No crojo day

Not quite sure what’s up with me today, had a whole day for crochet planned before dreaded Monday, nope it’s just not happening! So an update from this last week:

We held our raffle draw yesterday for The Crochet Sanctuary and it was won by a lovely lady who admitted she only bought 4 tickets as a thank you for the two CAL’s and YouTube tutorials we did!! Bless her! Well it was won by Karen Withams, she really didn’t expect to win, but she has! And we’re really looking forward to meeting her in a few more weeks. I just wish everyone that bought a ticket could of won, I feel so guilty!

The Spring CAL is coming along just nicely for Knitcraft….just waiting on some more yarn so not done too much on it this week.

I have started a gorgeous pair of Harley cable crochet socks designed by Lakeside loops I’m addicted to each and everyone of her patterns they’re just lovely!

Started these for my mum, and using Knitcraft baby brilliance such a soft and lovely yarn with a tiny hint of twinkle in it

Since working on lakeside loops patterns and finally figuring out cable crochet I’ve become a little addicted!

I’ve also started @coastalcrochet #seasidestashbusterblanket last week, I do love a cal! But love the way this is a stash buster, just 4 rows a week so no pressure whatsoever, I’m trying to go with a coastal them too

We had a fabulous day at our Knitcraft social yesterday, such a giggle, we had two new ladies join us, and our usual suspects!

This week I very much want to finish my Sophie stool and make some more progress on my Fridas Flowers Primavera blanket! I’d like both finished before we go to the sanctuary for sure!!

That’s all from me!

April, shopping and ear warmers

Good Evening! February is sneaking up on us fast!! So is April, so we’ve launched dates for the April Sanctuary yesterday.

@lyndascraftroom and I have been to wales today to Abakhan, if you’re in the UK it’s well worth a visit, we normally go to the Liverpool branch but today we decided to go to Mostyn, they’ve a building each for yarn, other crafts and fabric, funnily enough we didn’t go yarn shopping but we did go fabric shopping, this is for one of the workshops we’re running in February, that’s all I’m saying, apart from Abakhan in Mostyn is Fabulous! It’s set in a nice rural area too. They’ve some fabulous yarns in stock but also yarn seconds, so yarns without ball bands, I bought some of this last year when I needed a super chunky for a doughnut pouffe, super chunky in big volumes is quite expensive so I managed to get it from Abakhan at a fraction of the price, but mixed it in with some hobbycraft hug it out too, any way worth a visit.

We’ve still got a lot of raffle tickets for February Crochet Sanctuary plus one weekend pass available to buy, we’ve sold 47 raffle tickets for February so the odds are really good if you buy one!! And don’t for get we’ve a fab workshop from the lovely Eleonora from @coastalcrochet which I’m really looking forward to!! So if you would like to buy a raffle ticket the draw will take place next Saturday on Facebook live, and Instagram, the tickets are £5 and all you need to do send monies to PayPal and we’ll send a receipt confirming ASAP, like I say we’ve sold 47 so odds are good!

For April our dates are 20th to 22nd April for the weekend and the day pass is for the Saturday 21st, and I was absolutely gobsmacked when Amanda Bloom from Little box of crochet agreed to run a workshop for us!! Shocked actually!! I’ll be tongue tied literally 🙈 I’ve met Amanda a couple of times and each time I do I make a fool out of myself!

Now because it’s January we’ve lowered the deposit cost, so it’s just a small deposit of £50 to book the weekend and balance due 6 weeks prior to the event, we’ve already got a few people booked on Yayy!!

We’ve got ideas bursting for future workshops just bursting! And we’ve already got June planned!

Anyway! Only one crochet pic from me this week as we’ve been designing the Spring CAL for Knitcraft which is going rather well.

I was asked by a lady at work to make something for her son to wear to keep his ears warm, he can’t really wear a beanie hat as he has the most gorgeous curly

Afro hair, I found a lot of the ‘headbands/ear warmers’ on ravelry rather girly and not really for a 7 year old boy, so I whipped up a quick on myself, then another for Abby to wear, I used Knitcraft leader of the pac, I’ve honestly got to say it’s the nicest alpaca aran weight yarn I’ve tried it’s just lovely, and I’m lucky to have a gorgeous girl to model it for me!!

It’s late! So happy hooking!!!


Raffle ticket!

If you’ve not bought a raffle ticket because you don’t think you’ve a chance of winning….your wrong! Rather embarrassingly, we’ve only only sold 27 tickets 🙈 so you’ve a pretty good chance to be fair! £5 per ticket, for the chance to win a whole weekend 16th to 18th February, Cranage Hall Cheshire, total value is £500! Send payment to PayPal And if you don’t want a ticket we’ve just one weekend pass left to buy 💕

Lets be blunt.

I am not a social media expert, but I am a bloody good sales person, its my job outside of Crochet, and I know that you have to give a little to get more back.   Lets face it, we all dream of the day where we can give up work and crochet for a living right?

Mostly everything we sell nowadays (I sound old)  revolves around social media.  To sell anything on Social Media you need followers, lots of them, but how do you get them?  Well…..

