Little update…..and steps?

I’ve not really got an awful lot to show you really, I’ve been busy this week crocheting Sophie’s universe, and designing some bits for knitcraft.

But I actually have a top secret order! And the colours were chosen but the person I’m making it for. I would never if chosen them, but they are beautiful!

I only started this on Sunday evening after the crochet Sanctuary last week, and I’m hooked, I’m already on Part 7, long way to go yet, but it’s a good start.

Aren’t the colours fabulous?

I’m also using my new stitch markers, from @mrsgmakes Mrs G comes to the crochet Sanctuary and she has started making these amazing stitch markers

I love them, there’s even one that looks like a mini schnauzer to me. Anyway should you wish to buy some you can find her on Instagram, you won’t be disappointed.

On a more serious note……. don’t you just wish that crochet burned more calories than it does? Well I’ve recently lost a stone on a silly diet, I’ve so much more to lose, but I want to do it healthily and I found out about a team on Facebook called TeamRH, I’ve really been enjoying it, I’m moving more, eating better and I was feeling good until………I thought I was smashing 15,000 steps a day according to my Apple Watch, my husband bought me my watch and it cost him an arm and a leg. Anyway I may be slow but, I only twigged last week that my Apple Watch has been tracking my stitches as steps!!!!! And I can’t change it, of course I can take it off while I crochet, but then I’d forget to put it back on, and also I can’t wear it to bed to monitor my sleep (something i struggle with) because it needs charging every night. So I’ve been hunting for a device that can where but not on my wrist, plus my husband would be fuming if I bought another tracker. If he knew it was a tracker……. anyway!! After a bit of research I found a company called Bella Beat oh Lordy!!!

It’s wearable as a necklace, brooch, bracelet (depending on the style you buy) and it’s absolutely bloody gorgeous!! It tracks sleep, meditation, steps, monthly cycles, stress levels, and it doesn’t look like a tracker, it doesn’t need charging, just battery replacing every 6 months, which means I can keep wearing my watch to please my husband but know that even when I’m crocheting it’s spot on, so I ordered this!

I’m so excited!! It’s coming from the US but it landed in London today so I’m hoping to have it by Tuesday, so once I’ve given it a go I’ll let you know what it’s like! Anyway, if you fancy ordering one then here’s $25 off! Click here

I’m so excited!

Oooh our guest designer from the crochet Sanctuary posted a podcast today and it’s pretty much about the crochet Sanctuary! Well worth a watch especially if you fancy a laugh about the girl that wasn’t a ghost, yes you read this right, worth a watch! Podcast

Anyway I’m off to bed, I’m off to wool monty tomorrow!

Happy Hooking!

Lisa xx