There is thunder in our hearts

I’ve not felt too good over the last week or so, I blame it on this heat we’re having and the fact it’s too warm to crochet! 

I know we shouldn’t complain but I get ratty when I don’t crochet, anyway, last week I did finish my gorgeous lost in time shawl, by @mijocrochet, although I need to weave in a few ends and block it before I post about it.  

Little box of crochet

I have finally started my Little box of crochet from may! Oh my, it’s stunning, and so meaningful this month, I’m not sure if any of you subscribe to these stunning boxes or not, or if you know about jenny but she sadly passed away in may, totally heartbreaking, only a few weeks later the May box came out ‘Jenny’s mandala’ I could of kicked myself, because I had stopped my subscription for a month so that @lyndascraftroom and myself could get our project finished without distraction.  I will never stop my sub again! I was lucky as after speaking to Amanda at the crochet retreat I was able to get the box I’d missed, but lesson learned I won’t stop again.

So I started last night despite the heat, and I love it, it’s not finished yet, still a fair few rounds to go

I’m going to frame it when done, in a nice white box frame.

Ok so did anyone watch ‘April Jones 5 years on’ a few nights ago?

Well if you’ve got a hawk eye for yarn you might if spotted Aprils tree in her favourite place, it still looked nice but I thought it could do with a bit of a contribution from us Warrington hookers! So I made contact and they would love to have some more squares to make the tree pretty again, this is what her tree looked like when it was first yarn bombed

Isn’t it stunning! So we’re going to make a big batch on Saturday and get them sent to Aprils mum.

If any of you have any squares or blocks that you won’t use and would like to contribute to then feel free to pop them in the post to me and I’ll get them posted 

9 fairford close, great Sankey, warrington, WA5 1ZE

Ps. I think her favourite colour might of been pink!
Happy hooking xx

Second Frank and Olive crochet retreat

Awwww what a fabulous day! Just what I needed! If you’re in the UK the retreat is a must! We (myself and @lyndascraftroom) arrived this morning at 09:45 after a fairly easy 2 hour drive, and we were created by Ruby…..the guests that stayed overnight were just having breakfast so we got first dibs on seats ha!  

I was sooooo pleased and slightly starstruck as Amanda from the little box of crochet was sat at the table!  I have this awful habit when I see someone from the TV or someone who I would class as famous (I do class Amanda as famous) I look at them and smile as if I know them and they know me! I normally get greeted with a ‘oh oh we’ve got a weirdo here!’ Last week I met chris Bisson from emmerdale farm and gawped at him, then just the other day kate ford (Tracey from coronation street) I’m sure I scared them both, but I played it cool when I saw Amanda, even though I was like wow!

Plenty of yarn at the retreat, I made a bag, it was supposed to be a hook bag, but I adapted it slightly so it was more of a tote

Made from t-shirt yarn, I quite like it! Just needs a big button on the top and clip inside to keep it closed, I might even use it.

We then had a gorgeous lunch, and then went onto a workshop with a very clever lady from @cottonclara look what I made!

Ok not quite crochet but very much yarn related and it will look lovely in my craft area, we then did some cross stitch on plastic templates, I’m rubbish at sewing so I’m not even going to embarrass myself by showing you my makes!  

Anyway, I’ve had a great day, we only had a day pass, but next time I’ll be booking a weekend for sure!
Happy hooking xx

Weekly update

I have been very good, well I think so anyway, I’ve not purchased anymore yarn…….. Well kind of anyway!

Little Box of Crochet

Well what can I say, Amanda Bloom has out done herself yet again, seriously if you haven’t picked up one of these boxes do! They’re simply stunning, this month is very all about Autumn, leaves, acorns and mushrooms, the box came with the most delicious DMC cotton yarn that has a lovely sheen to it, and the pattern uses a 2.5mm hook, it’s just beautiful!!

There are two projects in this one, a wreath, which I’ve almost finished, and a nice broochwhich will look stunning on my lime green Coat, for sure.

Check out my baby acorns and leaves!

I love Amanda’s boxes, they’re such a treat and I really do learn something new each month.

Did I mention I’m going on frank and olives crochet retreat? 😂 yes I know, sorry if I’m boring you, but only 2 weeks today!!! Excited much!!!

My brother in laws surgery went very well, he is still in hospital but he’s surprisingly up and in his feet, so I’m pleased about that.

Crochet Brocade!

As you know I started a group at hobbycraft Warrington a few months ago, and we have about 10 people that come some not every week but we do have a few regulars, well we had a lady start this morning and she hadn’t crocheted before but brought hooks and yarn and asked if we could help her, so we did and by the end of group she had managed to do this!!!

I’m so pleased!!! And so was she, she’s done a cracking job, fingers crossed she comes back next week!

Whilst we were in hobbycraft the lady that looks after the yarn area asked us if we would be able to help them with the big knit for the big issue, making hats and gloves and scarves for those that are homeless, we were so lucky we were given a 400g ball each of women’s institute Aran and a Pom Pom maker, so thoughtful of hobbycraft, so we’re all planning on getting stuck in this week, I’m more than happy to put my wip to one side, it must be awful for those outside all night in the cold.

Happy hooking xx

Fancy a brew? ☕️☕️☕️

As a non tea or coffee drinker (I hear you gasp!) I do not possess a teapot, but do people still use them? Well this months Little box of crochet was a tea cozy, I winced at the thought of a tea cozy, I have always had this perception of them being old fashioned, anyhow as you know when I got my last box I was absolutely made up with it, everything was so cute!  I looked at the pattern and thought yes I’ll give it a go.  Well I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed it, I’m considering making more!!  

