Knitcraft social and crochet books

Hello! I’ve not had too much to blog about recently, we’ve mainly been focusing on the new Knitcraft Spring CAL, so I can’t tell you much about that just yet…….also finalising the finer details for the February Crochet Sanctuary , it’s literally two weeks away, and I’m becoming so nervous! At the same time we are also planning and taking bookings for the April Crochet Sanctuary, we’re pulling all the stops out on this one! We visited cranage hall yesterday and looked at the room again, our own Harry Potter style room, discussed the layout, and realised we need more crocheted items!! So Abby (my beautiful daughter) has been making lots of Pom Poms to fill our TCS (the crochet sanctuary) fillable letters, to pop onto the fire place, we’re adding more bunting and finishing blankets and cushions

You can’t have too much right?!

Our Knitcraft social group is growing rapidly!!!! I don’t know where they’ve all come from but it’s great!! We’ve had 4 new ladies join us, and @lyndascraftroom and I are thoroughly enjoying helping them to grow their yarn stash!!

We’ve even had a little girl join us who is being taught how to crochet in school and even though she’s not quite joined the group she has been popping along with her Mum for help, and it’s lovely!

I’ve finished the top part of Sophie’s stool!!!

I still wish I’d dropped another hook size because it’s still slightly too big, pattern a 3mm for the top but I think I should of dropped to a 2mm, but it’ll have to do now, just the shoes to go, I’m so pleased with it.

Today’s been great, we had our Knitcraft social this morning and then this afternoon we attended the Event City exhibition hall at Trafford for the craft show, we had won tickets through a competition ran by the lovely Lynne at Wool Nest, so free for us to get in, unfortunately not too much there in the way of yarn, I think 3 stalls in total, so we only stayed for an hour, I did treat myself to some king Cole cake (more yarn cakes) 🙈 I seem to have gained rather large collection of scheepjes whirls, Caron cakes, style crafts and now King Cole, there’s only so many shawls a girl can have! Then later this afternoon we popped into blacksheep wools for some more of their little patterns.

I’ve had a good bargain or two this week from eBay, I’m a stickler for a good Crochet book, and won this

What a book! The patterns are amazing! Really modern and I literally want to make everything.

I also ordered this one but not 100% keen really, it’s no where near as good as the Celtic cables one, but in all fairness I’ve not read through thoroughly yet

Caron Cakes review

Well how long have we been waiting for these? Finally they’re here, in the UK! I’m currently in The Scottish highlands and managed to pick my order up from Hobbycraft before leaving yesterday.

Fresh out of the box, my first impression was ‘they’re huge’ but they are 200g each.  I love the colours I chose but not quite sure how they relate to what they are called, these are cookies and cream

They sat on the back seat of my car all the way from Warrington to Edinburgh I was tempted to pullover a few times and give them a squeeze but I resisted ha ha.

As soon as I got to my hotel I started work on a cowl neck poncho for my daughter, I worked out I just had enough in cookies and cream X 3 and I love a bit of hotel crochet, I can count in peace without any disruption! Bliss 💗

I have read a few comments by other crocheters about being dissapointed with Caron cakes but I am certainly not, some don’t like the abrupt colour change, I do! I really like it, it’s also a lot softer than I imagined it would be, I’ve gotten this far and there some definite colour changes but again I have no issue with this at all

Hobbycraft have what I think is a really good deal on them, in fact a good deal on all of their yarn, 3 for 2, I bought 3 cookies and cream and 3 strawberry trifle, which is more of an apricot, so 6 Caron cake for £40minstead of £60 still sounds expensive but at 200g each I think it’s an absolute bargain.
I think the 3 for 2 is only on until 12th March so get shopping now!!
Happy hooking xx

Wow!! Caron cakes comes to Hobbycraft UK!!!!

I am more excited than a child at Christmas!

I cannot believe how good hobbycraft are! They’ve only managed to go and get CARON CAKES!!!

If you’re from the UK you will know that you’re only chances of getting Caron cakes is if you either fly to the US and go to a Michaels store or buy them from eBay at £30 each!

Well hobbycraft have cracked it

They’ll be in during March, at some point, for quite some time Caron gave Michaels exclusivity, but not anymore!!!

Right, time to get some of my wips done and make some room for my new stash!
Ooh and whilst we’re on the subject of hobbycraft they’ve got a 3 for 2 on ALL yarn until 12th March there’s a banner to the right of my blog for the offer. Click on it, I might earn a penny 😂
Happy hooking!! X X 

All things shiny, shiny…

Am I the only one who is a bit like a magpie when it comes to yarn and crochet patterns? Common sense would say to start one thing and bloody well finish it! But no not me! 

I’ve not blogged in a good week or so because for a few months I’ve been eyeing up Helen shrimptons Mandala Madness CAL, it’s already started and finished, but the pattern is all available on her blog.  I thought I’d just give the first round a bash because it looked quite complicated….big mistake…I’m hooked!  There are 18 rounds, and already I’m on round 7, I can’t get enough.  A few weeks ago my sister had asked me to make her a king size bedspread out of flowers, I found the pattern she wanted but when I really looked at it I realised it would take 2,700 flowers to make, so dismissed it quickly.  She’d asked for black white and grey to match her bedroom colours, so I stared round one using some Women’s Institute DK, well now I’ve had to buy more because I am going to finish this mandala! Here’s my progress so far:

Sue pinner carousel 

Magpie eyes has stopped me from doing a lot more on my carousel, but I’ve started round 4 today and I’m really enjoying it! I’ll get it done on time for Tuesday’s next release that’s for sure.

Hobbycraft news!!

Sometimes I avoid hobbycraft for buying yarn as they don’t do a lot of what I like, but a few months ago they took on a new knitting guru and she seems to have brought some life to hobbycraft for yarn!! Because they’re not starting to stock Janes c Brett noodle yarn (big thumbs up from me), Caron simply soft, which is fabulous s there are so many patterns out there for Caron and I often admire other people’s work when they’ve used that brand too.  They’re also sticking sugar and spice!!! I love their cotton! I’m so pleased, and even better news, they’re doing them on the 3 for 2!

Caron cakes 

It really gets my goat that Caron have given exclusivity for Caron cake yarn to Michaels in the US, really annoys me, because Michaels won’t ship to the uk, it makes absolute no business sense whatsoever, why limit your target market?! I’d love to get my hands on some Caron cake but my only option is Ebay at £30 a ball, so forget it, anyway, Blacksheep wools have actually started sticking s new yarn, very similar to Caron cakes, called Wendy evolution take a look at this!!

How nice!!!! And work from the box! One is for my sister who wants a cowl, she’s chosen the green, and the pink and black is for my bestie, another cowl as a Christmas gift, gorgeous aren’t they?! Who needs Caron cakes anyway!!

Anyway happy hooking xx