Second Frank and Olive crochet retreat

Awwww what a fabulous day! Just what I needed! If you’re in the UK the retreat is a must! We (myself and @lyndascraftroom) arrived this morning at 09:45 after a fairly easy 2 hour drive, and we were created by Ruby…..the guests that stayed overnight were just having breakfast so we got first dibs on seats ha!  

I was sooooo pleased and slightly starstruck as Amanda from the little box of crochet was sat at the table!  I have this awful habit when I see someone from the TV or someone who I would class as famous (I do class Amanda as famous) I look at them and smile as if I know them and they know me! I normally get greeted with a ‘oh oh we’ve got a weirdo here!’ Last week I met chris Bisson from emmerdale farm and gawped at him, then just the other day kate ford (Tracey from coronation street) I’m sure I scared them both, but I played it cool when I saw Amanda, even though I was like wow!

Plenty of yarn at the retreat, I made a bag, it was supposed to be a hook bag, but I adapted it slightly so it was more of a tote

Made from t-shirt yarn, I quite like it! Just needs a big button on the top and clip inside to keep it closed, I might even use it.

We then had a gorgeous lunch, and then went onto a workshop with a very clever lady from @cottonclara look what I made!

Ok not quite crochet but very much yarn related and it will look lovely in my craft area, we then did some cross stitch on plastic templates, I’m rubbish at sewing so I’m not even going to embarrass myself by showing you my makes!  

Anyway, I’ve had a great day, we only had a day pass, but next time I’ll be booking a weekend for sure!
Happy hooking xx

Frank and olive eve!

I was supposed to go to bed early tonight, picking my sister up at 07:15 in the morning so we can make our way to thirsk for Frank and olive crochet retreat, but I’m too excited to sleep!! 

I’ve almost finished my carousel!! Really got stuck into it this week, I’ve now finished those pesky hex’s and started in the round 5 border, the border consists of 6 rows and colour changes throughout, but I don’t think I could cope with anymore colour changes and ends to see in, plus I really want to use my favourite colurs from the middle (round 1) I’m pleased with how it is looking 

I also popped into Blacksheep wools this week and picked up a right bargain! Alpaca pom poms, they had exactly the same in John Lewis for £8 each, but Blacksheep had them in for £4.50 so I bought a black one for my daughter and a white one for mum, they’re so cute, so crocheted this hat for my daughter 

I’ve also just today finished one in grey Aran with the White pom Pom, but I forgot to take a photo and I’ve given it to mum already.

So this week has been carousel and hats for the big issue and my mum and daughter.  

I really wanted to get some wip finished so I can make a start on Christmas, this is the first year I’ll be making about 25% of my gifts

  • Frank olive jumper for mum
  • James C Brett flutterby mermaid tail for niece 
  • Mandala madness for my sister and brother in law
  • Carousel for an old work colleague
  • And bernat blast off snuggle blanket for my nephew

It’s going to be a busy few weeks that’s for sure!!

I’m half way through the snuggle blanket I started this week, but it was so hard to find the right yarn!!! The pattern recommended bernat blanket brights 10mm hook, I could not get bernat blanket brights here in uk, or anything similar, so I’ve had to adapt the pattern slightly and use Stylecraft chunky in a 6mm hook, but is looks really good!!

It’s certainly not going to be as soft and snuggle as it should be, the Stylecraft chunky is white rough, but I’m hoping my nephew won’t notice, he’ll be so pleased just to have his own space rocket!!

I’m a bit gutted I’ll be missing crochet group tomorrow, we had a good turn out last week with a few new starters and I actually got my sister crocheting in preparation for tomorrow, she chained, DC’d, and TR!!! And she did good! I’d love it if she got the bug I really would.  I just find it absolutely amazing how we can turn a ball of yarn into something beautiful just using a hook, so I’m hoping tomorrow she will too.  Ooh! We also had Warrington guardian come out to take photos of us on Saturday, it was a giggle, but I don’t think we’ve been in the paper yet…

Anyway I really must try and get some sleep, got a good drive in the morning!!! 
Happy hooking xx

Weekly update

I have been very good, well I think so anyway, I’ve not purchased anymore yarn…….. Well kind of anyway!

