Birthday weekendπŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„

Well it’s been a whole year, a year today actually! That @lyndascraftroom and I held our very first Crochet Sanctuary it’s been an absolute blast! We’ve met so many amazing people. So our theme for the weekend was birthdays, cupcakes, unicorns, unicorn colours, piΓ±atas, pass the parcel, and cake, way too much cake!

We started off our evening with everyone arriving including our guest designer Lottie & Albert, who’s podcast I watch regularly, it’s so odd meeting someone that you watch when they’ve never met you before!

Our room looked beautiful!! So we had 18 weekenders and 8 crochet day guests for the Saturday, so 26 of us in total. We started the evening off by giving all of our guests miffy slipper kits from Stitch and Story the yarn in the kits are absolutely beautiful, including a lovely bamboo hook and some lovely little cotton labels, they would of been perfect had the pattern included had been a little easier to read, it was a little oddly written and took a lot of concentration, which I struggled with, however we do have one person that finished them!

They’re so cute, but I think I personally need a quiet room to concentrate for these ones. Photo credit Sharon Meakin! Well done Sharon!

We also had Amanda from Little Box of Crochet so very kindly donate one of her Learn to crochet boxes ohhhhh my!!!!! I wish these were around when I was learning, they’re stunning, and she donated one for us to use as a pass the parcel and the lovely Alison Bailey won!

Just look what’s included!

Anyway, we had a lovely evening, albeit late, as once everyone had gone we then set up for our unicorn party the next morning

Oh the fun!! Although not so much fun when the balloons tangle!!!

A good friend would of helped……πŸ˜‚

For our workshop in the morning Lynda and I had designed some cupcake pin cushions, one with a great big cream swirl and unicorn, we also had unicorn marshmallows on sticks

Don’t laugh at my sleepy eyes!!!!

But if people didn’t fancy using them as pincushions they had some head bands too, to make a head band

After lunch we moved onto Lindsey from Lottie and Albert Lindsey had provided us all with her rainbow blanket pattern and heart belly basket, the project is created by working 6 strands of dk yarn at the same time, using a 20mm hook, winding the yarn into large balls was a laugh!

It works up so quickly! And it’s so soft, so even if you wanted to use a cheaper yarn because it’s in a larger hook and it’s so airy even a cheaper yarn is so soft!

We used scheepjes colour crafter in pastels

Throughout the day we had pass the parcel games and our guests won things like toft kits, sweets and Amanda Blooms ‘the story so far’ book 😍😍

Sunday is always a chill out day, where we finish projects from the weekend, even though we themed the weekend as our first birthday it was more to give us ideas to base the weekend on, but people actually brought us gifts πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ we’ve had chocolates, candles and cards! Oh no!!! That really wasn’t the intention, but check out this amazing gift!!!

Mini skeins of hand dyed yarn in a mug!!!! Like 😱😱😱 how amazing!!!

Anyway, we really couldn’t of had our 1st birthday if people didn’t actually book with us, so we bought our guests a gift to say a massive thank you to them

And we were lucky enough to have the author of the book there to sign it too!

It’s been an absolute laugh, and what more can you want than a comfy room filled with lovely people, yarn and cake?!

Here’s a few more pics

I think that’s all for now, until next time happy hooking!!!

Lisa xx

February Little Box of Crochet

Hello!! Well I’ve got zero finished wips, barely crocheted the last week, I’ve been so poorly! Full on flu, chest and throat infection, nice, I’ve actually taken time off work to try and get better which I haven’t done in over 8 years! I’ve always thought If i were poorly off work I’d get loads of crochet done, but I’ve just not felt like it whatsoever.

Anyway whenever I lose my crojo I always find Helen shrimpton patterns get me going again, I love her designs, so intricate, I started nameless last June thinking is finish it in July ready for @lyndascraftrooms birthday, but as the date got closer I soon realised it wouldn’t happen. Helen has released a new pattern The Lost Garden it’s beautiful, but I thought there’s no way I can start as j haven’t finished nameless so here’s my progress so far

So my treat is once I’ve finished this one I can start lost garden.

