Can you help?

Ok so I'm calling out to our lovely crochet community for a little help.

I posted earlier today about raising money for victim support in memory of Vicky. Well we'd like to get a head start on our crochetathon, a lot of people can't attend due to distance and have offered to make some of our Daisy's for the blankets, we might even manage to get enough for two blankets!
Anyway @lyndascraftroom has designed a pretty little daisy it's quick and easy.
If you would like to get involved would you perhaps be able to make a little daisy and pop it in the post?

If so here's a few I've done, in less than 15 mins each

If you would like to take part please search for 'The Wee Hookers' on Facebook and join in the crochetathon event, the pattern is in the files section, although I think you might be able to also click on the link below

Thank you again

#daisiesforvicky #victimsupport

Happy hooking xx

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