Crochet calm & 2016

On a personal note it’s been a bit of a tough year, i work full time and help my husband run his business, ok, not so much help, I run his business and he goes out to do the work! But it’s been a nightmare this year, we took on some new employees and then brought in the work to help pay for them only for them to leave, and since then we’ve been pretty much chasing our tails behind on jobs etc. And too busy to take on more people, it put a huge strain on my husband and me but we made it to the end of the year without divorcing each other, just!

I put it down to crochet, as the stress of his business increased my hook started to move faster and my yarn stash got bigger, and boy I really have created some beautiful things and I’m proud of me, even if I do say so myself.

 I’ve always been known for having a short fuse and stressing about things when there isn’t anything to stress about, that fuse seems to be a lot longer now and I generally feel a lot calmer in myself, again I put it down to crochet.  

It still amazes me how with just one hook and ball of yarn I can make something beautiful. 

I’ve pushed myself too, I’ve looked at projects that look complicated and where normally I would not even attempt to complete them this year I’ve really gone for it I’ve started them and completed them and felt a real sense of achievement.

I started a crochet group at hobbycraft and doubted myself, I didn’t think people would turn up, but there has not been one week where I’ve been sat on my own, even on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve!  I’ve made what I would call real friends at our little group they’re all so lovely, we help each other with crochet problems, enable each other to increase our yarn stash and we have a laugh, it’s not my group it’s ours and I look forward to it every week.

I’ve taught my sister to crochet, like wow! Now that is amazing, she’s doing so well with it!  She loves anything with repetition and she too feels a lot calmer which is good.

I think what crochet has given me this year is time for me, time to switch off, to create, push myself and give, I love giving things away to those that really appreciate it.

My biggest crochet accomplishment this year has to be my mandala madness, and I’m no where near finished with it yet, it never gets boring, it’s beautiful and I’ve made it.

Another big achievement has to be my carousel I finished it, it’s not perfect but it’s mine

Anyway, I’m a little superstitious, we didn’t see 2015 out and 2016 in with a bang, so after this year we will be seeing 2016 OUT and 2017 in with a family party, best go and sort myself out!

Happy New Year to you all and thank you for taking the time out to follow me.

For the last time in 2016 Happy Hooking xx

Merry Christmas!

It’s been a while since my last update, and the reason why is I was unexpectedly inundated with Christmas orders and I didn’t say no!!

It’s been manic, working full time, kids house and husband, but I did it.

I’m aching today, finished my last order at 01:45 this morning, 4 mermaid tails in one week, I didn’t think I could do it, but I did, and they’re lovely, I did have to draft in a little help from my sister yesterday (good job I taught her to crochet in time!) and a little help from one of the lovely girls at crochet group yesterday morning.

I’m off work now until 3rd January and my mission is to finally finish my mandala madness for my sister and her husband, that’s taken a back seat for far too long.  And also to make myself something!

Here’s one  of the tails I finished



The multicoloured one is my favourite and I used James c Brett party time chunky, I love the way the colours change and that’s what kept me interest in it!
I finally finished mums top, designed by Frank and olive, but I’m not too happy with it if I’m being honest, the written pattern for the collar wasn’t very clear and nowhere near enough yarn to finish it

I’ve not even started this months little box of crochet, which is for me!!! So after going to mum and dads for Christmas I’m going to start it!

I also bought some absolutely stunning drops yarn in alpaca silk pistachio, to make a shawl for myself out of simply crochet magazine but I’ve not started that either, so I’ll make a start this week.

So it’s Christmas morning, kids have opened their presents, they seem pleased, I’m off to my mum and dads shortly where I can be the child again, for a short while anyway, I wonder if Santa has been for me!

Merry Christmas & happy hooking xxx

Free puff stitch Mitten pattern

I have had so many requests this last week for my puff stitch beanie hats.  However I have also had a request for matching gloves.  I am just like anyone else, I’ll search for a free pattern before buying one.  I had been asked for a full glove, I didn’t realise how hard these were to find (free) never mind in a puff stitch, but I had already promised to make it.  So I put together my own pattern.

How gorgeous are these hats?!


And here are my matching gloves/mittens


These are far from perfect, as you can tell, I have missed FPTR and BPTR on this one, but by the time I had noticed I really didn’t want to frog it, anyway, I found that a pattern similar to this is completely non existent, so I have written one and included it in this blog, you might find the odd mistake in there, if so I do apologise in advance.

Click on the following link to download puff-stitch-mittens

Enjoy!  Happy Hooking xx