I can also reveal I did some testing for A Yarny Robin for her gorgeous trio of cupcakes pattern, Nicola has released the pattern now so I can share some pics, the pattern is lovely, very vintage looking, and works beautifully with paintbox cotton

Here’s a link for A trio of cupcakes

The other amazing news that we’ve been keeping from you, is that @lyndascraftroom and I are the designers for Little Box of Crochet February’s Box!!!!!! You know I’m a massive fan of lbc and I have been for the last few years, for Amanda to ask us to design a Box was like a pinch myself moment!!! But it’s happened!!!! No sneaky pics yet but, look how amazing the box is!!

If I could of squealed when I saw the pics I would of, but I had no voice whatsoever!! Can you believe it?!!! We can’t wait for you to see what’s inside!!! Never in a million years when I bought my first box (flower garland) did I ever, ever think that one day we would be designing a box, but there you go, we have!!!

Happy hooking!!!

Lisa xx

Serial starter

Helloooo! Freezing isn’t it?! Well if you’re in the UK it is, we had some snow today! It hasn’t settled but we’re due for more tonight.

I think with this weather I just want to crochet warm jumpers and cardigans, I’m like a magpie for a nice Aran at the moment, and constantly starting something new.

I’m still working on my spirit of life cal, I’m taking it easy, not rushing and I can quite honestly say I am enjoying every stitch, when I first bought it, it was the first time I looked at a pattern and questioned my ability to do it, I think it was the mosaic but I’ve done it and it was a hell of a lot easier than I thought

I’m really pleased with it, so much so I’ve bought the volcanic version too!! Lord knows when I’ll actually get around to starting it, I’m not on the blocks, once these are joined it’ll be back to working in rows

We had our huge scheepjes delivery last week for the next Crochet sanctuary I treated myself to these buttons, I have been hunting high and low for these buttons and couldn’t find them anywhere!

I love them! I’ll only use them for extra special people ha! I got these pegs too!

Way too cute!!

I’ve also started the Poet cardigan Little Golden Nook I love it!! I’m using WI soft and smooth tweed Aran from Hobbycraft, although I’ve got to admit the sleeves are starting to bore me a little I’m almost at the end of my first one, only the other sleeve to go and it’s done!

On Saturday night we decided to go for a walk with the dogs to New Brighton beach on the Sunday, it’s so cold here I thought I’m going to wrap up!! Can you believe I didn’t have a hat??? I don’t wear them but quickly crocheted myself one for Sunday

I love it!!!! I just used some style craft Aran I had and got this fabulous pattern from 5 little monsters and it was free!!! Less than 3 hours and I was the proud owner of a hat! Don’t you just love crochet?!

Helen shrimpton has also released a new pattern (help me!) I’ve had to buy it, I absolutely need to get some wips out of the way before I start it, it’s lovely! It’s called The lost garden I’m thinking of some fresh colours for this, duck egg blue, whites, but trying to think of another 3 colours.

I’ve finished my designs for the next crochet sanctuary! I also finished my testing for another designer, which I enjoyed doing very much. I’ve just got one large project for knit raft Hobbycraft blog I’m procrastinating with! Purely because I’m enjoying all of these patterns!

Oooooooh fab bargain yesterday!!! Facebook market place is good sometimes for yarny finds, there was a lady who had just closed her craft store not far from me, and she was selling 15 x balls of Rico creative Aran this has to be the softest Aran EVER it’s normally Β£3.99 a ball, I got 15 for Β£30!!!!! I reckon I’ll get a few sweaters/cardigans out of this!

Anyway, I’m going to work on that project I’ve been putting off tonight, unfortunately it’s not quite big enough for keeping me warm, but, I’ll feel better for putting a dent in it that’s for sure!

Happy Hooking!

Lisa xx

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone! I hope 2018 was a good one for you, I’ve spent some time looking back and it was a good one for me for sure. 2018 was the start of The Crochet Sanctuary which initially started as 1 weekend in February and quickly grew to 5 weekends and a crochet day, and everyone of them was fabulous, which is a real confidence boost, we also had The Water Garden CAL with Knitcraft published in spring and the Falling Leaves CAL in Autumn,

we’ve ran workshops for Amanda Blooms Little Box of Crochet grand sale and met some amazing new friends, it’s all been good on the home front too!

I’ve finished so many projects I’ve lost count! The pics are all on my Instagram account though, should I ever feel the need to look back!

Oooh and I had my very own pattern published on the Hobbycraft blog! I almost forgot about that! Hot water bottle cover

It’s been fun!

