Too many exciting things!

Hi!!!! It’s an exciting day today!! Tell you more in a while!

So what have I been working on?? Well I’ve been firing away on Sophie’s universe, I love it!!

Look at those beautiful little bobbles! I can now reveal, that I am making this for Amanda Bloom from Little Box of Crochet, she has finally bitten the bullet and she’s opening a gorgeous little shop in Ingleton called Craftopia, she has a beautiful bay window and she’s been so busy making things to put in her shop window that she asked @lyndascraftroom to make some amigurumi items and me to make her a Sophie’s universe. And doesn’t she just choose the most beautiful colours?!

I’m on round 76, but also working on designs for knitcraft Christmas!! How exciting!

In the meantime the new not so Little Box of crochet arrived last week, and I love it!!!! I’m not quite ready to share a full pic of my market bag! (Which is actually going to be a beach bag) as I still need to add embellishments to it, but I love it!!

I’m so pleased Amanda has gone for bi-monthly boxes, the projects can be much bigger which I like!

Anyway!!!! @lyndascraftroom and I were taking last week, and Lynda pointed out that we have never done a Halloween themed crochet Sanctuary, she’s quite right! So we got talking and ideas started flowing…..we’ve only gone and managed to secure Halloween weekend 2020!!! Like OMG!!!

We’ve managed to secure Esme from Red Sparrow Crochet I love her designs!!! She does a lot for magazines and yarn companies like scheepjes look at some of her work!

She’s fab! So that’s a big bit of exciting news, the next bit is, we have managed to secure a psychic medium paranormal investigator for Halloween night at the crochet Sanctuary!!! Andy W Jones is a medium and he has worked for tv and radio stations in the uk and us for 20 years and we have him coming to the crochet Sanctuary!! How exciting!

We only announced it today, and we’ve literally got about 7 weekend spaces! So if you fancy it here’s the link Halloween crochet weekend

Put it this way, I was on the phone to Andy last night, at that point he didn’t know anything about what we do, where we do it or what room, and he asked me a question that only someone who has been in the Banting suite at Cranage hall could know, it made my hair stand on end literally!!!!

That’s my news! Getting better at blogging weekly, trying hard to keep on top of my wips!

Hope you’re good

Happy hooking

Lisa xx

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