It’s been a very, very long time!

Well! Hiya! I’ve been a bit shocking at this haven’t I? Yep, I know, this last year I think for everyone has just been pretty hellish, I just don’t think I had it in me to do anything other than an Instagram post. I’m sure lots of other people felt the same way.

We seem to be coming out of the other side now and I’m feeling positive, I’m not normally not positive but I think covid and lockdowns did some strange things! Enough of that! I thought I’d start afresh here, so.

Hello! How are you? Ok I hope! We’re so fricking excited it’s untrue, tonight is the Eve, Eve, Eve of our first crochet sanctuary day which is on Saturday!!! These projects have been planned for literally 17 months, and finally it’s happening!

Since covid we’ve kept ourselves pretty busy, we had pandemonium crochet along at the start of the first lock down, which went down a storm! And it really kept us going.

We appeared on the first podcast for Making stitches, I think I blogged about that already. We enjoyed talking about ourselves a lot! 😂😂😂 and decided to start our own!!! It’s the most unprofessional crochet related podcast you’d ever listen to here’s the link if you’re bored! The Crochet Sanctuary Podcast it’s available on 7 different platforms and we try to record once a fortnight, we really enjoy it and yet again surprised at how many listeners we’ve had!

We then got starting on our Christmas Crochet along, oh Lordy! That was AMAZING!!!! We had packs available through The knitting Network which was good, they were brilliant, the pattern is still available in our Facebook group All things Crochet Sanctuary here’s a few pics!

Isn’t it beautiful?! Yes I’ll blow our trumpet!

We’ve been kept busy by twice weekly zoom calls arranged by our friend sharon, which have been an absolute godsend and literally kept me sane!

We then started on designing another crochet along, which hasn’t been announced or released yet, but it’s on its way! More on that to come. And inbetween all of that, arranging and rearranging crochet sanctuaries, it’s been a bit of a nightmare, and all of our guests have Ben absolutely phenomenal, so patient with us, so empathetic, understanding and just outright bloody good eggs!

So Saturday! We’re back!!!!!!!! WE ARE BACK! I can’t tell you the sleepless nights we’ve had over it, the tears! The constant worry, on top of every other worry covid brings, teenagers turning into young adults, trying to hold a job down when a lot of companies seemed to be going south, home working, GETTING FATTER 😂 (I am positive honest!) so yes, Saturday! We’ve got 22 beautiful guests that we cannot wait to see! Some beautiful projects can AMAZING goody bags, I’m so excited I could pee (tmi)

Then june!!! june should have been April 2020, but you know what? I’ll save that for another blog.

But for now, I think I’m back, and hello!

I’ve literally got 14 mins until zoom, so I’d best go.

Happy hooking!

Lisa xx