Wow! Finished projects and The Christmas Crochet Sanctuary 🎄🎄🎄🎄

Well I’m shattered, to say the least, it’s been a manic 7 days. We had our Christmas Crochet Sanctuary last weekend, and the run up was busy to say the least, but soooooo worth it! I know it sounds early in November but I’m sure most of us start crocheting September October for Christmas. So Friday 9th our guests arrived at 5pm, Lynda and I had arrived at Cranage hall at 14:00 to decorate our newly decorated room, which in all fairness to Cranage they had done an amazing job for us, it was very festive. At 5pm we had a bit of an ice breaker, many of our guests come alone so we like to get to know each other a little before we start, we then followed with the opening of our specials gifts!

I hope you watch the little clip because hearing everyone squealing was just such an amazing feeling!!

We were starting off with Christmas wreaths, the idea was that we had an abundance of dk yarn to cover the wreaths and our guests would use their scheepjes catona mini boxes to decorate their wreaths, along with a table of bows, bells, sequins and ribbons, but we knew nobody would want to, so for the first time ever we also provided a large box full of different sized yarns for people to use as they pleased, which went down a treat!!!

I didn’t get a picture of Lyndas wreath but wish I had as it was very simple but gorgeous!

Cranage has changed our menu for the evening meal and it was amazing! We then went back to the room and I think…..the last guests left around 12:30 so once we’d sorted the gift bags for the next day it was about 01:30 before we went to our beds, but then we sit and talk for about 2 hours after that with excitement!

The next morning we had our crochet day guests arrive and we kicked off with our first project which was the rather lovely tallulah fairy!! She’s just too cute!

After lunch we kicked off with Eleonora from @coastalcrochet workshop, wow, Eleonora really did an amazing job, she had put in so much effort!!!! She set up a fabulous display of drift wood and Christmas trees made out of drift wood, then Christmas decorations a jelly fish, a star fish, life ring and beach hut, and to top it off a mistletoe garland to wrap around the drift wood with lights!!!! I’ve pinched a few pics from other people a well as my own but check these out

It was just fab!!! We all got a beautiful little bag of seaglass too. We then crocheted into the late evening…..I absolutely love the Saturday evening and Sunday as it’s so chilled everyone just picks and chooses their projects to finish, but Sunday topped it off, Lynda and I had requested mince pies and Christmassy type refreshments but we had no idea that Cranage we’re going to arrange a Christmas dinner for us!

It was divine!!!! November and we’re all sitting there in Christmas hats 😂🙈 who cares?! We thoroughly enjoyed it!

The weekend was so good that Amazingly we sold out for the ENTIRE year! The whole of 2019 gone! Crikey!!! I remember being a nervous wreck that this would never take off, just goes to show some massive risks really do pay off, sometimes you’ve just got to bite the bullet and go for it!

So that was our last weekend of the year, we have a crochet day on 1st December!! I’m looking forward to this! A day of crochet, with gorgeous like minded people! Then on 2nd December our workshops at Amanda’s Blooms grand sale!

Anyway, after selling out for 2019 we felt brave……so we released 60 crochet day places! Ahhh!!!! So 4 events with 15 crochet day places they’re on sale now we would love to see you there!

Anyhoo! I finished my eleven hand made golden rod sweater!

I’m really pleased with it, although Sarah has had her eye on it and as I didn’t quite get it finished for the crochet sanctuary I’m going to gift it to her for Christmas.

I’ve started the new iron lamb sweater! Using rico soft aran, it’s stunning!

I’ve done a fair bit on it already, but this being I’m focusing on my Ubunto, somehow my stitch count isn’t correct and a bit unfudgeable!

That’s me for now!! Watch that video!!

Happy Hooking!!!

Lisa xx

Not so weekly update

It’s been busy! We’re now on week 3 of the Knitcraft falling leaves crochet along, and it’s going really well!

We’ve been busy finalising and re-testing designs for the Christmas Crochet Sanctuary which is mega exciting! We literally cannot wait to see people’s faces, so exciting!! We’ve gone a little all out for Christmas, but you’ve got to really, we’ve also been finalising designs for our 1 day special on 1st December AND! On 2nd December too! Because can you believe this?! Amanda bloom from Little Box of Crochet asked @lyndascraftroom and I to host a workshop for her grand sale!

I mean, remember when I attended a retreat and she was there and I got all giddy and star struck?!?! Now!! We’re hosting workshops for her?! Unbelievable really ha! Anyway there are a couple of places left, it’s £5 to get in and the proceeds got to brain tumour charity, it’s £15 to get in if you want to do either the morning or afternoon workshop, and we’ve got a cracking project for each one planned! Blacksheep wools have kindly donated oke gift bags for us for the day and some mini catonas to pop in the bags, which was so kind of them, they’re so local to lynda and I so it’s nice that local businesses support each other.

Anyway I love it once we’ve finished designing a CAL because I can get back to crocheting what I fancy, I’ve finally managed to catch up with ubunto! I’ve been a little bit hooked, but I am going to have to frog back a few rows as my stitch count isn’t quite right so nee to figure out where I’ve gone wrong. I went for the ubunto small and I’ve regretted it since, I do love it but I do wish I’d gone for the medium or large

It was due to cost originally as there was a big jump in price from small to medium, but I think I might do medium now too and small can go on the sofas at the sanctuary.

As our Christmas Sanctuary is only next week I’ve started a sweater!! A Christmas sweater, it’s deigned by Eleven handmade and it’s the Golden Rod sweater

It’s an odd hook and yarn weight (to me) its a sock weight yarn requires and a 4.5mm hook, so I’m on the chunky side and to be safe I want to make sure it’s going to fit me! So I’ve gone for a dk weight on the recommended hook size, and it’s coming up lovely! I do love a puff stitch anyway, the sleeves are added on lastly but! You could leave them as is and crochet in a cotton and have it a a summer top, it such a versatile pattern. I’ve decided to make one for my mum, so I’ve bought some baby drops alpaca silk yarn in wheat, although I didn’t realise the wheat would have a yellowish tinge to it, I’m gonna go with it as I’m sure my mum will love it.

Also it was my birthday yesterday and it just so happened to fall on a Knitcraft social day! I was thoroughly spoilt rotten embarrassingly, but wow! I’ve never hand so many birthday cards, even when I was little, and handmade ones at that, so many gifts of candles, gin, yarn, flowers, chocolate a beautiful poppy bracelet and Lynda knows me so well ha!!! A mini schnauzer calendar and! Twinkie chan book!!!! I never bought it, I’ve been eyeing it up for 2 years! And she got it for me! Crochet abode ala mode! Love it!!!!!

It was a cracking day and so nice to spend it with my hooker friends, anyways, it’s Sunday, it’s cold outside, I’m off to carry on with my golden rod sweater!

Happy hooking!

Lisa xx