Sunday already

But I’ve had a lovely weekend! Started with Saturday morning rushing around and falling out of the front door, who does that! I fell out of the front door and landed in a very unflattering heap, so felt a bit shaken up. I turn the horrible 40 next Friday and been feeling quite down about it. Anyways turned up to our knitcraft social at hobbycraft, ready to get one of the #daisiesforvicky blankets finished, @lyndascraftroom normally waits outside for me, but had messaged to say she was already upstairs…..bit odd….gets half way up the stairs and could see her at the top, but as soon as I’d seen her she’d gone, very odd! I turned the corner to our table and nobody’s there, but the table was full of cakes, crackers, my favourite cheese, favourite pate, drinks, I couldn’t understand what was going on, next thing out pops Tanya from ‘What I created next’ lynda and Margaret tanya’s Mum, shouting happy birthday! I soooo wasn’t expecting it, and boy I was overwhelmed! Lynda handed me a bag, i was that busy being in shock I didn’t realise the bag had my logo on it, how ace! Lynda had filled the bag with dream gifts for a crocheter, a gorgeous pack of ice yarn, I do like ice! An amazing crocheted birthday cake!!!! I’ve never had anything crocheted gifted to me before, isn’t it a lovely thing to receive?! And Gorgeous lush shower products, I could not believe it

Then tanya also gave me some gifts! An amazing project book, actually personalised! I’ve never had anything personalised before, and it’s got everything in it for crochet it’s fabulous!

Tanya had actually painted me a picture as well, I mean wow, again, I have never had a picture properly painted for me, if you zoom in she has actually gone to the effort of writing my name inside the bubbles, so special, and a handmade card, I’ve never had one of those either!

Isn’t it fabulous!! I’ve never felt so special to be fair, so lovely! Shortly after that the lovely lynn arrived with gorgeous Lindtt chocolates and another special handmade card ☺️☺️☺️☺️. People are sooooo kind!!!

Our Knitcraft group has been going for about 13 months and during those months I really have made some special friends.

Anyways!! Enough of me! We finished one of the #daisiesforvicky blankets, I added the border, Lyndas started the next one, bless her, offering to do all of that joining is no easy task! It took me about 3 hours just to do the border.

It really is beautiful, so much thought gone into each and very stitch by many different people. Margaret did the draw, and this particular blanket was won by Hannah Thorley from @quietwatercraft how fabulous!!! So this will be in the post for Hannah tomorrow.

I’ve even managed to finish some wip this week, my work colleague became nana last week so I’ve managed to make two blankets some booties and a princess crown

I’m going to sew some silvery gems onto the crown tomorrow.

Anyway it maybe Sunday already but it’s been a bloody good weekend!! Roll on next Friday, Christmas is….CAL launch!!!

Happy hooking xx

Christmas is………..!!!!!!!!!

@lyndascraftroom and I have done it again!!!! The Christmas is…. CAL is now available on the hobbycraft website!! We have two colour ways one is Happy wishes and snowflake kisses and the other is Crisp Skies and full of surprise! Get your Kit here! Or you could be really nice and order it from the link to your right hand side……..

So Knitcraft have not posted a pic of the blanket yet but this picture below is inspired from the CAL launches on 3rd November and will be released in 6 weekly parts

Totally inspired from it!!!

Such an exciting day!!!

Happy hooking!! Xx

Wow! What a day!

Such a fabulous day! Any day filled with crochet is fabulous, but when it’s for charity it makes it all the better. We have been inundated with daisies, and we’ve raised a nice bit of money for victim support too! A massive thank you from myself and @lyndascraftroom for all your help and support, to the people that donated daisies, money and to those that turned up today to crochet or give support, you’re all amazing!!!

We did bite off a bit more than we could chew, we managed to join 1 blanket, we are still to join the border!! And then we think we have enough stunning daisies to make another two blankets, so we will have to do the draw next weekend so that we have finished blankets to handover.

Also a huge thank you to Hobbycraft Warrington, who have let us stay from store opening until closing at such a busy time of year, their support is just fabulous!