So 2019, there’s lots to look forward to, February we have our very own 1st Birthday weekend, and we are so excited! We have so many amazing things planned including a guest deigned workshop by Lottie & Albert, I’m slightly worried as I’ve turned into a bit of a fan girl πŸ™ˆ her YouTube podcast is brilliant to sit and watch whilst crocheting, you should give it a go!

We’ve then got the March crochet day, which will be almost a duplicate of what we do on the February weekend, we do still have some March crochet day places left if anyone fancies booking Click here then, we have something mega exciting happening towards the end of February, something I never thought or even dreamt that would happen! But it’s all a big secret at the moment!

Mr H turns 50 in April! And I’ve booked us a cruise for a week to celebrate, our first ever holiday since our honeymoon almost 19 years ago, scary, but exciting, then there’s the April Crochet Sanctuary oh the list goes on, how exciting!!

I’ve had a good Christmas and new year break from work, albeit 2 funerals inbetween, but I’ve managed quite a bit of crochet time!

I picked up this absolute bargain from Blacksheep wools! This is the scheepjes spirit of life CAL from 2017, and online its Β£47.50, in store the other day it was only Β£24.99!!!! I could not resist! I’ve finished part 1, but here’s a picture of it almost toward the end of part 1

I wasn’t keen on the colours together at first and had to keep checking the pattern, but I can see it’s starting to work!

I also had a brilliant bargain in Hobbycraft on Saturday some WI soft and smooth aran tweed in blue, usually Β£10 a ball down to Β£5! so decided to make myself the Eleven hand made Gorse sweater from inside crochet mag

The yarn is gorgeous just lovely to use, but, I think I’ve gone a little wrong somewhere as the arms aren’t quite lining up with each other now, I wouldn’t mind but the pattern is very simple, so clearly I’ve not been concentrating!

I’ve also treated myself to some twirls! From Hobbii they’re literally Β£7.80 each! For 1000 metres so at that price I thought it’d be worth a try, I’ve read some reviews which look great! These are the colours I’ve gone for

So we will see what they’re like! So, the next few weeks will be finalising designs for the February Crochet Sanctuary, I’ve also got a bit of pattern testing to do for another designer, I’m just waiting on my yarn to arrive, I’ve had a peak at the designs and they look AMAZING!

But, hey ho, back to the grindstone tomorrow, back to work, needs must!

Wishing you all a happy 2019 and thanks for taking the time to read throughout 2018!

Happy Hooking Lisa xx

Merry Christmas and finished items!

Merry Christmas!!!! Well what’s left of the day, I’ve had a lovely day with my family and actually managed to get some crochet time in this evening too.

My parents came over for Christmas dinner, and I had made my mum the Golden Rod sweater designed by Eleven Handmade, I’ve made one before but I’d bought some yarn from the Little Box of Crochet Grand sale, the willow and lark woodland in oatmeal, it’s such a pleasure to crochet with, anyway I gave my mum the sweater today so I can finally share a pic

I really do enjoy Eleven handmade patterns and she has some amazing ones on her Etsy shop , make sure you have a nosey.

I’ve also finished drake the dragon from the unicorns and dragons book, this was chosen by Max my nephew towards his Christmas gift, I’m really pleased with it and he loves it too!!

Isn’t he fab!!!

And whilst I’m on a roll! I’ve actually, finally finished my ubunto CAL!!! I’ve really enjoyed making this, and enjoyed not getting stressed out keeping up with the cal, I’ve completely gone at my own pace

It’s been so nice not being at work the last few days, catching up with friends, finishing Christmas shopping, I think a few days of rest and crochet are in order and then it’s time to start finalising things for February! It’s The Crochet Sanctuary very first birthday in February and we’re gong all out, I’m so looking forward to it, we had a great year last year and we’re looking forward to another, so many things amazing things planned!

Oooh I almost forgot I finished last months Little Box of Crochet, I really do love a mandala

And I really enjoyed making this although excuse the picture it needs blocking!

Oooh also I’ve finally put The water garden pattern on here too, under patterns I think this has personally been our favourite design this year

Anyway I do believe that a whopping 4 finished items! Not bad for me!

I hope you’ve had a lovely day

Happy hooking

Lisa xx

Christmas crochet weekend

Hello lovelies! It’s Monday morning, I’ve booked the day off work to just relax, this weekend has been full on non stop, but it’s been equally fabulous.

