My lips are sealed…..

I am itching to tell you something, but I can’t, not just yet anyway.  I haven’t got any work to share with you, and I haven’t tried any new yarns either, because along with my own work and life myself and Lynda from Lynda’s craft room have been working on something fabulous, well I think it is anyway, but it has taken up quite a chunk of my time.  We are so excited, we’re bursting at the seams!  I know I’m teasing but we will be able to reveal all very soon.

In between all of that I have completed anothe hat

I am really enjoying making these, in my last blog if me mentioned that I was also struggling with the sizing, and I needed a model well I’d like to introduce you to Adam!!

I’m not sure why he’s called Adam, because he’s neither a he or a she, but Adam does have a perfect 40cm head circumference, so I’ll know if that each hat will be about right.  There is a bigger size to order which is 48cm so I might get one of those too.

I’ve made some really nice hats for girls so in between the project I can’t tell you about I’m going to do a few hats for boys, although I was struggling to find a dark blue 4 ply cotton in hobbycraft this morning so I’ve picked up this colour DMC Natura cotton in Azur, Adam will model it for me then it’s going on Etsy to see how it goes!

You’ll probably remember about 12 weeks ago we were in the process of moving our house around so that mum and dad could come and stay, well they moved out yesterday and moved into their new (hopefully) forever home, we are ex military so I very much doubt it will be Theo forever home!! I just hope it is as the last 2 years have been stressful for them.  So they spent 11 weeks with us in total, it’s been fabtastic to spend some time with them but I will be pleased to not have to count loudly when I’m crocheting! Every time I picked up a book they’d start gassing away! 

Anyway, that was just a quick update from me, and hopefully the next time I might have some news to share with you.
Happy hooking xx
Ps. Sorry for teasing

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