Christmas CAL

I don’t think I’ve ever crocheted so much in my life! It’s almost done! @lyndascraftroom is just completing the border, we cannot wait for you to see it, there’s so much work gone into it between us over the last couple of months. The pattern is with Knitcrafts testers now, and they’ve not found too many problems… far!

So now I’ve done my bit for the CAL I’m busy thinking of Christmas, last year a neighbour knocked and asked me to make 4 mermaid tails a week before Christmas, so I’m not doing that again, this year I will be prepared!

I’ve been making a few of my puff stitch hats over the last few weeks, Mum keeps wearing hers and then offering out my services ha!! Good job I enjoy doing them.

Then my lovely Aunty in Spain asked for one so I sent her two, she was delighted!! I don’t think she’s had many handmade items since my wee Granny Muchy passed away.


So Christmas! I’m going to make another Twinkie chan doughnut, this time for my niece, to match her bedroom, so mentally preparing myself for the stuffing process 🙈 I’ve ordered the super chunky yarn for it from Marriner Yarns, purely to keep the cost down, but they also deliver a good quality yarn! And at £1 per ball it’s a bargain!

I’m also making me nephew and my godson this, it’s from the simply crochet magazine, my yarn came today from wool-warehouse, I do love a delivery from them, sometimes I think it’s the organza bag that does it!

Fist things first though. This!!!

I have been itching to make this for over a year! But you just can’t get the yarn, wool warehouse do stock it but they don’t always have all the colour in stock at the same time, you also have to buy 300g balls. So I had some discount codes for yarnspirations and got a good discount, I thought I was being savvy and clever, making a bit of a saving……sometimes it’s better the devil you know!

So, my yarn cane to £31 plus £17 delivery. £48, two days after ordering it’s already in the uk, so quick! But ups want me to pay £31.58 in import taxes………. I was livid! I’ll cut a long story short, yarnspirations had out on the deliver note full price of my purchase not what I’d actually paid, plus you have to pay £11+ brokerage fee! So whilst you think it’s cheaper think again and look into it more than I did!!

The Crochet Sanctuary I’m so excited!! The rooms are filling up nicely! We’ve increased the number of rooms now so we can have a few more guests, and we’ve only got 4 days passes left, I literally cannot wait! So exciting!

Anyway off to work on my space rocket!

Happy hooking xx

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