Yarndale 2017

What a day! A mixed one at that. I didnt enjoy 2016, but thought it was because I was poorly. But last year drove straight into a parking space and walked straight into the Mart. This year? No.

We drove and waited in a very long line to get to the Mart, when we got to the round about parking attendants were directing people AWAY from the event, but to no particular place, it took us a while to realise, we then turned back around and ignored the attendants. Waited again to get towards the carpark to be told that there were no spaces anywhere and that we would have to park in skipton and walk to the Mart?!

I dropped off @lyndascraftroom, my daughter and our friend renika whilst I went to find somewhere. So tried the park and ride, it was a shame the attendants weren’t directing to people to the park and ride, because once I got there it was quite well organised. So I parked up, and got the bus back to the Mart, but what a hassle!!

When I finally got to meet back up with the girls inside was just utter chaos, however once you fought your way through the crowds there were some fantastic stalls!

A lot of spun yarn, a lot of hand dyed yarn, which I wasn’t really looking for. I had one thing in mind. Janie crows primavera, and I got it!!!

How beautiful!!!!

I also had a chat with Janie, about the possibility of her hosting a workshop for us at The Crochet Sanctuary she certainly didn’t say no, but did explain they do have a lot of events organised for next year, so she gave me her email address, I will of course be emailing her!

We didn’t stay long at yarndale, just due to the immense crowds, and not being able to get to a lot of the the stalls.

So we caught the bus back to the car

What we didn’t realise was that this particular bus, wasn’t going back to the carpark ๐Ÿ™ˆ so we had a rather nice drive around skipton and then back to yarndale.

Anyway, its always lovely spending the day with yarny friends, and of course buying yarn, but I was glad to get home and carry on with the Christmas CAL, which is looking amazing!!!

I’ve also missed my Little box of crochet delivery, but luckily our collection office is open at 12:00 on a Sunday, so I will be going to collect! Plus I’m like a child at Christmas, and went looking for spoilers on Instagram and found some! It looks amazing!!!!

Anyway, off to work on CAL

Happy hooking!! Xx

Yarndale tomorrow!

I’m really looking forward to yarndale tomorrow, my first visit was last year, but I had full blown flu, I don’t know how I managed to get there, and don’t remember much about it, so I think I’ll class tomorrow as my first.

I’m hoping that Janie crow has her primavera version of Freda’s flowers slightly discounted, if it’s there I’m so getting it, I’ve had my eye on it for a little while.

This weeks been a bit of a wow week, in terms of The Crochet Sanctuary like a wow week. Slightly surreal, we took two extremely special bookings in the week, which left myself and @lyndascraft on a high for days, I don’t want to use their names to try and sell more rooms but, to say I’m going to be starstruck in February is an understatement!! And to those that have booked onto the sanctuary in February, you’re going to be startstruck too!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

I’ve not got much in the way of finished projects to show you, as we’re nearly at our deadline for the Christmas crochet along, I’m so pleased with what we’ve done, so very festive! But you’ll have to wait until beginning of November.

We’ve had a phenomenal response to crocheters all over the world for #daisiesforvicky I think it’s going to be more of a joinathon on the 21st October rather than a crochetathon! Have look at these beautiful contributions, our community is just so kind!

So a massive thank you to those that have donated, it really means such a lot. We’ve also had a few more tea on the green blankets completed here’s a few stunning ones!

Anyway, that’s all from me!

More from yarndale tomorrow

Happy hooking xx

What a ride!

I'm feeling a little emotional! Not unusual for me to be fair. We released the last part of the CAL this morning, I know it's not the end but it does feel a little final, we have new people joining everyday so it will continue!

However Tea on the green has dominated sour lives for the last 7 months and more so once the CAL actually started, it's been fabulous! We've learnt so much!

I've learnt I don't have very broad shoulders that's for sure but I've also learnt to accept compliments because we've had a huge amount of those!

