It’s been a while!

Hello!! It has been a little while since my last blog, but I’ve been on my jollies, having some fabulous family time in the sun. Weeks running up to me going I was trying to get my day job finished, then some Crochet sanctuary stuff sorted, and designs! @lyndascraftroom and I have a few projects we are working on at the moment, including the autumn cal for Knitcraft, some bits for Marriner yarns which is exciting. You know we love Knitcraft yarns, well we also very much like Marriner. You should really take a look as they have some stunning yarns and very well priced. In fact I think they under price their yarn, which can often make people think it’s cheap or poor quality, but it’s not, they’ve got some good dk’ sand some fabulous chunky verigated yarns and beautiful cottons, have a look!

So we went to Bulgaria for 10 days, and stayed in Nessebar, I was very much hoping to find some yarn, but I did come across some ladies making a living from their crocheted items

That was all the crochet I found!! I didn’t get much done whilst I was away either, took plenty of wip but it was too hot.

Before I went away I had my granny square design released on the Hobbycraft blog

We were given a list of items to crochet using granny squares, I chose the hot water bottle, using Knitcraft in the zone, I love the bright colours and the yarn just glides over the hook, lovely stuff!

Then whilst I was away my Not so little box of crochet arrived!! My neighbour kindly took it in for me, oh wow!!!!

It’s amazing!!! It’s designed using intarsia crochet…….never tried it before, and I don’t think I will again! Thank goodness the pattern Said we could use tapestry, intarsia for me is just a mess at the back, and I wasn’t leaving a long enough piece of yarn, tapestry is much easier, I’m not posting a pic yet as I’ve only done about 6 row after frogging the intarsia! It’s beautiful though and I know Amanda still has some boxes so you should order!

We’ve only got 5 weeks until the next crochet sanctuary Yayy!!!! I’m so excited, it seems ages since the last one.

We’ve got the rather fabulous Heather from KCACOUK hosting our guest designer workshop on the Saturday afternoon, which I’m really looking forward to. And we’ve completely sold out until June 2019! What’s that about?! Who ever knew we’d sell weekends so quickly, and to think @lyndascraftroom and I were sick with nerves when we started! We do love it, and we have some amazing guests.

I’ve really missed not going to our Knitcraft social the last few weeks, so looking forward to going back on Saturday, it’ll be lovely to see everyone. Then! On Sunday @lyndascraftoom and I are off to Toft in Warwickshire, we’ve never been before, it was Lyndas birthday in July, so for her gift I booked us both in for a workshop to crochet Chablis the unicorn

Isn’t she gorgeous?! There is also an option to supersize her, so I’ll see how much it is, I’ve been a little naughty recently in terms of yarn 🙈 I can’t help myself.

I’ve still got my nameless blanket to finish, Sophie’s universe, 2 Sophie’s stools, a Mabel bunny from wool couture, primavera blanket oh jeez the list goes on and on! And now I’ve bought this!!

Couldn’t not to be honest! Sneaky little purchase while lying by the pool, ah well!! I really do nee to start concentrating on finishing some WIPs it’s starting to take over the whole house, and that’s without the crochet sanctuary deliveries. So we will see about Chablis!!

I think I’ve caught up…. oooh!!! I bought a sewing machine!! Made one bandana for the dog 😂 bought tonnes of material and tools, cutting boards, rotary cutter tailors chalk pins you know, everything I need, subscribed to sewing mags, got quite a few patterns, and I’ve done nothing….. but I will, I’m a bit scared I think! As my dad would say, ‘all the gear and no idea’

So yes I think I’ve caught up, will let you know how the toft workshop goes!!

Happy hooking

Lisa xx

Fabulous Saturday!

I’ve had such a lovely day!!! Crochet brocade crochet group was at 10:30 this morning, we had 2 new people join us which was great!! Although we missed @itchycrochet this week, where were you Amanda! One of our ladies learnt to slip knot, chain and DC in the first week, and she’s been practising rows since then, so I thought I’d see how she got on in rounds, she did fabulous! We then had a lady walk over to join us, and she picked up a hook and yarn and before I knew it the lady who only started three weeks ago was showing her how to crochet! Yayyy!! 

Then a lovely elderly lady came over to our table, she reminded me a little of my Granny Muchy, the lady that inspired me to crochet, she initially came over to ask what we were making, then she started to tell us about the items she makes, and how she taught her children, she was one of those ladies that doesn’t mince her words, a spade is a spade (I like that) well before in knew it she was showing us how it’s done!!

I’ve asked her to come back next week, but she didn’t seem overly excited by the idea!! 

Then this afternoon I went over to event city at the Trafford centre, Hobbycraft we’re sponsoring the stitch and sew event, I was impressed by how busy it was! There were some great stands, not much in the way of yarn but there were a few yarn stands.  

I stopped off at Blacksheep wools stand and picked up a good bargain!  All if these skeins of Aran should of been over £40, mine for £19.99! That’ll do me nicely thank you!!

Now where to hide…….
Now, I did approach a stand, no names mentioned, they were offering items to help make hand made cards, and they had some beautiful cards on display, it was the first stand I approached and I went straight for the cards as they really caught my eye, I was met by a sour faced woman (I’m being extremely polite) who said ‘no, no, no they’re not for sale’ and then stared until I put the card down, I said ‘oh ok, that’s a shame, they’re really lovely’ I went to walk away, when she piped up….’well this is a c-r-a-f-t-f-a-i-r, you’ll find people here will be selling you things to actually make things’ at this point I had my back to her, well I was livid, she spoke to me like I’d not got a scooby about where I was or what I was doing there, so I just turned around and said ‘oh! Really? Silly me!’ My face said it all though, I’m not good at hiding what I’m thinking my face spells it out very clearly  🙈 so we walked around the corner, and would you beleive it!! There was a stand selling fudge! Not the tools to help you make the fudge, but the actual fudge, anyway I’m not one for confrontation (my face is) but if I had bigger balls I’d of bought the cheeky cow a bag!  Anyway rant over……
Happy hooking xx