On Fridays evening myself and @lyndascraftroom arrived at Cranage Hall to set up for our first ever crochet day which was being held On the Saturday at 10:00, but by setting up the night before it meant less of a rush on the Saturday morning. And wow, it was simply beautiful, Cranage Hall have gone all our Christmas!!! Lynda took some photos below, if you’re not quite feeling festive yet you will after a nosey through these:

Just beautiful!!!

So we set up our room, and tried our best to get it just as festive!

We had a fabulous day on the Saturday albeit a little strange for us just doing the one day, but it was great, there were 15 of us in total, with an abundance of yarn, and some wreath rings, our guests created some Christmas crocheted wreaths, although with it only being a day, most of our guests did get to cover their wreaths but not quite embellish them. We took a few pics using the Dear Ewe prop cards. It’s the first time I’ve use them, I’ve use my bag and my wip bag which are amazing quality but these cards are too! Double sided and really thick, their website is definitely worth a good look.

So a great day was had by all and it was really nice to see some very familiar faces and meet some new ladies.

Saturday was an early night to bed to be ready for Sunday, so Sunday was Amanda Blooms Little Box of Crochet grand sale wow! There was an abundance of items for sale

The pic above was before it even opened! Lynda and I had been asked to host two workshops, the building it was held in was lovely, the grand sale was held in the cafe and we had a large room with an adjoining room upstairs in the business centre, which was equally lovely. We had 22 guests for the morning workshop and 20 for the afternoon lynda and I had designed 2 teapot cosys and mug cosys to match

We had some fab ladies join! And some managed to finish their cosys within the 90 minute workshop! Each guest received a gift bag which included their scheepjes softfun yarn, catona, a teapot, pattern and buttons

Again some very familiar faces and lots of new ones too. Our last workshop finished at 15:30, lucky we didn’t have too much to pack away.

So we all helped Amanda and Mirraid to pack away the unsold items that will be listed on Etsy soon, but it meant it was time where we could grab a few last minute bargains too, I was good!! Well behaved, I came home with

Thee book!! Amanda’s book it’s fabulous you need to get it

A stunning candle

Jane Maddern soaps x 4 (amazing Christmas wrap ups)

A crown to hang from my tree

And some beautiful and heavily discounted willow and lark woodland yarns which is 50% pure wool, 25% alpaca and I can’t remember the other 25%. But we were all exhausted, absolutely shattered.

When I got home I started on another eleven handmade golden rod jumper with my willow and lark yarn, this is a gift for my mum for Christmas.

I knew I wanted to make another of these, for mum. The pattern calls for an American fingering weigh/sock yarn which to me is a 4 ply, so wool warehouse had a 30% sale on drops so I bought some lovely wheaty coloured baby alpaca and silk yarn which should of been about Β£70, but when it arrived the colour wasn’t what I thought. So I asked mum what her favourite colour is and she chose ice blue, so I started crocheting the jumper, but it wasn’t right, I couldn’t get the gauge right, it asks for. 4.5mm hook which is big for a 4ply, but it was far too small! Lynne Rowe from the woolnest came to our crochet day on the Saturday so I asked her advice and she agreed with me to go up half a hook size and crochet the biggest size, she was spot on! But it was all too loose and didn’t feel right, so I’m going to have to use the yarn for something else.

I shall keep you posted! Anyway! That’s about all from me I think, I’m shattered so today will be a relaxing crochet day possibly in my pjs ha!

Happy hooking

Lisa xx

Wow! Finished projects and The Christmas Crochet Sanctuary πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

Well I’m shattered, to say the least, it’s been a manic 7 days. We had our Christmas Crochet Sanctuary last weekend, and the run up was busy to say the least, but soooooo worth it! I know it sounds early in November but I’m sure most of us start crocheting September October for Christmas. So Friday 9th our guests arrived at 5pm, Lynda and I had arrived at Cranage hall at 14:00 to decorate our newly decorated room, which in all fairness to Cranage they had done an amazing job for us, it was very festive. At 5pm we had a bit of an ice breaker, many of our guests come alone so we like to get to know each other a little before we start, we then followed with the opening of our specials gifts!

I hope you watch the little clip because hearing everyone squealing was just such an amazing feeling!!

