Update and a request for help….

Morning!!!  Well, its been a while again hasn’t it?  I really should put in much more effort.  But we have been busy!  I promise!

I think when I last posted we were about to go to Toft, well we did that…..it was nice to see Toft, although the weather wasn’t great and silly me went and worn sandals (still in holiday mode i think) so we didn’t do the alpaca walk

The yarn is absolutley lovely.  If I have to be 100% honest, I am not sure I would do a workshop again, the kits to buy are £24, with everything included, the workshop was £44 and we must of crocheted for about an hour once everyone finally got sorted, obviously we got a drink and a bit of cake, but just not quite sure where the other £20 was going, especially when the pack we got didn’t include black for the eyes or stuffing, but we did get a nice canvas bag (please don’t shoot me for being honest!)


It is well worth the trip wherever you are, its a beautiful place, and the shop is fabulous, some pics below

And I did treat  myself!  This book is fabulous!  I can’t wait to get some projects out of the way so I can make a start, @lyndascraftroom and I have said we are  going to make a toft doll of each other, just for the crack!


There are so many options!

Anyway on the day we did our little #crochetsanctuaryontour my niece Charlie was taken in to hospital for surgery to have her appendix removed, so I very quickly found a good home for Mabel bunny, I wasn’t overly keen on her and as I will be crocheting her again at  the September Crochet Sanctuary I thought I may aswell cheer Charlie up a little!


We’ve been busy working on our Autumn CAL for knitcraft, it was a slow start on this one, but now we are full steam ahead!  No pics yet though.

Anyway after finsihing Mabel I had some pink Merino yarn left over, far too good to throw away, and not quite enough for another project.  Plus Hobbycraft had a big sale on shadow box frames, tiny ones for £2 each!  So I made a few more hearts from the Merino and popped them in frames for gifts, I think they look fab!

On a more serious note

A bit  of a cry for help.  One of our ladies at our knitcraft social, unfortunatley almost two weeks ago, her beautiful baby Fern was born too soon.  Ferns mummy and family are overhwhelmed at the support they have received from the hospital, and the bundles of preemie clothing they received for Fern, albeit she was so small that even the preemie clothes were too big.  Ferns family want to give something back, Ferns mum and nan are both learning to crochet so that they can make tiny gestational clothes to give to the hosptial, and we as a group are going to help.  Its heartbreaking how small these clothes are.  I have made a hat and held it in my fingers so that you can see how small they are, this is for a 22 week gestation


I know exactly what you’re thinking.  Anyway, we really want to help Ferns family, they are such lovely people, so we will be holding a crohetathon in October.  And we are looking for yarn donations, Hobbycraft have already said they will help, and we have had some fabulous people in our lovely crochet community already making items to donate and offers of yarn to send too.  Can you help us?  Do you have any 4ply or dk baby yarn in your stash you can bare to part with?  Or do you have a spare 15 minutes to make one of these?  We have found an amazing blog, that have free patterns for babies of a gestation age, Mama that makes

If you can spare any time at all, and would like post them to us, the address is:

33 Vine Street, Widnes, Chehsire, UK, WA8 6DW

Anything you can do at all, would be brlliant.

Happy Hooking xx

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