Frank & Olive Crochet Retreat

Wow!!! I had an amazing day yesterday! Absolute pure relaxation and bundles of yarn!

We left Warrington as planned albeit 5 mins late and made our way to Yorkshire.  We arrived about 20 mins early, we were quite lucky to be honest because the weather was really odd, -4 degrees and extremely foggy.  We arrived at the mill house and saw the Frank & Olive banners and bunting, headed to the door which went straight to the kitchen where all of those that stayed the night before were having breakfast, Ruby welcomed us first and then Kim 

The house was lovely, kitchen was buzzing, Ruby took us both straight through into the main lounge, my first reaction was WOW!! There was 7 sofas each with a crocheted blanket, cushions, behind the sofas were shelving just crammed with scrummy squishy yarn and a sheep in the middle if the room again stuffed with yarn!

My sister and I went straight to the corner next to the log burner.  People started to come in then make themselves comfortable, shies off feet up! I thought yeahs!! 

Once everyone had arrived Ruby gave out a pattern and explained that we would be making stars garland, out of super chunky or tshirt yarn, there was so much to chose from!! I started off with the tshirt but quickly changed over to a neon pink knit picks tuff puff yarn, non of it was ‘cheap stuff’ that’s for sure!! 

My sister started to panic a little because she’s so new to all of this, and to be honest I didn’t really want to give her too much help, Kim was sat right next to her so she ended up recommending that she made a snood out if the knit picks, and she got stuck in.  By the end of the day my sister who’s never made anything actually created this!!!!

I so want her to get the bug so we can do stuff together.  My sister suffers a lot with stress levels, I think I used to too, but I think crochet has really changed me, my stress levels are lower even though I have more to deal with! But it’s time for me, and I think she needs that too.

Anyway then the lady that was creating all of the lovely food Gauc & Roll made some home made mince pies, which were delish! Then we carried on with our crochet, there were a few moments where in any other situation I would of felt  a little strange, because there were some points where there was complete silence, apart from scissors snipping but I was so comfortable because everyone was doing the same thing, it was a nice silence!! 

We had lunch at about 14:00 which was stunning, all vegan, so very healthy and tasty.  

Now within the group there was this man 

I thought I’d recognised him from something but I couldn’t think where, he’d been sat in the corner of the room all morning making the most amazing amigurami peacock, I love it when men crochet I think they should all do it! 

Anyway he took over the workshop after lunch, he was Hugh Metcalf, author and editor of crochet now magazine, I knew I’d seen his face before!

 So our next task was crochet slippers… never crocheted a pair of slippers before and now I’m itching to do more!  I used a beautiful chunky yarn from paintbox, just stunning, I’ve never used paintbox either but I’ll definitely be buying some. 

 Late afternoon we had a piece of nigella  birthday cake which was possibly the nicest chocolate cake I’ve had.  Then we left at six šŸ˜ž I was gutted, I wanted to stay all night, it was so relaxing, it was great to meet with Frank & olive and Hugh Metcalf!  But it was over too quickly, I’d love to do a whole weekend.  I also think it’s great value for money, the yarns you get to use are simply stunning, food amazing, surrounded by people who love to crochet, the day couldn’t of been any better!

Happy hooking! Xx

7 thoughts on “Frank & Olive Crochet Retreat

      • The Crafty Poppet says:

        Oh you’re so lucky to be able to go to them…there’s nothing like it over here, which has got me thinking on more than one occasion that I could set something up maybe…or at least work towards it and have it on the horizon. I really don’t think I’ll be seeing Frank & Olive over here any time soon, but there’s always hope!
        Thanks so much for following my blog! It really means a lot, especially as I am starting out.


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