Christmas in October?! 

Not normally for me, I can’t stand Christmas talk before November, but, Stylecraft were advertising a pattern for a Christmas wreath, it looked so beautiful I thought I’d give it a shot

How gorgeous is this?! It’s not mine I’ve pinched it from their website, but I’ve made a good start!

So far I’ve done the three large red flowers, 6 toadstools, 6 mistletoe, 2 out of 6 leaf spines, and 6 of thee most beautiful little cone pines

I love it! I don’t think I’ll use it as a wreath, I’m a bit worried about it getting wet or at worst stolen from the front of the house, but I’m thinking of not putting the big bow on and using it to pop a large tall candle in the middle, so a table decoration.

I’m also half way through round 3 of my sue Pinner carousel, still done zip on my lily pond! 

Oh my Marriner yarn arrived, quite impressed to be fair, not quite as soft as the Stylecraft DK but for £1 I’m certainly not complaining.

My little box of crochet also arrived! A tea cozy!!! Never crocheted a tea cozy before, apparently my tension was a little too big for the cozy because I ran out of yarn 75% way through, so I’ve had to order more, but how cute is this?!

Anyway enough from me

Happy hooking xx

Fancy a brew? ☕️☕️☕️

As a non tea or coffee drinker (I hear you gasp!) I do not possess a teapot, but do people still use them? Well this months Little box of crochet was a tea cozy, I winced at the thought of a tea cozy, I have always had this perception of them being old fashioned, anyhow as you know when I got my last box I was absolutely made up with it, everything was so cute!  I looked at the pattern and thought yes I’ll give it a go.  Well I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed it, I’m considering making more!!  

I finished it today and raced out to the shop to buy a tea pot, just so I could show you how beautifully this months box is, have a nosey at this!!

I know you like it!!! Who wouldn’t right?!

Now my tension was on the large side and the box came with enough yarn to make a 4 cup teapot, so I will admit I ran out of yarn and I had to order some more, but it’s beautiful stuff

Scheepjes stone washed 💕 absolutely beautiful to work with and so warm!  And luckily the teapot I but was a 6 cupper which fitted my new cozy beautifully!

Not much else to tell you really, for now anyway.
Happy hooking xx