We were starting off with Christmas wreaths, the idea was that we had an abundance of dk yarn to cover the wreaths and our guests would use their scheepjes catona mini boxes to decorate their wreaths, along with a table of bows, bells, sequins and ribbons, but we knew nobody would want to, so for the first time ever we also provided a large box full of different sized yarns for people to use as they pleased, which went down a treat!!!

I didn’t get a picture of Lyndas wreath but wish I had as it was very simple but gorgeous!

Cranage has changed our menu for the evening meal and it was amazing! We then went back to the room and I think…..the last guests left around 12:30 so once we’d sorted the gift bags for the next day it was about 01:30 before we went to our beds, but then we sit and talk for about 2 hours after that with excitement!

The next morning we had our crochet day guests arrive and we kicked off with our first project which was the rather lovely tallulah fairy!! She’s just too cute!

After lunch we kicked off with Eleonora from @coastalcrochet workshop, wow, Eleonora really did an amazing job, she had put in so much effort!!!! She set up a fabulous display of drift wood and Christmas trees made out of drift wood, then Christmas decorations a jelly fish, a star fish, life ring and beach hut, and to top it off a mistletoe garland to wrap around the drift wood with lights!!!! I’ve pinched a few pics from other people a well as my own but check these out

It was just fab!!! We all got a beautiful little bag of seaglass too. We then crocheted into the late evening…..I absolutely love the Saturday evening and Sunday as it’s so chilled everyone just picks and chooses their projects to finish, but Sunday topped it off, Lynda and I had requested mince pies and Christmassy type refreshments but we had no idea that Cranage we’re going to arrange a Christmas dinner for us!

It was divine!!!! November and we’re all sitting there in Christmas hats πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ who cares?! We thoroughly enjoyed it!

The weekend was so good that Amazingly we sold out for the ENTIRE year! The whole of 2019 gone! Crikey!!! I remember being a nervous wreck that this would never take off, just goes to show some massive risks really do pay off, sometimes you’ve just got to bite the bullet and go for it!

So that was our last weekend of the year, we have a crochet day on 1st December!! I’m looking forward to this! A day of crochet, with gorgeous like minded people! Then on 2nd December our workshops at Amanda’s Blooms grand sale!

Anyway, after selling out for 2019 we felt brave……so we released 60 crochet day places! Ahhh!!!! So 4 events with 15 crochet day places they’re on sale now we would love to see you there!

Anyhoo! I finished my eleven hand made golden rod sweater!

I’m really pleased with it, although Sarah has had her eye on it and as I didn’t quite get it finished for the crochet sanctuary I’m going to gift it to her for Christmas.

I’ve started the new iron lamb sweater! Using rico soft aran, it’s stunning!

I’ve done a fair bit on it already, but this being I’m focusing on my Ubunto, somehow my stitch count isn’t correct and a bit unfudgeable!

That’s me for now!! Watch that video!!

Happy Hooking!!!

Lisa xx

Not so weekly update

It’s been busy! We’re now on week 3 of the Knitcraft falling leaves crochet along, and it’s going really well!

We’ve been busy finalising and re-testing designs for the Christmas Crochet Sanctuary which is mega exciting! We literally cannot wait to see people’s faces, so exciting!! We’ve gone a little all out for Christmas, but you’ve got to really, we’ve also been finalising designs for our 1 day special on 1st December AND! On 2nd December too! Because can you believe this?! Amanda bloom from Little Box of Crochet asked @lyndascraftroom and I to host a workshop for her grand sale!

I mean, remember when I attended a retreat and she was there and I got all giddy and star struck?!?! Now!! We’re hosting workshops for her?! Unbelievable really ha! Anyway there are a couple of places left, it’s Β£5 to get in and the proceeds got to brain tumour charity, it’s Β£15 to get in if you want to do either the morning or afternoon workshop, and we’ve got a cracking project for each one planned! Blacksheep wools have kindly donated oke gift bags for us for the day and some mini catonas to pop in the bags, which was so kind of them, they’re so local to lynda and I so it’s nice that local businesses support each other.

Anyway I love it once we’ve finished designing a CAL because I can get back to crocheting what I fancy, I’ve finally managed to catch up with ubunto! I’ve been a little bit hooked, but I am going to have to frog back a few rows as my stitch count isn’t quite right so nee to figure out where I’ve gone wrong. I went for the ubunto small and I’ve regretted it since, I do love it but I do wish I’d gone for the medium or large

It was due to cost originally as there was a big jump in price from small to medium, but I think I might do medium now too and small can go on the sofas at the sanctuary.

