Crochetathon – yes please!

On the 21st of October @lyndascraftroom and I have organised a crochetathon!

This will take place at Hobbycraft in Warrington from store opening to store closing.

We are going to be making a great big beautiful blanket made from daisy squares, we've set up a justgiving page to raise money for Victim support in memory of my friend Vicky Wynne-Jones, for every £1 donated the name of the person donating will be entered into a raffle, at the end of The crochetathon a name will be drawn and that person will receive the blanket in memory of Vicky, #crochetkind

I'm pants at running, swimming and cycling but Crochet I can do!

If anyone would like to donate the link is below, or, if you would like to make a block for us to add to the blanket then that too would be so much appreciated, we will release a pattern for the block shortly so that everyone can get involved.

Whenever I am making anything for someone I always have that person in mind, this for me will be a lovely way to remember what a kind, caring and beautiful person vicky was and to support victim support going forward 💞

To raise money for Victim Support because In memory of Vicky Wynne-Jones

As always! Happy hooking!!

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