I finished it today and raced out to the shop to buy a tea pot, just so I could show you how beautifully this months box is, have a nosey at this!!

I know you like it!!! Who wouldn’t right?!

Now my tension was on the large side and the box came with enough yarn to make a 4 cup teapot, so I will admit I ran out of yarn and I had to order some more, but it’s beautiful stuff

Scheepjes stone washed 💕 absolutely beautiful to work with and so warm!  And luckily the teapot I but was a 6 cupper which fitted my new cozy beautifully!

Not much else to tell you really, for now anyway.
Happy hooking xx

Weekly update 🍄🍄🍄

I’m just getting ready to got to work in London for the next two days, so I thought I’d post a quick update.

So I made a start on the tree of life, it is such a beautiful pattern, but a little too expert for me I think, I’ve gotten into a bit of a mess with all the fpdc’s and bpdc’s and I don’t think it is quite looking how it should albeit it started off looking fabulous, I’ve got too much wip going on so I’ve given up! For now anyway.

Carousel part 3

Yes!!! Sue Pinner and Stylecraft launched part three of the carousel and I’m really enjoying it, I’ve never had the opportunity to JAYGO before but this pattern is full of it and I am loving it, no more joining at the end and sewing for what seems like forever!  

My finished part 2 piece

Please excuse the following picture, I didn’t have a flat surface so it is draped over my laptop and desk, but this shows you 3 of the 16 hexagons joined, I love it

Not 100% on the colourway still but I’m sure it will grow on me.

I’ve done absolute nothing on lily pond cherry blossoms or mums Christmas jumper, I need to start getting a wriggle on with those as my wip is building 🙈

Little box of crochet
Ohhhhhhh I have been wanting these for ages!! This was Amanda blooms first ever LBC, before I’d even heard of her, well when I went to yarndale I managed to grab a box

I was trying to pace myself on carousel so last night thought I’d give one of these mushrooms a go, I am so pleased with it!!

I’ve got the other two to do, but they’re packed in my overnight bag for London tonight, the yarn from sheepjes is just simply divine.

Marriners yarn

You know those inserts you get in the magazine, the ones you never read? Well I’d read a lot of comments on social media about Marriners yarns, they’ve been around for a loooong time, well I found their brochure in one of my mags, if you’ve not looked at their site before, get on! Look at their prices! My delivery hasn’t come yet but I’ve placed an order for 8 skeins, including delivery £11.95, now that’s a bargain, well I think it is anyway from all of the comments and recommendations I’ve read anyway! They’re website is Marriner yarns its well worth a look at £1.00 for DK, I’ve ordered mermaid and plan to make a mermaid tail for my niece, and some other Autumn colours for a dinosaur tail for my nephew, more to add to the wip list!!

I think that’s all from me to be honest, best finish packing, sort my face out then off to London.
Happy hooking xx

Yarndale 2016…..

Ok so I’ve been looking forward to 24th September for a whole year, yarndale, skipton, I’d never been before but had heard so many stories, and weeks prior to the event there seemed to be a huge build up of excitement on social media.

My day was planned, I was going to show my face at crochet group in the morning and then make a move towards skipton……but……

Friday afternoon I stated to get a sore throat, by Friday night I had a high temperature, I knew I wasn’t right, but I wasn’t going to miss that one day in the whole year!

Showed my face at crochet group, which is building nicely I must say! We had another new starter!

I then made my way towards skipton, now the auction Mart is on gargrave road, one of my clients is there also so I go there at least once every three months and I have done for the last 8 years, but I kept getting lost!! So I must of been poorly, finally after a 2 hour drive (should of been 65 mins) I got to the auction mart, towards the yarn bombed entrance there was a lot of people and I got excited, when I got inside there just seemed to be a sea of heads! If I managed to walk a metre without someone stopping dead in front of me I felt lucky, who knew all these people loved yarn?!!

Honestly it was manic, but I don’t think it helped that I didn’t feel at my best,my first stop was at Woolly Mahoosive I’ve been desperate to get my hands on a giant ball of their yarn for ages!

I mean these are huuuuuugee!!! I was very tempted to buy one and I had all intentions of buying one, but after speaking to them, just to make something like a bed spread I’d be looking at about 4 large 4kg balls at least, at £160 per 4kg it seemed way to extravagant for me, gutted, I would of loved to have given it a go.

My next stop (which took an age to get to) was a small stall selling yarn holders, and for £8.50 I got a wooden spinny thing to sit my yarn on, it’s great!!! Holds my yarn nicely and no more losing my ball under the sofa!

At this point I was feeling a little worse for wear, I only wanted to find Little Box of Crochet I found it, I’d missed a few subscriptions, and they were selling some past boxes, I think next year Amanda may need to go for a stall three times the size at least!!! It was rammed!!!! You couldn’t see anything, well I ended up excusing my way through to the bottom of the stall, Amanda wasn’t there, as jenny is quite ill at the moment, I would love to meet Amanda, but I was glad not to as I wasn’t right and I would hate to of passed on any virus to jenny, anyway I squeezed my way to the bottom and managed to get what I wanted 

This was Amanda blooms first ever subscription, I think these are so cute, I’m looking forward to doing them.

Unfortunate visiting this three stalls took me a whole hour, at that point I made my way home, and slept almost for 2 1/2 days, I felt vile, I’m back on my feet today, back at work, I’ll probably give yarndale another go next year, but if it’s as busy as Saturday it might need to be a miss.
Happy hooking xx