After the storm comfort blanket

Hiya! Can I consider my third blog post a roll? No I didn’t think so, but I’m getting there.

So! We’ve been busy the last 2 months designing a crochet along for Women’s weekly magazine, through The Knitting Network using their new Emu Yarn, we were very honoured to be given the opportunity to use this yarn before anyone else and actually design something with it.

However, a little bit about Emu! It’s not new! The bird is back! I remember my granny muchy using emu when I was little, it’s a brand that’s actually 80 years old, and The Knitting Network have brought it back to life in over 50 colours, and I have to say, I like it, I like it a lot, and I know we shouldn’t base things on price, but, it’s soft, it’s for great stitch definition, it doesn’t feel cheap either, but it’s only £1.59 ball! I’m sold!

So Lynda and I designed a crochet along which is available now for sale The Knitting Network the pattern actually comes printed with the kit itself, but will also be released in Women’s weekly magazine on 23rd June, we love the colours!

The idea behind it was that we were slowly coming out of UK lockdown, we wanted something to represent pastel rainbow colours, there is a white panel running down the centre which has white fluffy clouds and raindrops from French knots (too cute!) and either side of those clouds are different coloured panels, each panel has a different textured stitch and it’s then top and tailed with beautiful fluffy pom poms

We really enjoyed creating this and feel that it will suit crocheters of abilities.

With the emu yarn I’ve also been making mandala madness! I started one of these about 5 years ago, and then put it down for 3 years, during those 3 years not only did my tension change massively but, I had also learned how important counting is whilst crocheting (I know I’m laughing too 🙈) so when I came to pick it up again, it went into the bin I’m afraid!

Anyway! The Knitting network kindly sent me some colours to try and they’re just perfect for me!’they chose so well!

So I decided on Mandala madness, and I love it!

This is a free pattern available on Crystals and crochet it’s beautiful and so well written.

We’re also getting ready for the june crochet weekend! And just crochet day, but I can show you more of that once they’re done.

That’s all from me I think! I’m back out on the road tomorrow with work! Slightly nervous, I don’t know why, but I think 15 months working from home you kind of get a bit stuck in your ways, so back to it tomorrow!

Take care, keep safe and well and happy hooking

Lisa xx

9 thoughts on “After the storm comfort blanket

  1. jennytidman says:

    Loving the new blanket. Can’t wait to do it!
    Good luck with work. Me G was a nervous wreck the first time he had to travel back to London but it soon felt ‘normal’ again. See you in just ovef a week!!!! Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kelly Grace Belcher says:

    Is a tutorial available for the After the storm comfort blanket as I am really stuck on row 5, i thought I had the hang of it but by row 8, the pattern did not look like the Photo.


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