Anyhoo, we’ve still got a lot of work to do, but it’s all for a good cause, victim support, in memory of Vicky Wynne-Jones, who was probably looking down on us today having a chuckle.

Happy Hooking xx

So exciting!!

I’m just itching for February, @lyndascraftroom and I never thought we’d get so much interest in the The Crochet Sanctuary it was slow to start, but now it’s really booking up! We were so scared we kept holding off signing the contract with Cranage Hall, as it’s a massive financial commitment, We’ve actually sold out of the Day Passes, so we’ve got 10 Day Pass guests coming, which is fabulous, we have booked all of the rooms that we had committed too, so we’ve just booked an additional 5 rooms, that’s the good thing with it being quite a large place, we can book additional rooms. And nice for Lynda and I too, as during the weekend everything is catered for, so the only thing we need to worry about is whether or not people are enjoying themselves and they’re relaxed. We already have our guest designer lined up for the April Sanctuary, so I think we might release those dates soon, and we’re working on the rest of them.

Tomorrow is 21st October, the day of our Crochetathon, I still can’t believe the generosity of our gorgeous community, and big thank you to those that have donated money, and a bigger thank you to those that have spent time in crocheting a #daisiesforvicky and posting them, its meant so much! I’m really looking forward to tomorrow, I whole day of crocheting and joining beautiful daisies!

I’ve started a few more WIPs, no thanks to simply crochet magazine! This months magazine is amazing!! So much fabulous stuff, my daughter had s flick through and has begged me to make her the Christmas jumper, I’m half way through, it’s beautiful, and made from Stylecraft so very cheap to make

I really want to make the fairy too, but, you can’t seem to buy scheepjes Lizzy in gold anywhere, so it’s been put on the back burner I’m afraid.

I’m also 75% through finishing my blast off blanket!!

This just shows you the front, when I roll this pic I still had the back to complete but it’s almost done, works up quick, and it’s rather large too!

Anyway, if anyone would like to donate even just £1 to be in with a chance of winning a #daisiesforvicky blanket then please do, it’s a fabulous cause, none of us ever know if we will ever need support from charities like these, they can’t survive without donations

Happy hooking 😘

Crochet kind

Myself and @lyndascraftroom are both feeling very overwhelmed today, I posted a little while ago about our crochetathon on 21st October. We’re raising money for Victim support in memory of my friend Vicky Wynne Jones.

We thought we would ask for donations on Just giving, and then for each £1 donated, we would put peoples names into a draw and they would win a fabulous daisy blanket, made during the crochetathon. Then we thought we would take advantage of the #crochetkind on Instagram, so we put together the pattern, and what a response!! I did ask little box of crochet for some help too, and they kindly posted about it to their many followers, since then We’ve had crocheters donating daisies from all over the world, literally!! Lynda took a delivery this morning from Australia, we’ve had small parcels hand delivered, posted and more on the way.

@lyndascraftroom has sat and counted 265 #daisiesforvicky this morning!

It’s so overwhelming! People really are truly kind, thoughtful, caring and considerate, and it’s genuine, they want nothing in return.

Victim support……it doesn’t matter where you come from, who you are, how well you’ve been brought up, you never know when you might need support, and I hope none of us never have to use it.

I think it’s the kindness and generosity of strangers that’s overwhelmed me, so I’ve posted a few pics below! I think we’re going to have more than 2 blankets, because we would really like to give one to vickys Mum, she’s moving to her new house soon and it would be nice to give her something, I think it would mean a lot too. Whilst we’ve done amazingly well with daisies we’ve not done as well as we would of liked in donations, so if anyone does want to donate £1, please feel free!! You might just win a daisy blanket full of love!

Once joined it’s going to look amazing! We’ll try and colour match as best we can on the day.Anyways!Happy hooking you kind and thoughtful lot! Xx

Christmas CAL

I don’t think I’ve ever crocheted so much in my life! It’s almost done! @lyndascraftroom is just completing the border, we cannot wait for you to see it, there’s so much work gone into it between us over the last couple of months. The pattern is with Knitcrafts testers now, and they’ve not found too many problems… far!

