James C Brett Marble chunky review

Who doesn’t like a bit of James C Brett? I do, I have so far really enjoyed flutterby, twinkle and I thought party time was fab and fun, But marble chunky is something else, I’ve bought 2 colours so far, and these are new out, a stunning denim and peach

And a really nice green mix with grey, albeit I haven’t used the green mix yet

Whilst the party time is a favourite of mine, the marble just has that real quality feel to it.  It works up on a 6mm hook, and it’s an awful lot softer than I thought it would be.  It’s got some stunning colour changes all the way through, personally the colour changes are so nice you wouldn’t want to do anything overly complicated with it, I’ve so far crocheted a very simple granny square blanket

I really like the denim with the peach, now I reckon this wood make a fabulous poncho, and the colours would look stunning with dark blue jeans and some nice boots…..shame the weather is getting better!  

Each ball is 200g too so you can really do a lot with a couple of balls, I was lucky enough to get them in the 3 for 2 while the offer was on at hobbycraft, so I ended up with 6 of each 🙈 a couple of blankets and a couple of ponchos for next year I think!! 

Anyway at £5.90 a ball from hobbycraft with or without the 3 for 2 offer they’re a real bargain.  Go get them!
Happy hooking xx

9 thoughts on “James C Brett Marble chunky review

  1. Sam Osmond says:

    This is my favourite chunky yarn, I found it perfect for making a wide snuggly cowl. I ended up making loads for Christmas presents because it is so soft, pretty and works up quick. I have also fallen in love with the Marble DK. I love James C Brett yarn.

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  2. Cheryl says:

    Such lovely colors in that yarn! I’m a basic one color kinda girl…. okokok… and cheap. There I said it. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get some fun yarn at a yard sale or something LOL
    big hugs,

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