I dyed yarn!

Hello! Ive been so excited for weeks about attending a yarn dyeing workshop with @lyndascraftroom yesterday. We’ve been talking about running a yarn dyeing workshop at Crochet Sanctuary in 2021, I know so far ahead but we have to plan quite far in advance! Neither of us had dyed yarn before, we had no idea how it worked or what appliances are required etc. So thought we’d find out more about it. So we booked onto a workshop at Blacksheep wools with Debbie Tomkies from DT Crafts.

Neither of us knew what to expect, I think the bit I enjoyed most was actually getting messy ha! The course was really good value, we originally thought we would come away with a 100g skein but we actually dyed a 50g skein of merino and then a 100g skein.

But first we tested 1ml, 10ml and 20ml of dye on 25g skeins

Then we played with colour swatch cards and mixing colours together it was fab!

With my first 50g skein I was nervous about dunking it to be honest, incase I’d ruined it, so I decided to paint mine by hand and I was quite pleased with the result, don’t laugh!!! I think it was a good attempt for my first shot

Imagine it dry though and wound into a ball? I reckon it’ll make something pretty nice!

We were then given a 100g skein and I remembered seeing a colourway by witch candy yarn, here’s one of her pics of the yarn I like

But I cannot justify buying it as she is in Canada and with the cost, postage and import fees I just couldn’t justify it. So I thought I’d give it a go, it soooooooo didn’t go according to plan, and very adventurous of me for my second attempt (head in hands) but here’s what I did

Oh well!!! I’m quite pleased with it and I think it’ll make a nice stripes pair of socks, and it’s dry!!

Here’s a few more pics of the day

I think if anything it’s made me realise just why hand dyed yarn is so expensive, the thought and skill that go into it is unbelievable, the pre soaking, rinsing, actually dyeing, cooking, rinsing and drying, I’m actually surprised they don’t cost more. I’m quite pleased with my first attempts.

We’re still not sure if it would quite suit the Sanctuary purely because of logistics, I.e constant supply of water, protecting the newly laid carpets and of course being able to cook it, albeit we do have access to an outdoor kitchen……so watch this space!

Happy hooking

Lisa xx

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