Navajo and Mojo

I am one for a bit of a routine, but these last few weeks everything has been up in the air, my work meetings are sporadic due to school holidays, so I have been at home a lot more, working longer hours and I feel like I am not sure whether I am coming or going!

Our usual routine after work is we sort tea then I sit and crochet whilst the kids watch TV and  Mr. H sits in his mancave, but that’s kind of gone out of the window.  I’ve got so many WIPs I can’t seem finish anything, then find myself day dreaming looking at more patterns or buying more yarn, I think its just taking a while for us to get used to Mum and Dad staying here.

I have definitely lost a bit of my Mojo for sure, but I am sure that once I have finished one of my many WIPs it will be back with vengeance!

Anyway, part of my parents stress is that my Dad has his Canadian family coming over and they will need somewhere to stay, but I am sure by then that they will of found somewhere.

The whole point of this blog is Navajo!  A word I didn’t even know existed until recently.  I am half Scottish hence The ‘Wee’ House of Crochet, but I am also half Canadian too, I know…… a right mix.

My Dad is full on Canadian with a ‘Reet Northern’ Accent.  He moved to England when he was 15, his Dad, my Papa, brought my Dad and his brothers over in the late 60’s where they opened a car showroom in Blackpool.

My Dads Mum was Irene, she passed when I was two, my parents say I am Irene reincarnated, I take that as a compliment. Irene was born on an Indian reservation and was full on Native American…….

Dad mentioned that each time they have been back to Canada they’ve looked at Navajo Blankets, again I had never heard of one, they have been looking at buying one for when they get their new house, and the relatives but they are quite costly.  So I am going to make them one.  I am only at research stage though.  I did buy a pattern but some of it incorporated Afghan/Tunisian Crochet, I don’t think its very thoroughly written, and there aren’t any pictures to give you any idea of how the finished peice should be, Tunisian Crochet is also something I haven’t tried before.  Also with this blanket there is some cross stitch goingon in the boarders, rather than tapestry crochet, I don’t fancy that either, so I am taking my time and designing my own!  Anyway here are a few photos of a Navajo blanket I have seen and I like, and I will take a few ideas from.

I really don’t fancy doing any of it in Tunisian crochet, but I love the cross stitched symbols and they’re meaning.

I tried Tunisian Crochet last night and whilst really like the effect it gives I don’t like how long it takes and the ache it gives me in my shoulders and wrist.  I also am not a fan of the cross stitch and would prefer to come up with my own designs and use tapestry crochet. Here is my first attempt at Tunisian


Nice isn’t it!  I suppose the patterns recomends Tunisian because its easier to cross stitch over, but too many different types of craft for my liking. I will stick to good old crochet!


And of course I need to get some WIP’s finished first!!!!


Happy Hooking xx


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