Hello you!

Hello lovelies!! I haven't blogged in a while, we've been so busy!

The CAL is going so well! We have over 2100 people al making our blanket! Here some fabulous pics

I get slightly overwhelmed when we see so many gorgeous variations of it!

Some people have decided to stop at last weeks, as it's quite large, but the majority are continuing which is lovely.

I wish I could show you some snippets of the Christmas CAL, but I can't ☹️

Whilst working on the Christmas CAL I've also been working on my scheepjes whirl stormy day shawl, it's taking longer than expected due the CAL, Christmas CAL, The Crochet Sanctuary and work of course!!!

Anyhoo, Amanda Blooms little box of crochet arrived last week, and I've got to say I think it's her best box yet, apart from Jenny's mandala, this months box is a gorgeous purse, not just one, but two purses! It's lovely, I loved the Crochet but did not enjoy attaching it to the purse frame but it was worth the effort

If you've never subscribed to one of little box of crochets you must!! They're such a nice treat! And we all deserve a treat right?
Talking of treats I don't know what Mr H has been up to, but he actually, off of his own back went to blacksheep wools yesterday and bought these beauties for me!!

I'm in love with the one on the right liquorice yum yum! So looking for more patterns! Until then they can sit on my shelf and I'll have a quick squidgy and sniff every now and again!

Is anyone off to yarndale this month? @lyndascraftroom and I are going, and I know this is shameful but…..we're going to be handing out these leaflets for The Crochet Sanctuary we still have 7 rooms left! I know it's in February which sounds quite far, but I'd feel much happier if we were booked up, so we've had a tonne of these gawjuss leaflets printed
and thought we'd raise some more awareness with some lovely yarny people!

Anyway all is well, we're in the second to last week of the CAL, and it's quite a sad feeling! We've had about 100 people joining each day so I know it's going to continue for quite some time, it's just so nice that people actually like what you do!

Anyway I'm off to get some 'real' work done 🙄

Oooh next part of the CAL! Knitcraft Tea on the green Block G week 7

Happy hooking xx

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