So now I’ve done my bit for the CAL I’m busy thinking of Christmas, last year a neighbour knocked and asked me to make 4 mermaid tails a week before Christmas, so I’m not doing that again, this year I will be prepared!

I’ve been making a few of my puff stitch hats over the last few weeks, Mum keeps wearing hers and then offering out my services ha!! Good job I enjoy doing them.

Then my lovely Aunty in Spain asked for one so I sent her two, she was delighted!! I don’t think she’s had many handmade items since my wee Granny Muchy passed away.


So Christmas! I’m going to make another Twinkie chan doughnut, this time for my niece, to match her bedroom, so mentally preparing myself for the stuffing process 🙈 I’ve ordered the super chunky yarn for it from Marriner Yarns, purely to keep the cost down, but they also deliver a good quality yarn! And at £1 per ball it’s a bargain!

I’m also making me nephew and my godson this, it’s from the simply crochet magazine, my yarn came today from wool-warehouse, I do love a delivery from them, sometimes I think it’s the organza bag that does it!

Fist things first though. This!!!

I have been itching to make this for over a year! But you just can’t get the yarn, wool warehouse do stock it but they don’t always have all the colour in stock at the same time, you also have to buy 300g balls. So I had some discount codes for yarnspirations and got a good discount, I thought I was being savvy and clever, making a bit of a saving……sometimes it’s better the devil you know!

So, my yarn cane to £31 plus £17 delivery. £48, two days after ordering it’s already in the uk, so quick! But ups want me to pay £31.58 in import taxes………. I was livid! I’ll cut a long story short, yarnspirations had out on the deliver note full price of my purchase not what I’d actually paid, plus you have to pay £11+ brokerage fee! So whilst you think it’s cheaper think again and look into it more than I did!!

The Crochet Sanctuary I’m so excited!! The rooms are filling up nicely! We’ve increased the number of rooms now so we can have a few more guests, and we’ve only got 4 days passes left, I literally cannot wait! So exciting!

Anyway off to work on my space rocket!

Happy hooking xx

Yarndale 2017

What a day! A mixed one at that. I didnt enjoy 2016, but thought it was because I was poorly. But last year drove straight into a parking space and walked straight into the Mart. This year? No.

We drove and waited in a very long line to get to the Mart, when we got to the round about parking attendants were directing people AWAY from the event, but to no particular place, it took us a while to realise, we then turned back around and ignored the attendants. Waited again to get towards the carpark to be told that there were no spaces anywhere and that we would have to park in skipton and walk to the Mart?!

I dropped off @lyndascraftroom, my daughter and our friend renika whilst I went to find somewhere. So tried the park and ride, it was a shame the attendants weren’t directing to people to the park and ride, because once I got there it was quite well organised. So I parked up, and got the bus back to the Mart, but what a hassle!!

When I finally got to meet back up with the girls inside was just utter chaos, however once you fought your way through the crowds there were some fantastic stalls!

A lot of spun yarn, a lot of hand dyed yarn, which I wasn’t really looking for. I had one thing in mind. Janie crows primavera, and I got it!!!

How beautiful!!!!

I also had a chat with Janie, about the possibility of her hosting a workshop for us at The Crochet Sanctuary she certainly didn’t say no, but did explain they do have a lot of events organised for next year, so she gave me her email address, I will of course be emailing her!

We didn’t stay long at yarndale, just due to the immense crowds, and not being able to get to a lot of the the stalls.

So we caught the bus back to the car

What we didn’t realise was that this particular bus, wasn’t going back to the carpark 🙈 so we had a rather nice drive around skipton and then back to yarndale.

Anyway, its always lovely spending the day with yarny friends, and of course buying yarn, but I was glad to get home and carry on with the Christmas CAL, which is looking amazing!!!

I’ve also missed my Little box of crochet delivery, but luckily our collection office is open at 12:00 on a Sunday, so I will be going to collect! Plus I’m like a child at Christmas, and went looking for spoilers on Instagram and found some! It looks amazing!!!!