This morning we had our first finished TOTG!

By Andrea Davies isn't it beautiful?! Especially in the colours she's gone for.

Here's a few more just waiting the last border

Just amazing! Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves, it's our first big design and certainly the first time we've opened ourselves up to thousands of people but I'm sure @lyndascraftroom will agree with me it's been a huge success. We even have TOTG in Australia!!
Although we couldn't of done it without our gorgeous admin team so a big thanks to them!

We're cracking on with the Christmas blanket for the ' Knitcraft Christmas is' CAL, slowly but surely!

It's also my sisters birthday coming up next week. She doesn't read my blog so I think I'm safe to post a picture! She's asked me for one a long time ago and I failed miserably, she's not asked since so for her birthday I finally made her a Heidi bear happypotimus!!

His ears aren't quite what they should be but it adds to his character 💞

Check out his bum!!!! I love a Heidi bears bum! This has been finished using hobbycraft home cotton I love it!

The Crochet Sanctuary is going so well! Still 5 months to go and rooms are selling fast! So exciting.

Anyway I'm off to make my heart for yarndale so I can pva it and get it posted and delivered for 15th.

Happy hooking xx

Hobbycrafts WI Home Cotton Review

Quite simply, go and get some!

This is now on my list of favourite cottons, fact! It's stunning!
I'd been looking forward to trying it for a while but didn't really have a project for it.
It's my sisters birthday on the 12th, I first started crocheting when she asked me if I thought I could make a Heidi bears happypotimus 'yeah course I can' I said, I failed miserably and I never finished it. When I'd finally found the confidence to do it I hated my colourway and chosen yarn. So I thought now would be a good time to crochet one in time for her birthday.
So we had our knitcraft social in Warrington yesterday and picked up the home cotton, it's just beautiful to crochet with! I'm doing rounds 1-4 in the aqua and pink then the joining in the lemon, she did say that cherry was her favourite colour with lemon and turquoise but I think these are pretty close!

The Home cotton does state that it is dk weight but I'd say it's more of an aran weight, so this Happy is going to be rather big!!! I'm going to weight his feet down with glass beads so George her cockerpoo can't lift him, and tie a huge ribbon around his neck, I've got a thing for Heidi bear bums 😂 so very much looking forward to his tail! The pattern takes 44 African flower motifs I've only got 17 more to go before I start joining.

Anyway I just thought I'd share my thoughts on home cotton, and you know for 100g and £2 per ball and on the 3 for 2 it's an absolute bargain!

Happy hooking!!!

Hello you!

Hello lovelies!! I haven't blogged in a while, we've been so busy!

The CAL is going so well! We have over 2100 people al making our blanket! Here some fabulous pics

I get slightly overwhelmed when we see so many gorgeous variations of it!

Some people have decided to stop at last weeks, as it's quite large, but the majority are continuing which is lovely.

I wish I could show you some snippets of the Christmas CAL, but I can't ☹️

Whilst working on the Christmas CAL I've also been working on my scheepjes whirl stormy day shawl, it's taking longer than expected due the CAL, Christmas CAL, The Crochet Sanctuary and work of course!!!

Anyhoo, Amanda Blooms little box of crochet arrived last week, and I've got to say I think it's her best box yet, apart from Jenny's mandala, this months box is a gorgeous purse, not just one, but two purses! It's lovely, I loved the Crochet but did not enjoy attaching it to the purse frame but it was worth the effort

If you've never subscribed to one of little box of crochets you must!! They're such a nice treat! And we all deserve a treat right?
Talking of treats I don't know what Mr H has been up to, but he actually, off of his own back went to blacksheep wools yesterday and bought these beauties for me!!

I'm in love with the one on the right liquorice yum yum! So looking for more patterns! Until then they can sit on my shelf and I'll have a quick squidgy and sniff every now and again!

