Sorry 😐 I’ve been pants at blogging!

But!!! In all fairness to me there’s been a lot going on! The day after my last blog post my baby turned 16, yes 16, man I feel old!!! As part of her birthday she begged us for a kitten, so that’s been chaotic, on parr with a newborn!! But here is our new addition to the family, her name is Luna, and she is a ragdoll x tortie, she’s crazy, and I’m not impressed as I knew that kittens liked yarn but not to the extent she does!

Whilst I was away in sunny Cape Verde the knitcraft granny square cal was running, my design was on day 24 (I think) I was a bag of nerves as everyone else’s blocks were great, but I think people quite liked mine, here it is along with a few other versions of other crocheters that actually crocheted my design! It never gets old ha!!

Shortly after Abby’s birthday we went to Amanda’s new shop craftopia to help her with some unpacking, the shop is going to be fabulous, and Amanda seems so much happier, and she loved Sophie’s universe!!! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this Sophie I just love it! Amanda’s shop is in ingleton and it’s beautiful, such a nice place

I always feel a little lost once I’ve finished a big project, I did have a cal design that @lyndascraftroom and I have been working on for knitcraft, but weird being a bit free to do what I fancy and focus on some of the Crochet Sanctuary designs for August and September weekends, which are now done!!

I finally got around to making my ufo!!! My godson Freddie was having his bedroom decorated in a space theme and I thought it would go fab in there

How fab is that?! And it took me one whole Sunday!

After that at work we decided that we’re running a Macmillan coffee morning, I’ve never been able to go before but this time I’ve booked in my diary, I’m donating some velvet hair scrunchies and also this red sparrow blanket below to raffle, the photos don’t do it justice at the moment, I’m really enjoying it, once it’s finished I’ll be adding a neon pink border with Pom Poms!

Right, what else have I been doing….what am I allowed to show you?!

Oh!!! I was clearing my craft room and found some chunky James c Brett marble, so I whipped up a quick lakeside loops cowl! I love it! And I’ll be making more!

Hats!!!! I’ve been making so many hats!!! I bought a fabulous pattern for a cable hat that works up quickly, then an influx of friends and family asked for me to make them one, so hats! I do love a good hat!

I’ve done quite a bit really haven’t I?! My friend, one of my oldest friends Sam asked me to make her and her son a hat, so I never need much encouragement, so I made them one each, she also mentioned that she would like to learn to crochet, so I sent her along with her hats, the little box of crochet Learn to crochet box, she’s possibly regretting mentioning it now! But she got it and was over the moon, so you never know! We could possibly have another hooker in the making!

I think that’s all I’m allowed to show you for now, behind all this lynda and I are designing for the crochet Sanctuary weekends, testing patterns for the weekends, we’ve been working on the knitcraft cal, and some other bits and pieces too.

Ooooooooh!!!! One biggish bit of news!!! My ‘The Wee House is Crochet’ gets delivered on Monday!!!!! I have a den (converted garage) where I work, but it also stores all of my crates for the Sanctuary, we have a spare bedroom, but that’s full of sanctuary stuff too and it’s where our deliveries normally stay, but recently I’ve accumulated so much that Lynda is having to store boxes at her house. We’ve spoken about a storage unit but it’s just not feasible, so!!! I bought a summer house!!! Mr H is going to insulate it for me, and make sure it’s completely secure and watertight and it’s basically going to store everything!!! I’m so excited!!!

It’s only little but it’s all I need for now! This is the picture I pinched from the website, I’m going to make curtains and bunting and I’ve already got a sign! Ha!! Anyway more of that to come next time, which won’t be long I promise!

Happy hooking!!!

Lisa xx

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