Update and Knitcraft in the zone

Have you tried it yet? Knitcraft in the zone?! It’s fabulous, I think my new favourite yarn! One of the ladies who’s been to the crochet sanctuary had posted some gorgeous ballerina pumps she had been crocheting and I instantly knew I had a yarn to suit them, so I’ve made a couple

And a small tote bag with the left overs. It’s a gorgeous yarn, it glides over your hook and it’s got a nice stretch to it too. I think Ill be making a few summer projects using it as also very light. And of course with it being Knitcraft it’s on 3 for 2!

I’ve been busy the last few weeks as my mother in law arrived from Australia, she’s fabulous!! I’ve always wanted a mother in law, I’ve taught her to crochet and she’s been coming along to our Knitcraft social, she fits in rather well!

How neat?! That was her first attempt at crochet!

I’ve finished so many projects the last few weeks but none that I can share as they are for the June Crochet Sanctuary, and I don’t want to spoil any surprises for anyone attending, as it’s going to be fabulous! That’s the thing with our sanctuary’s you’ve always got to try and top the last one, April was so good it’s been difficult for June but we think we might of cracked it.

I’ve also been working on helen shrimptons cosmic cal, I love it, just like I love all of helens patterns, still not overly fussed with my colours as I expected the shrimp to show through more but hey ho it is what it is, and I may just do another!

It’s also slightly wavy as my star stitch was a little looser than it should of been but whose going to notice!

We’ve also (I’m sure I’ve mentioned before) completely sold out of all weekend and day passes for the rest of 2018, however we will very shortly be releasing 2019 dates!

I feel as though I’ve lots to tell and show you, which I have but I can’t, not yet anyway.

So for now, happy hooking lovelies!!

Lisa XX

Mrs Johnsons Emporium

Good morning!!! I’m off work this week, as my mother in law has flown in from Australia and it’s the first time I’ve ever met her! I’ve been married for 18 years, we’ve spoken a lot on the phone and Skype but never actually met. She’s fabulous!!! She’s a knitter, loves yarn and she’s fascinated by my crochet. So she arrived on Sunday and we’ve been off out on day trips. I think her favourite trip was Tesco so far ha!!!!! The things we take for granted in the UK.

We have had an amazing bank holiday weekend of weather!

Yesterday we took Heather to Blackpool, it’s only 45 miles away from me anyway, but she wanted to buy some rock. I had a selfish reason that I wanted to go for and it was to visit Mrs Johnson’s emporium!! It was a bit of a walk from where we had parked, the emporium is just a street behind south pier and what an amazing building!!!

The emporium used to be an old bank, inside it’s like Aladdin’s cave! My pictures aren’t so good but if you visit the website you can actually walk around the shop.

There are types of brands I’ve never ever seen, lots of stylecraft which is fabulous but labels of stylecraft I’ve never seen before, including 400g balls of stylecraft aran, id didn’t even know these existed! I could of spent a long time and a lot of money, but we had walked quite far in pouring rain, we were soaking, and I think everyone was a hit cheesed off for me making them walk so far, so it was a quick run in, few snaps a couple of squishes and I was out without spending a penny! Which I felt a bit bad about. I was also a bit jel of the stitch and bitch group going on in there I would of loved to of joined in!

There were also some fabulous displays in the window. If you are planning a visit to Blackpool go to the emporium you’ll not regret it!

It’s also only 30 days until our next crochet sanctuary!!!! We’ve completely sold out of all day and weekend passes which is phenomenal!!! We are really looking to June!! We are still designing and planning but we have an amazing theme!!!

Anyway! I’ve also been busy with cosmic! And Sophie’s universe in between, not got much crochet done the last few days but slowly getting back into it

I was also busy crocheting items for heathers room especially after learning she loves yarn

This was originally Rosalyn blanket, but I knew I’d never finish it, so I turned this into cushion and was rather proud of myself!

Anyway enough from me!

Happy Hooking!! Xx