Anyway, off to work on CAL

Happy hooking!! Xx

Yarndale tomorrow!

I’m really looking forward to yarndale tomorrow, my first visit was last year, but I had full blown flu, I don’t know how I managed to get there, and don’t remember much about it, so I think I’ll class tomorrow as my first.

I’m hoping that Janie crow has her primavera version of Freda’s flowers slightly discounted, if it’s there I’m so getting it, I’ve had my eye on it for a little while.

This weeks been a bit of a wow week, in terms of The Crochet Sanctuary like a wow week. Slightly surreal, we took two extremely special bookings in the week, which left myself and @lyndascraft on a high for days, I don’t want to use their names to try and sell more rooms but, to say I’m going to be starstruck in February is an understatement!! And to those that have booked onto the sanctuary in February, you’re going to be startstruck too!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

I’ve not got much in the way of finished projects to show you, as we’re nearly at our deadline for the Christmas crochet along, I’m so pleased with what we’ve done, so very festive! But you’ll have to wait until beginning of November.

We’ve had a phenomenal response to crocheters all over the world for #daisiesforvicky I think it’s going to be more of a joinathon on the 21st October rather than a crochetathon! Have look at these beautiful contributions, our community is just so kind!

So a massive thank you to those that have donated, it really means such a lot. We’ve also had a few more tea on the green blankets completed here’s a few stunning ones!

Anyway, that’s all from me!

More from yarndale tomorrow

Happy hooking xx

Crochetathon – yes please!

On the 21st of October @lyndascraftroom and I have organised a crochetathon!

This will take place at Hobbycraft in Warrington from store opening to store closing.

We are going to be making a great big beautiful blanket made from daisy squares, we've set up a justgiving page to raise money for Victim support in memory of my friend Vicky Wynne-Jones, for every £1 donated the name of the person donating will be entered into a raffle, at the end of The crochetathon a name will be drawn and that person will receive the blanket in memory of Vicky, #crochetkind

I'm pants at running, swimming and cycling but Crochet I can do!

If anyone would like to donate the link is below, or, if you would like to make a block for us to add to the blanket then that too would be so much appreciated, we will release a pattern for the block shortly so that everyone can get involved.

Whenever I am making anything for someone I always have that person in mind, this for me will be a lovely way to remember what a kind, caring and beautiful person vicky was and to support victim support going forward 💞

To raise money for Victim Support because In memory of Vicky Wynne-Jones

As always! Happy hooking!!

What a ride!

I'm feeling a little emotional! Not unusual for me to be fair. We released the last part of the CAL this morning, I know it's not the end but it does feel a little final, we have new people joining everyday so it will continue!

However Tea on the green has dominated sour lives for the last 7 months and more so once the CAL actually started, it's been fabulous! We've learnt so much!

I've learnt I don't have very broad shoulders that's for sure but I've also learnt to accept compliments because we've had a huge amount of those!

This morning we had our first finished TOTG!

By Andrea Davies isn't it beautiful?! Especially in the colours she's gone for.

Here's a few more just waiting the last border

Just amazing! Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves, it's our first big design and certainly the first time we've opened ourselves up to thousands of people but I'm sure @lyndascraftroom will agree with me it's been a huge success. We even have TOTG in Australia!!
Although we couldn't of done it without our gorgeous admin team so a big thanks to them!

We're cracking on with the Christmas blanket for the ' Knitcraft Christmas is' CAL, slowly but surely!

It's also my sisters birthday coming up next week. She doesn't read my blog so I think I'm safe to post a picture! She's asked me for one a long time ago and I failed miserably, she's not asked since so for her birthday I finally made her a Heidi bear happypotimus!!

His ears aren't quite what they should be but it adds to his character 💞

Check out his bum!!!! I love a Heidi bears bum! This has been finished using hobbycraft home cotton I love it!

The Crochet Sanctuary is going so well! Still 5 months to go and rooms are selling fast! So exciting.

Anyway I'm off to make my heart for yarndale so I can pva it and get it posted and delivered for 15th.

Happy hooking xx