Frank and olive eve!

I was supposed to go to bed early tonight, picking my sister up at 07:15 in the morning so we can make our way to thirsk for Frank and olive crochet retreat, but I’m too excited to sleep!! 

I’ve almost finished my carousel!! Really got stuck into it this week, I’ve now finished those pesky hex’s and started in the round 5 border, the border consists of 6 rows and colour changes throughout, but I don’t think I could cope with anymore colour changes and ends to see in, plus I really want to use my favourite colurs from the middle (round 1) I’m pleased with how it is looking 

I also popped into Blacksheep wools this week and picked up a right bargain! Alpaca pom poms, they had exactly the same in John Lewis for £8 each, but Blacksheep had them in for £4.50 so I bought a black one for my daughter and a white one for mum, they’re so cute, so crocheted this hat for my daughter 

I’ve also just today finished one in grey Aran with the White pom Pom, but I forgot to take a photo and I’ve given it to mum already.

So this week has been carousel and hats for the big issue and my mum and daughter.  

I really wanted to get some wip finished so I can make a start on Christmas, this is the first year I’ll be making about 25% of my gifts

  • Frank olive jumper for mum
  • James C Brett flutterby mermaid tail for niece 
  • Mandala madness for my sister and brother in law
  • Carousel for an old work colleague
  • And bernat blast off snuggle blanket for my nephew

It’s going to be a busy few weeks that’s for sure!!

I’m half way through the snuggle blanket I started this week, but it was so hard to find the right yarn!!! The pattern recommended bernat blanket brights 10mm hook, I could not get bernat blanket brights here in uk, or anything similar, so I’ve had to adapt the pattern slightly and use Stylecraft chunky in a 6mm hook, but is looks really good!!

It’s certainly not going to be as soft and snuggle as it should be, the Stylecraft chunky is white rough, but I’m hoping my nephew won’t notice, he’ll be so pleased just to have his own space rocket!!

I’m a bit gutted I’ll be missing crochet group tomorrow, we had a good turn out last week with a few new starters and I actually got my sister crocheting in preparation for tomorrow, she chained, DC’d, and TR!!! And she did good! I’d love it if she got the bug I really would.  I just find it absolutely amazing how we can turn a ball of yarn into something beautiful just using a hook, so I’m hoping tomorrow she will too.  Ooh! We also had Warrington guardian come out to take photos of us on Saturday, it was a giggle, but I don’t think we’ve been in the paper yet…

Anyway I really must try and get some sleep, got a good drive in the morning!!! 
Happy hooking xx

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