Hobbycrafts WI Home Cotton Review

Quite simply, go and get some!

This is now on my list of favourite cottons, fact! It's stunning!
I'd been looking forward to trying it for a while but didn't really have a project for it.
It's my sisters birthday on the 12th, I first started crocheting when she asked me if I thought I could make a Heidi bears happypotimus 'yeah course I can' I said, I failed miserably and I never finished it. When I'd finally found the confidence to do it I hated my colourway and chosen yarn. So I thought now would be a good time to crochet one in time for her birthday.
So we had our knitcraft social in Warrington yesterday and picked up the home cotton, it's just beautiful to crochet with! I'm doing rounds 1-4 in the aqua and pink then the joining in the lemon, she did say that cherry was her favourite colour with lemon and turquoise but I think these are pretty close!

The Home cotton does state that it is dk weight but I'd say it's more of an aran weight, so this Happy is going to be rather big!!! I'm going to weight his feet down with glass beads so George her cockerpoo can't lift him, and tie a huge ribbon around his neck, I've got a thing for Heidi bear bums 😂 so very much looking forward to his tail! The pattern takes 44 African flower motifs I've only got 17 more to go before I start joining.

Anyway I just thought I'd share my thoughts on home cotton, and you know for 100g and £2 per ball and on the 3 for 2 it's an absolute bargain!

Happy hooking!!!

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