Crochet kind

Myself and @lyndascraftroom are both feeling very overwhelmed today, I posted a little while ago about our crochetathon on 21st October. We’re raising money for Victim support in memory of my friend Vicky Wynne Jones.

We thought we would ask for donations on Just giving, and then for each £1 donated, we would put peoples names into a draw and they would win a fabulous daisy blanket, made during the crochetathon. Then we thought we would take advantage of the #crochetkind on Instagram, so we put together the pattern, and what a response!! I did ask little box of crochet for some help too, and they kindly posted about it to their many followers, since then We’ve had crocheters donating daisies from all over the world, literally!! Lynda took a delivery this morning from Australia, we’ve had small parcels hand delivered, posted and more on the way.

@lyndascraftroom has sat and counted 265 #daisiesforvicky this morning!

It’s so overwhelming! People really are truly kind, thoughtful, caring and considerate, and it’s genuine, they want nothing in return.

Victim support……it doesn’t matter where you come from, who you are, how well you’ve been brought up, you never know when you might need support, and I hope none of us never have to use it.

I think it’s the kindness and generosity of strangers that’s overwhelmed me, so I’ve posted a few pics below! I think we’re going to have more than 2 blankets, because we would really like to give one to vickys Mum, she’s moving to her new house soon and it would be nice to give her something, I think it would mean a lot too. Whilst we’ve done amazingly well with daisies we’ve not done as well as we would of liked in donations, so if anyone does want to donate £1, please feel free!! You might just win a daisy blanket full of love!

Once joined it’s going to look amazing! We’ll try and colour match as best we can on the day.Anyways!Happy hooking you kind and thoughtful lot! Xx

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