Is anyone off to yarndale this month? @lyndascraftroom and I are going, and I know this is shameful but…..we're going to be handing out these leaflets for The Crochet Sanctuary we still have 7 rooms left! I know it's in February which sounds quite far, but I'd feel much happier if we were booked up, so we've had a tonne of these gawjuss leaflets printed
and thought we'd raise some more awareness with some lovely yarny people!

Anyway all is well, we're in the second to last week of the CAL, and it's quite a sad feeling! We've had about 100 people joining each day so I know it's going to continue for quite some time, it's just so nice that people actually like what you do!

Anyway I'm off to get some 'real' work done 🙄

Oooh next part of the CAL! Knitcraft Tea on the green Block G week 7

Happy hooking xx

Thank heaven for little boys ๐Ÿ’ž

Just a quicky so I can post my bobble blanket, couldn't post it yesterday as it was a gift.

I became a godmother yesterday to a beautiful little boy, he's just edible!!!

Anyway I made this

Not a great pic as I hand to stand on a chair to try and get it al in, but it was made from hobbycrafts WI aran, all 1200g of it!

Such an honour to be asked, I'm not too sure if people take it seriously anymore, ok I'm not religious but I do strongly believe in the principles behind it!

And isn't this lovely!!!

Anyway was just a quick update to show my blanket off.

Happy Hooking xx

Well I never!

Believed that our CAL would be so popular! So much so someone posted on the Facebook page if we could design a Christmas CAL……so now we're working on a Christmas CAL design in conjunction with Knitcraft! So exciting!!

We'll have two colourways right from the off, but that's all I can say for now!!

Part five of the Knitcraft Tea on the green is now available on the hobbycraft blog Knitcraft Tea on the green Block 5

We've got almost 1,500 people on Facebook alone working on the CAL we're not quite sure how many outside of Facebook but there are some on twitter and Instagram which is just fabulous. Considering we thought it was successful at 300 it's completely exceeded our expectations.

What it means is that we've literally only got 7 rooms left at The Crochet Sanctuary for February which is just phenomenal! And so very exciting!

I've been busy working on my bobble blanket the last few weeks as well as the second colourway for the CAL and YouTube tutorials, I'll post a pic tomorrow as it's a christening gift.

So a few phenomenal pics of the cal so far!

Happy hooking!!! X

Friday again?!

I can't quite believe how quickly the weeks are flying by, we are already into week 4 of the Knitcraft Tea on the Green CAL, this weeks pattern is a very simple C2C, I might be wrong but I think this is the first CAL to incorporate blocks with C2C, we seem to have a lot of beginners taking part in the CAL, which is so rewarding! So this block is fab for them to learn something new, and for the more experienced something easy.

See part 4

Seeing someone join and watching them progress is just phenomenal. We have one lady, who said she was brand new to crochet and lacked confidence, wasn't too sure if she would be able to do it, well she's smashed Blocks A to C and was so confident that she started Rosslyn!!!!
She posted a pic of Rosslyn on Helens Hookaholica and the last time I looked she had in excess of 300 likes!

My Rosslyn took a back seat this week, I didn't realise how close we were to 20th august, when I will become a god mother for the first time! I decided I'd like to crochet something for my future godchild to keep, so I started a bobble stitch blanket and I'm made up with it!!! It's a lot of effort but my godchild (Freddie) is so worth it

The blanket is made up of a lot of different blocks that read 'thank heaven for little boys' I thought it was quite apt for a christening.

I've got to be honest though, I didn't quite realise how hard it would be running a CAL, even though @lyndascraftroom and I are running it together, I thought my skin was a lot thicker than it is, I was wrong, it's odd because we have over 1000 people now all taking part, which I think is fabulous for our first cal, we get so many nice comments, and they're all very uplifting, but it's funny how emotionally attached you become to something you have worked so hard on, I mean it's bound to happen, you're bound to get a couple of negative posts out of a thousand people, but it's that one negative post that really bothers me!