Little Box of Crochet

Well what can I say, Amanda Bloom has out done herself yet again, seriously if you haven’t picked up one of these boxes do! They’re simply stunning, this month is very all about Autumn, leaves, acorns and mushrooms, the box came with the most delicious DMC cotton yarn that has a lovely sheen to it, and the pattern uses a 2.5mm hook, it’s just beautiful!!

There are two projects in this one, a wreath, which I’ve almost finished, and a nice broochwhich will look stunning on my lime green Coat, for sure.

Check out my baby acorns and leaves!

I love Amanda’s boxes, they’re such a treat and I really do learn something new each month.

Did I mention I’m going on frank and olives crochet retreat? 😂 yes I know, sorry if I’m boring you, but only 2 weeks today!!! Excited much!!!

My brother in laws surgery went very well, he is still in hospital but he’s surprisingly up and in his feet, so I’m pleased about that.

Crochet Brocade!

As you know I started a group at hobbycraft Warrington a few months ago, and we have about 10 people that come some not every week but we do have a few regulars, well we had a lady start this morning and she hadn’t crocheted before but brought hooks and yarn and asked if we could help her, so we did and by the end of group she had managed to do this!!!

I’m so pleased!!! And so was she, she’s done a cracking job, fingers crossed she comes back next week!

Whilst we were in hobbycraft the lady that looks after the yarn area asked us if we would be able to help them with the big knit for the big issue, making hats and gloves and scarves for those that are homeless, we were so lucky we were given a 400g ball each of women’s institute Aran and a Pom Pom maker, so thoughtful of hobbycraft, so we’re all planning on getting stuck in this week, I’m more than happy to put my wip to one side, it must be awful for those outside all night in the cold.

Happy hooking xx

So excited I could burst!

It’s was my birthday on Thursday, no biggie, another year older and all that! But I got the best gift I could of asked for, besides, family, health and happiness naturally! 

I’m lucky and I don’t really want for much, but I’d never go and spend a lot of money in myself, unless it’s yarn of course 🙈, anyway, for my birthday my parents and my sister and brother in law clubbed together and got me something amazing!!! 

How lucky am I!!!! A whole day of pure relaxation, crocheting by a log fire in a country barn, being waited on hand and foot, with frank and olive!! Eeeeeeekkkkkkk!!!!! Apparently we arrive at 10am and have a bite to eat, then we go into a session with Frank and olive, break for lunch at 13:00 and then they have a guest designer coming in to do another workshop, the day finishes at 18:00, all yeah is included and there’s a Christmas gift under the tree, are you jealous!!!!! 

As designers I really like Frank and olives modern designs, so I can’t wait to meet with them! If you want to find out more about it or make yourself green with envy have a nosey at their page for the retreat

Lily pond cherry blossom 

Ive finally gotten my head around block 3, I kept going wrong and couldn’t figure out why! Then I realised that I stupidly had 9 petals instead of 8 🙈 anyway I’ve done all 4 now and I’m pleased with them, just goes to show, don’t crochet tired!

And I’ve moved onto block 5

I’m trying to bit of each bit of wip each day, if I can.


A bit behind on this, I had to frog some of part 4 as I’d put my hexagons in the wrong way, again, tired! But just need to finish the other side, then block 5 which has already been released.

I love making blankets, and tops, but I’m not very good at anigurami! But I thought I’d give it a go, my brother in law is going into hospital on Wednesday to have some of his bowel removed, unfortunately they’ve found pre cancerous cells, luckily they’ve found them before anything more sinister occurred, but he’s obviously scared, he’s also a mega geek! He commission paints war hammer figures and is very talented, loves anything marvel, so I thought I’d make him an anigurami to take into hospital, I chose captain America, he is the bravest super hero (apparently!) please don’t laugh, it’s not very good, and my first attempt, if @itchy crochet is reading this she’ll have a chuckle! Anyway, I swapped the A for an I for Ian

Bad I know!!!

Anyway on with my mandala madness which is becoming hotter on my knees as it gets heavier!!
Happy hooking xxx