sanctuary

Hi  I am Lisa, owner of The Wee House of Crochet, and I am a self confessed crochet addict……Anything crochet.  I also work full time travelling up and down the country, and I have the most amazing family, hubby and two teenagers, 3 dogs, Jess (she’s a bit nuts), Purdey and Pip, I love starting new projects, and never finishing them!  Although I have gotten better.  I thoroughly enjoy getting involved in Crochet Alongs, especially from my favourite designers Helen Shrimpton from Crystals and Crochet and the very talented Sue Pinner I am also a huge fan of Amanda Blooms Little Box of Crochet Which you will read plenty about in my blog!

Early on I started a small Crochet Group / Knitcraft Social at Hobbycraft Warrington, with help from the store, and there I made some amazing friends, just as mad about crochet as me, its great to have people that can help you to justify buying yarn or patterns, I met @lyndascraftroom there, and she can literally justify anything!


Some things are just meant to be, because after just 6 months of meeting @lyndascraftroom, we somehow started to design the Knitcraft Crochet Alongs, we started with Tea on The Green, or TOTG as our followers call it, Christmas Is….CAL, and our last CAL was The Water Garden, one of my favourites Find our CAL’s here

And we haven’t really looked back!  We are just about to start our 4th Crochet Along, we cannot believe that people enjoy our patterns, and we get such a buzz out of seeing our followers work, its fabulous!!

Between us we are (very busy ladies) we also host The Crochet Sanctuary, Luxury Crochet Sanctuary/Retreat Which is a luxury weekend of crochet galore, based at Cranage Hall in Cheshire we have a number of weekends and crochet days arranged for 2019 and 2020, we only have 4 crochet weekends left for 2020, but a few crochet days left. It is an opportunity to spend a fabulous weekend with other crochet obsessed people!


Anyway, here you will find my blog, some free patterns, links to CAL’s and information on The Crochet Sanctuary.

Thanks for stopping by, it means a lot!

Happy Hooking xx