Thinking back to CAL's that I have done I've been guilty of it myself, we have had a few patterns where there has been a minuscule typo, we are humans at the end of the day, but people are quick to point them out, or if there is a part they don't like, quick to tell people, but what that does is ignite others to join in, so we have managed to 'manage' the fb page fairly well until last week.
I work full time so I can't be there all of the time and neither can Lynda, so we have been given help by 4 new admin and they have been and are amazing!!!!
I've actually slept! Yes it's been stressful!

But it's all a learning curve and I hope these people stay with us for our next one!

Anyway off to hook!

Happy hooking xx

What a week!

The Knitcraft Tea on the green CAL is going well, some amazing work from our 'wee hookers'!

Week 3 block has now been posted on the hobbycraft blog Block C our CAL so far has been on a few road trips!

  1. The emmerdale studio tour
  2. Swimming
  3. Starbucks
  4. Bike rides
  5. Hair dressers
  6. And most amazingly (we never thought it would get outside the UK) but it's been on a 1000 mile road trip from Nevada to Utah!
  7. Also!! We have Carol Mathews taking part in the CAL, I had no idea it was thee Carol Mathews and I had read two of her books, but Carol does Facebook live videos and actually showed her crochet on the Facebook live videos ha!!!

I've started another little project too, I've started Helen shrimptons Rosslyn blanket, I'm in love with it, it's just beautiful, whilst I completed the mandala type centre perfectly, with no mistakes whatsoever the squaring off hasn't gone so well, I can't quite figure out how my stitch count is so out, but it lies flat and looks good, so I'm just going to live with it

I've used the sacred wisdom colourway and it's just lovely, I'm determined to finish this one! Especially seen as star of wonder is not complete and neither is mandala madness, I'm a serial starter!

I also thought I'd best get my act together with my bead wrap, mum goes on holiday a week Friday and I've still a few more long rows to complete and the tassels to do but it's looking lovely!

Other than crocheting it's been busy! Keeping on top of Facebook questions and queries and the YouTube tutorials, we're also still taking bookings for the The Crochet Sanctuary which is filling up slowly but surely for February.

Anyway, best go and do some real work!!!

Happy hooking xx

Now that took some stuffing! ๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿฉ

I have been itching to make a doughnut for a long time, Twinkie chan (amazing) released the pattern last year in her book, Crochet abode a la mode, she fantastic, I still haven’t bought the book! But then the pattern was released in a magazine 

so I had to buy it.  Then when I looked at the pattern it was going to cost a fortune to make, the pattern recommends super chunky lionbrand yarn, I think I was looking at about ยฃ60 for the yarn and ยฃ75 for the stuffing.

Anyway, after visiting abakhan in Liverpool last week I managed to find some super chunky yarn in a biscuit colour and pink, they were classed as seconds because the label was missing, I bought 8 balls of biscuit for about ยฃ12 and 5 balls of hot pink for ยฃ6.99, then I found the new hug it out yarn from hobbycraft knitcraft and thought I’d use that for the centre, it’s just lovely! And so thick!

All in all I spent ยฃ25 on 

yarn, savvy shopper me you know!! Once I’d finished it looked a little like this

Floppy! I had read online that it would take between 4-5 kg of yarn to stuff! Anyway @lyndascraftroom sent through a link for amazon, ยฃ10 delivered for 5kg!  It’s difficult to understand without seeing just how large 5kg of toy stuffing is!

It’s huge!!!!!!  But, Twinkie chan wasn’t wrong, not one bit, that doughnut swallowed the lot.  So this morning has been a little hot and sticky, with help from the girls at our #knitcraftsocial we got it stuffed, I’m so pleased with it!!!

Like a doughnut on legs!

This will now be covered in large stuffed 9cm sprinkles and kept by for The Crochet Sanctuary.

Anyway if you fancy a doughnut, calorie free get hooking!! Xx