Thunderbolts and lightning

Very, very frightening!  I’ve not managed to get much done this week at all, it’s been a busy old week with work, I’ve been up and down the M6 motorway like nobodies business and was looking forward to a more quiet Friday.  I’ve managed to get a few hats done for the big knit, and made a start on a scarf too, good job because Warrington guardian are coming to our crochet group tomorrow morning to take some photos of us girls doing our bit for charity!  

We seem to have a few new starters coming tomorrow morning and, we should (fingers crossed) have our new table right on the mezzanine floor where everyone can see in hobbycraft, we’ve been tucked away around the back for the last few months where no one can see what we’re up to, so I’m really looking forward to that, Lynn one of our lovely crochet ladies has even managed to wangle us access to a kettle so we can have brews!!!!

Here’s a few of my hats, hopefully they’ll keep someone arm this winter 💕

Anyway as I was saying I was looking forward to a peaceful Friday working from home…… I got in the car at 07:40 this morning with my daughter and off we went to pick her friend up and drop them off at school, we got to about half a mile away from school when there was an almighty bang, huge bang, then a flash of light, thunder, the girls were scared and said they didn’t want to go to school, ‘tough!’ I said.  I got them to school when my mobile rang, my husband, who was still at home,

 “lisa !! There’s been an explosion! There’s a massive hole in the roof, what do I do!” 
Ok a hole in roof, omg where?! In the roof he says, of course im thinking that he can see this through the ceiling, so I’m in a panic, gets home and everyone’s intruder alarms are going off, neighbours out on the street, it’s my house, we’d been hit by lightening…….

Doesn’t look that bad, well not as bad as he made out, now, I work in the fire and flood industry, so my first thoughts are where’s the fire? Is there anything smouldering in the loft, it was also hail stoning, so where’s that going?! Luckily there was nothing smouldering , but up in the loft you could see broad day light, but we had no electricity.  

It’s amazing what lightening can do it literally sent 1,000’s of volts of electricity right through our house and anything that was plugged in and being used is basically fried inside, including my beautiful heated bathroom mirrors! 

See where the elements are behind the mirrors? Well they’ve burnt through 😩

So after a long day we eventually got electricity and heating back on, and temporary tarpaulins on the roof until it can be fixed permanently.  But I’ve got no dishwasher (3rd world problem) it took the brunt I’m afraid, smoke alarms fried, intruder alarm fried, phone lines fried, all of our televisions completely cooked and sky boxes smoking.  

We’ve got a loss adjuster coming out on Tuesday, so hopefully everything is covered, the only saving grace is that I love crochet, and for that I don’t need a television or broadband…..hubby went to bed at 18:30 😂 bored out of his brain!!

So a bit of advice, take it from me, if you’re not using it, unplug it!
Happy hooking xx