Caron Cakes review

Well how long have we been waiting for these? Finally they’re here, in the UK! I’m currently in The Scottish highlands and managed to pick my order up from Hobbycraft before leaving yesterday.

Fresh out of the box, my first impression was ‘they’re huge’ but they are 200g each.  I love the colours I chose but not quite sure how they relate to what they are called, these are cookies and cream

They sat on the back seat of my car all the way from Warrington to Edinburgh I was tempted to pullover a few times and give them a squeeze but I resisted ha ha.

As soon as I got to my hotel I started work on a cowl neck poncho for my daughter, I worked out I just had enough in cookies and cream X 3 and I love a bit of hotel crochet, I can count in peace without any disruption! Bliss ๐Ÿ’—

I have read a few comments by other crocheters about being dissapointed with Caron cakes but I am certainly not, some don’t like the abrupt colour change, I do! I really like it, it’s also a lot softer than I imagined it would be, I’ve gotten this far and there some definite colour changes but again I have no issue with this at all

Hobbycraft have what I think is a really good deal on them, in fact a good deal on all of their yarn, 3 for 2, I bought 3 cookies and cream and 3 strawberry trifle, which is more of an apricot, so 6 Caron cake for ยฃ40minstead of ยฃ60 still sounds expensive but at 200g each I think it’s an absolute bargain.
I think the 3 for 2 is only on until 12th March so get shopping now!!
Happy hooking xx

8 thoughts on “Caron Cakes review

  1. quietwatercraft says:

    I have heard much of these caron cakes and I’d loooove to try some, but I’m not allowing to buy any more yarn until I’ve made at least 10 more things with my current stash. It is nearly my birthday so maybe somebody will buy me some!

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  2. Punkafoo Crafts says:

    I just got my nan to get me one to try. I can’t wait to use it. I only recently heard about caron cakes late last year when I got back into crocheting. I love how you put that you wanted to pull over and hug them haha. I would have done the same if I could drive.

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  3. Punkafoo Crafts says:

    Haha, just looking at them I have fallen in love with them. If I spent crocheting, the amount of time I look at wool I probably would have 1000s I items around my house. Haha. When I’m not crocheting I’m looking at wool or patterns.

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