As our Christmas Sanctuary is only next week I’ve started a sweater!! A Christmas sweater, it’s deigned by Eleven handmade and it’s the Golden Rod sweater

It’s an odd hook and yarn weight (to me) its a sock weight yarn requires and a 4.5mm hook, so I’m on the chunky side and to be safe I want to make sure it’s going to fit me! So I’ve gone for a dk weight on the recommended hook size, and it’s coming up lovely! I do love a puff stitch anyway, the sleeves are added on lastly but! You could leave them as is and crochet in a cotton and have it a a summer top, it such a versatile pattern. I’ve decided to make one for my mum, so I’ve bought some baby drops alpaca silk yarn in wheat, although I didn’t realise the wheat would have a yellowish tinge to it, I’m gonna go with it as I’m sure my mum will love it.

Also it was my birthday yesterday and it just so happened to fall on a Knitcraft social day! I was thoroughly spoilt rotten embarrassingly, but wow! I’ve never hand so many birthday cards, even when I was little, and handmade ones at that, so many gifts of candles, gin, yarn, flowers, chocolate a beautiful poppy bracelet and Lynda knows me so well ha!!! A mini schnauzer calendar and! Twinkie chan book!!!! I never bought it, I’ve been eyeing it up for 2 years! And she got it for me! Crochet abode ala mode! Love it!!!!!

It was a cracking day and so nice to spend it with my hooker friends, anyways, it’s Sunday, it’s cold outside, I’m off to carry on with my golden rod sweater!

Happy hooking!

Lisa xx

It’s live!!

The new Knitcraft falling leaves CAL is live! Eek!! And I’m a bit proud of me, for the last 18 months I’ve been making the YouTube tutorials for our CAL’s, I’ve not been able to edit, pause a video, add music nothing, it was very much what you see is what you get!! Well my gorgeous girl and I sat down together last night and we created 1 long video πŸ˜‚ some of you may laugh because you’ve been editing for years but for me it’s so new ha!! Man I feel old! So instead of 5 separate videos we now have 1, anyway, the CAL is now live!!

Happy hooking!!! X


I wrote a blog post a little while ago about a lovely lady that had made contact with me about learning to crochet.

She came along to our Knitcraft social with her mum, they had a specific idea in mind about making clothes for premature babies.

It was only a few hours in when Sarah mentioned that her baby Fern 🌿 was born too soon, too beautiful for this world, just 5 days before.

She was born 23 weeks gestation, and just 1lb 1oz Sarah was finding strength in trying to give back to Warrington hospitals butterfly ward, as they had given her lots of tiny baby items for fern, but some of those were too big. Sarah wanted to make micro preemie, so clothes for a gestation age.

The picture below is a stamp made from a print of ferns tiny foot πŸ’•

As a group we were all gobsmacked at her strength, we all had a little bit of a cry and decided we would help. So we set about arranging a crochetathon to make as many micro preemie items, knowing that these clothes would make a difference, having something pretty to put on baby and something that actually fits.

We found 1 blog on the whole of the internet, an amazing lady that designs patterns for babes at 8 week gestation to premature, Here’s the link sarah lives and works in Thailand and was home for a visit when fern made her entrance, so sarah has had to go back to Thailand, but we kept in close contact with Sarahs mum Susan, and the whole family arrived today, along with one amazing people that we only ever speak to on social media!

Prior to today @lyndascraftroom has been receiving parcels of yarn and hand made items from all over the world, people are so kind!

So today was the Crochetathon, held at Hobbycraft in Warrington, Hobbycraft kindly allowed us to move things around and bring in extra chairs and tables, we were quite disruptive as at one point there were 30+ of us!

Susan, and Julie (ferns nannas) packed the items and also popped a gift tag on every parcel so that the recipient knows where it came from

Each tag had ferns footprint on the back, Sarah has made all of these. She’s also been making beautiful boxes pictures and selling them to raise money for the butterfly ward.

So here’s a few pictures from the day and a massive thank you from all of us at The Wee Hookers group to everyone that donated yarn, crocheted items and to Hobbycraft for allowing us the space and the yarn donation πŸ’•

It’s been a long day, but a good one.

In memory of baby fern 🌿 happy hooking xx