And I’ve recovered

Well! That Saturday knocked me for six! It’s been such a long time, and I guess we’re a little out of practice to be fair.

But what a great day we had!! On Friday evening, I met with Lynda and Paul, both of our cars rammed with crocheted blankets, amigurumis, and gift bag supplies. We really could not do the crochet sanctuary without Paul, the guy is an absolute legend!

He unloads everything onto trollers from both cars (I fo help a little) and takes it up to the sanctuary room, luckily at the cottons spa hotel there is a lift, but we’ll be back at Cranage hall soon, and there isn’t one there, so we’ll be carrying everything up 2 flights of stairs, I’m thinking of the steps though ha!!

Because of covid restrictions we need to make sure there’s some distance between seats so there’s a lot of table and chair shifting to do then covering all of the tables with cloths, arranging blankets over chairs and generally decorating the room, I think we’d finished by about 20:00 and home for 20:30, very little sleep that night, just pure excitement to be in a room full of fabulous people!

I picked lynda up at 08:00 the next morning, after grabbing a McDonald’s breakfast, and we arrived at cottons for 08:30 to pack gift bags, we’ve finally had our own gift bags printed!

The crochet sanctuary gift bags

Gift bags included 450ml teapot, photo album, euclan sample, teapot stitch marker from @mrsgmakes, a scheepjes after party folder to store after party patterns, and an after party pattern, so they we’re pretty full!

Our room is pretty huge with a veranda too, it was quite warm so it was nice to have all the doors open

I’ve got to be completely honest, I hate the chairs, I hate the way we have to set the room up, it just screams our care home to me, and that’s not what we aim for, but during these times it has to be done, once we’re back at Cranage we can get our chairs back and we’re looking at buying some small tables as we’ve realised these are useful for drinks and things, but i suppose people aren’t really there for the room, it’s about the crochet and the people.

There was 22 of us including myself and lynda, and our theme for the day was cherry blossoms, our projects were cherry blossom tea cosy, cherry blossom egg cosy and napkin ring

Photo courtesy of Carol Davies! Because it’s much better than mine!

People seemed to really like their projects and!!! Actually finished them too!! Check these pics out

I’ve never know chriss to finish something so quickly! Well done chriss!
Sam first ever finished item at a crochet sanctuary!!

Not bad going!! After the tea cosys we had lunch, lunch was fabulous! I had the beef Ragu and then chocolate choux buns 😋

Heaven on a plate

After lunch we moved onto the napkin rings and egg cosies, nice simple crochet patterns but using embroidery to decorate, how cute are these?!

We also had the pleasure of meeting Lindsay from making stitches podcast, and we’re really excited! Because she brought along her microphone and recorded the introduction to the crochet sanctuary and probably a bit of the icebreaker too, then later on that day Lindsay took a few guests and asked them some questions, we didn’t get to hear any of that so I’m slightly nervous! And at the end of the day we had 5 mins with Lindsay where we were asked a few questions, so! I think there will be a rather interesting podcast on it’s way! How exciting!

On everyone had left by 18:00 we then had the mission of packing up the room again, the only good thing is, we have a little less to take home, my crates are back in my crochet shed which has all been cleaned and they’re now waiting for the next one on 25th june, now i cannot wait for this! A whole weekend, back home, where we belong, at Cranage Hall.

If anyone is interested in attending one of our sanctuary days (we’ve sold out of weekends) we do have some days left for 2022 have a nosey The Crochet Sanctuary it would be fabulous to meet you!

Happy Hooking

Lisa xx

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