As designers we all need to make money from the time we give……………..eventually.  I add ‘eventually’ because as designers we can sell our patterns, but we’ll never sell many without a lot of followers, and as designers selling patterns we can often look at other designers and question why they are ‘giving away’ their patterns, their time, skills and knowledge, but, you have to give a little to get something back!

Okay for example lets take my favourite designer Helen Shrimpton, from Crystals and Crochet.  I came across Helen in 2015 when she designed and ‘gave away’ Mandala Madness, she must of spent well over a year of her time designing and crocheting this, but  Mandala Madness was a big hit, and was shared and shared amongst thousands of crocheters, this gave Helen a rather nice 16,000 followers on facebook alone, at that time.  After Mandala Madness Helen then designed a number of patterns, paid, Anastasia, Rosslyn, Wishful thinking, Diamond Geezer-ghan, Star of wonder, Dream Weaver and Rose of Avalon, she now has at this very moment in time 19,681 facebook followers.  I have bought every single one of them, okay I haven’t crocheted them all but I will one day!  If just 50% of her followers bought just 1 of her patterns a year thats a total of £59,000, and thats just one of her patterns, like I say I am one that has bought all of them.  I think that £59,000 covers the cost of time, knowledge and materials spent on Mandala Madness.  You have to speculate to accumulate as they say!

Another one of my favourite designers Janie Crow, Fridas flowers, free pattern, Lily pond free pattern, 24,573 facebook followers, need I say more?

Another example, Sue Pinner, Sue never sells her patterns, ever!  However if you ask her why, she will tell you that to get to her patterns you have to go to her blog, and when you go to her blog she gets paid, and she makes a well deserved nice living from it.

So myself and Lynda, yes we have designed two cals, currently on our third, they take pretty much all of our free time to do, there are sleepless nights, and the odd tear, and yes you’re right, we haven’t made a penny on those designs, not 1 penny…..yet!  However we have gained 3,700 followers so far, thats 3,700 people that might just eventually buy a paid pattern from us, if and when we release one, its 3,700 people that might just book a weekend at The Crochet Sanctuary.

However its not just selling patterns, its the other opportunities that come from your followers, for example, I follow Eleonora from Coastal Crochet, I love her designs, we’ve asked her to run a workshop at The Crochet Sanctuary, as Sue Pinner hosts workshops for the likes of Blacksheep wools, and don’t forget her fabulous books!

Its a long game, if you want it you’ve got to play it, like everyone else.  So I won’t feel guilty about giving away my time, knowledge and expertise on patterns because eventually, in the long run, it’ll pay for itself.

Then I can give up work, buy my little alpaca farm and open my own 24/7 Crochet Sanctuary ha!  Thats the plan!

I just thought I’d share that!


Happy Hooking!  x

Hello 2018!

I do wonder how long we should carry on ‘happy new year’ for, only 5 days in and I feel like I’ve said it tonnes of times!!

Christmas started in August for us when we started designing the Christmas CAL, and it now feels like spring, seen as @lyndaacraftroom and I are now in the throws of designing the next one, thoroughly enjoying it I might just add!!

So! I’ve started my Janie Crow Fridas Flowers blanket!!!! Yayyyyy!!! Like on Christmas Eve, as soon as I’d finished my last gift, I have to say it’s the most stunning design and colour way ever!! I’m only on block 3 but it’s so gorgeous

Block 1

Block 2 – my favourite

Block 3 – what’s there not to love?!

Just beautiful

Although it’s going to be one of those blankets I probably won’t let anybody touch! So worth waiting for.

I’ve also had a start on Sophie’s stool, it’s so nice!! I’m tempted to just carry on and do the blanket but I really do want this for the stool.

For those like me that have looked at the stool kit for a while and not bought it, let me tell you it’s such good value for money!! I didn’t realise (I don’t think it’s been very well advertised) you actually get the stool in the kit! Plus 9 x 50g of scheepjes catona, the quality of the stool is just fab!

Anyway! I’ve also been working on some designs for the spring cal for knitcraft but obviously I can’t show you those….yet!

We also have literally 1 month and 10 days to go before The Crochet Sanctuary eeeeeekkkk!!! I’m so excited, and excited that some of you lovelies will be joining us! People we talk to on Instagram and some of our CAL members! We literally have sold out on all day passes, we only have 2 weekend passes available, to be honest it’s a bit of crap time of year, asking people to fork out £450 for a weekend of pure self indulgence, SO! As Lynda and I have already paid for everything in advance we obviously need to sell these last two rooms, so we’ve decided to raffle off 1 room, which is Fab really, for the sake of a £5 (virtual) raffle ticket you could win a weekend away of none stop Crochet, beautiful food in gorgeous surroundings with the loveliest people, and let me tell you we’ve sold so few the odds of actually winning is pretty bloody high! So if you fancy buying one, they’re £5, just send a payment through via PayPal to we get notifications straight away, so we’ll send a receipt through for your records. Ooh the weekend is from Friday 16th until Sunday 18th, it’s worth a fiver believe me!!!

We are really very pleased that we’ve sold the original number, then increased the number of weekends by another 5, at this time of year we think we’ve done a super job, so next week we’ll be releasing the dates for April Crochet Sanctuary!

Anyway happy hooking!!!!