Free puff stitch Mitten pattern

I have had so many requests this last week for my puff stitch beanie hats.  However I have also had a request for matching gloves.  I am just like anyone else, I’ll search for a free pattern before buying one.  I had been asked for a full glove, I didn’t realise how hard these were to find (free) never mind in a puff stitch, but I had already promised to make it.  So I put together my own pattern.

How gorgeous are these hats?!


And here are my matching gloves/mittens


These are far from perfect, as you can tell, I have missed FPTR and BPTR on this one, but by the time I had noticed I really didn’t want to frog it, anyway, I found that a pattern similar to this is completely non existent, so I have written one and included it in this blog, you might find the odd mistake in there, if so I do apologise in advance.

Click on the following link to download puff-stitch-mittens

Enjoy!  Happy Hooking xx

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